Why Microsoft’s Acquisition of Bethesda is Great for Gamers

It was news that came out of nowhere, turning a lot of heads and shocking many more. As you may know by now, Bethesda has joined Microsoft Studios who have purchased their parent company, Zenimax Media.

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LordoftheCritics30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Oof all those high profile IP's.

Was about to go play ESO and I see this in the news.

darthv7230d ago (Edited 30d ago )

i can already see what the next few GwG freebies will be. New games will come to GP but GwG will get ones like Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3, New Vegas.... Dishonored was already free before.

LordoftheCritics30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

The entire catalogue will be on Gamepass by Christmas.

Cannot complain. Fun times.

I want all the Fallout 4 dlcs and Doom Eternal DLC

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darthv7230d ago

@dark... SFV says otherwise. Sony rarely does timed exclusives... you should know better.

P_Bomb29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

“Sony rarely does timed exclusives... you should know better.”

Disagree. Hellblade, Nier Automata, Yakuza 0, DQ11, DQ Builders, Crash Remastered, No Man’s Sky, Guacamelee, Edith Finch, Firewatch, Soma, Amnesia, Gang Beasts, Outlast, Rocket League, Ni No Kuni, Death Stranding, Nioh, FFVII, World of FF, Valkyria Chronicles, Warframe, Killing Floor 2, Kingdom Hearts HD, Detroit, Heavy Rain, DCUO. Could even go back to GTA Vice City and San Andreas. I’ve seen lots of console games start here only to end there.

“ SFV says otherwise.”

Dead Rising 3 doesn’t?

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CaptainHenry91630d ago (Edited 30d ago )

"Still, we don’t necessarily think Bethesda is going to completely gate off all franchises, and would not be surprised to see them come to Playstation as well."

Why don't the author think that?? That's strange 🤔

ColdSin30d ago

Because Phil Spencer said so. He said that it will be a basis-on-basis situation. The main deal is now that every Bethesda game will come day 1 to GamePass.

darthv7230d ago

Unlike other companies, MS wont cut off a sure thing (established multiplat). People are paranoid because they think MS is all bad. When MS buys an exclusive, its usually timed but when Sony buys an exclusive its to screw over MS and Nintendo owners.

shabz66630d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Tod Howard said it in a statement they don’t plan to lock of games to one system or one screen. You can read his statement. I’m sure there’ll be some exclusive stuff too for Xbox.

Publish Bethesda games on PlayStation for $70 and bring it day an date on gamepass that would be a great strategy for ms and healthy for the studios

xHeavYx30d ago

Cute how you try to make MS to be the good guy, when it's obvious that they wouldn't cut big games from PlayStation only because it wouldn't make financial sense.

UnHoly_One30d ago


I think people might be reading way too much into Todd Howard's word choice.

When he was talking about playing however you want I think he just meant PC and Console, not necessarily Xbox and PS.

Those comments followed from the beginning of the message where he was talking about first coming to console with Morrowind.

I'm not sure either way, but I don't think he necessarily meant what people seem to think he meant.

shabz66630d ago (Edited 30d ago )


Sigh you might be right, trying to be optimistic about it. I want these games to come out on all systems. And let Microsoft leverage gamepass as the carrot on the stick for consumers.

These studios need to survive and locking out the PlayStation base sounds like a terrible idea.

ziggurcat30d ago


"Tod Howard said it in a statement they don’t plan to lock of games to one system or one screen"

Spencer said it'd be a case-by-case basis, which tells everyone that they do, in fact, have plans to lock out games to one system/screen.

Mefdar29d ago

It's good that Microsoft now has exclusives. Exclusives are what drive consoles sales. But having said that, still all Xbox exclusives are on pc so it's still better to play them on pc and have a ps5 only for PlayStations exclusives.

agent453229d ago

Unless the author is implying that Xbox Games Pass comes to PlayStation. After this generation, Microsoft will only offer Game Pass

shabz66629d ago


Indeed indeed, honestly though at this point ms has been so proconsumer that I’d rather they be the one out of the big three to acquire them, since ms has been the only one playing ball and putting their games on other systems.

Either ways it’s great news for gamepass subscribers.

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pwnmaster300030d ago (Edited 30d ago )

“Now, I do understand that this might mean Playstation gamers missing out, which would definitely be undesirable. However, the same could have been said for PC and Xbox gamers having missed out on some of the best games which were locked to Playstation.”

That line is so dumb, those were games that was never gonna come to Xbox, but every game that Bethesda had already came out to PlayStation and was enjoyed by millions of PS fans.
So no not the same.

Also this is not good news for all gamers. You mean Xbox gamers lol. I swear MS can’t do no wrong to these journalist.

But on the topic.
This is exactly what MS needed and huge power move by them. I applaud them for putting in that work for next gen.
Sony has been slacking, while MS been making moves.
Question is, will this wake up Sony to pull more studios?

But at the same time I hope this doesn’t start a trend from both companies to acquire more big publishers and locking out games.
That will be annoying.
MS did it-cool
Sony follow- shit here we go
Nintendo follow- gaming just got more expensive

NecrumOddBoy30d ago

This ^^^

Sony has almost only purchased second party studios or teams. MS just went right out and bought a half dozen companies who have series that are now not going to be on the highest selling gaming systems/company in the world? It's an asshole move, to be honest. Sony buys Insomniac who has develioped exclusive content for them for years (Ratchet, Spiderman, Resistance, etc). The one non-PS4 game, Sunset Overdrive was poorly handled by MS and failed on Xbox). MS turns around and buys Tomb Raider 2 for a year? That completely breaks up the sales pace of the reboot where it sells like trash on Xbone and then poorly when it's a dumped on PS4 like leftovers. Remember RARE's glory days? MS did them some favors. How good was Fallout 4 or Fallout 76? How is HALO being treated right now? Why is MS putting their games on Switch and why do they not sell on Xbox One? Why are they making a half-tier system (XSS)? The XBone sold how many? Wasn't it pretty much a failure? There is so much here that isn't super clear and it looked like money was thrown out of desperation; this isn't well thought out. I worry about the future of bethesda under MS's watch. I think Bethesda made a mistake; a big mistake here.

NeoGamer23230d ago

Quite the rant.

Every time Sony gets an exclusive Sony only fans march up and down the streets yelling at the top of their lungs about how XB and PC aren't exclusive and having a PS is the greatest thing a gamer can do.

I own all the current gen consoles but I have to say, that the community I am most embarassed as a gamer to be part of is the PS community. Nintendo gamers just do their thing. XB gamers have patiently waited for MS to "get it". Sony only gamers are the biggest pricks I know and play with.

pwnmaster300030d ago


Oh shut up with that.
Xbox gamers been quite because they haven’t had anything to brag about all gen.
When the 360 was here they were just as worse.
All them fanboys are The same and you will be lying to yourself if you say other wise

crazyCoconuts30d ago

MS buying into something vs. building it up themselves is kinda their MO. We'll see how the investment pays off. I have to agree they don't have history on their side here.

darthv7230d ago

@crazy, sony didnt build ND or IG or even GG. They acquired them and then sunk $$ to build them up. Except for IG, they were already established.

Donnie8130d ago

Look at what u just wrote. People like u complain about Xbox having no games then they go get the means to make those games and u still find a reason to gripe.

Sarcasm30d ago


You must be really young, and are just making up stuff to support your own case and bias.

It's not a specific community "PS" or "Xbox" or whatever. It's just people who happened to latch onto a brand that are pricks. Like pwnmaster3000 mentioned, if you were around during the Xbox 360 vs PS3 era, you would know how bad it was from Xbox 360 fanboys screaming at the top of their lungs about how XB360 is the best and PS3 sucks, has no games.

itsmebryan30d ago

Buying a studio is buying a studio. The thing that gets me are the hypocrites that try to make when their favorite company does it , it's a good thing. But, when the competition does it, That are the devil!
You guys are ridiculous. Smh

agent453229d ago

Remember that Xbox Games come to PC. That's how Microsoft convince Bethesda that it's games be on PC and Xbox 😃. As a PC gamer this is great but as a gamer in general this is bad for now there's less competition which will lead to stagnation

TheEroica29d ago

Can someone pass this guy some kleenex?

Yppupdam29d ago

regardless of what anybody else says, Microsoft has a history of buying up studios at the beginning of a new console generation and then just shuttering them after 2 years. I sure hope for the sake of gaming that they don't follow suit with their past actions.

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Diver30d ago

this definitely not good. at lest if peeps is honest. look at bethesda games. most bugs on the planet, full of microtrans, an howard is like phils brother when it comes to the truth. fallout 76 not a fallout game, doom was a blip on the radar cause it was a platformer an honestly the doom revival is done an the other games is years awyay now bein made for the series s.

ask yourself this. when did microsft ever buy a studio an that studio got better. this aint looking so good as peeps here gonna puff up their chest an say. an the fact is most gamers wont even know about this for a long time.

CaptainHenry91630d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I was thinking about the microtransactions lol.

agent453229d ago

Is not just Bethesda, but Microsoft acquired Zenimedia which is the parent company of:

Arkane Studios
Tango Game works

Along with other several gaming studios both good and bad

spicelicka30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Although you are right about existing games going exclusive to Xbox/ PC and this not being great news to all gamers, there are some things to consider.

Firstly, this doesn't apply to new upcoming games. There are plenty of studios owned by Zenimax that can work on new franchises.

Secondly, I don't think either Sony or MS has some "moral code" that prevents them from making such acquisitions. We need to stop favouring corporations based on our biased assumptions. When it's pro MS news Sony fans swarm to claim how everyone is supporting Xbox, when it's pro Sony new then Xbox fans do the exact same. MS made a business move based on whatever strategy they have, and Sony would make the same move if it needed to, they just don't need to because their strategy is different. If any people here think Sony wouldn't do something like this because there are some arbitrary honour rules then those people are morons. We had the same b*itching going on from Xbox fans when Sony made Spiderman in Avengers exclusive to PS4, there was no morality BS there, they did what they wanted.

darthv7230d ago (Edited 30d ago )

MS didn't just buy Bethesda... they bought Zenimax and all those studios as well. I didnt even think about Id or Arkane or Tango but those are all part of MS now. They are up to 23 development studios now.

Father__Merrin30d ago


sounds like youve been hurt very bad. its not sonys fault they came with the games all this generation. its clear you just choose the wrong system....

sampsonon30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

"Sony has been slacking"
Sony owns the top development companies in the world, and MS is trying to catch up.
Welcome to day one cheap Gamepass games Bethesda fans. Enjoy!

Slacking? lol. GAMES GAMES GAMES 3 or more exclusives each yr this gen. Slacking? haha.
Who owns that little company Insomniac? Right. More quality exclusives incoming.

Bruh30d ago

I mean with Bethesda under their Game Studios arm, Microsoft owns some of the biggest franchises in gaming including Doom, Fallout and the Skyrim IPs

kneon30d ago

And given Microsoft's excellent track record of ruining previously good studios it's likely they will do the same again. Has a studio ever gotten better under Microsoft?

Not that it matters to me, I think the only games I've played that are affected would be Fallout, and I couldn't even be bothered to finish Fallout 4, so I was already done with that franchise before this announcement.

WelkinCole30d ago

If Sony is smart. They start hiring and putting together new dev houses to rival their existing ones like ND, IG, SM etc.

Will cost way less but more secure and also fresh

Godmars29029d ago

" I applaud them for putting in that work for next gen.
Sony has been slacking, while MS been making moves."

Sony's been making games where MS bought a sub-contractor to Bethesda, announced an Elder Scrolls clone, were contractually obligated to put out an already made Fallout clone on the PS4, now have bought Bethesda and are contractually obligated to put out several more titles on a competing system.

That's not a move, that's a mess. One that doesn't have people asking needed questions.

- What happens to that MS Elder Scrolls clone?
- Will MS buying Bethesda cure them of habitually releasing buggy games that get fixed by fans?

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Vanfernal30d ago

I'm sticking to PC/PS5 next gen. You won't miss out on any of those games.

CaptainHenry91630d ago (Edited 30d ago )

It was my plan from the beginning because my PC was getting old lol

fiveby930d ago

Yep same. PS5 & PC. I own an X1x but it'll be my final Xbox. I don't have a compelling reason for myself to subscribe to Gamepass. As for Bethesda Game Studios, I think the last game I really enjoyed they developed was Skyrim. If Elder Scrolls VI is great then I'd consider buying it outright for PC but likely not subscribe to GP just for that. Same for Starfield. Too much unknown on that game to date.

OptimusDK29d ago

So what about DOOM, Quake, Wolfenstein, Fallout, Dishonored, Prey, The Evil Within.
But it is all up to you, but there is no denying that GamePass is the best deal i gaming right. now.
EaPlay plus XBOX and Zenimax games day one.

But you can of course also buy them for 70 USD on PS5.

30d ago
crazyCoconuts30d ago

yea, actually if you have a PC, right now this is good news because Game Pass will have all of Bethesda's day 1 titles and as of now you can $1 snipe those games instead of buying them. This can't last forever though lol

spicelicka30d ago

I'm sticking to Xbox series X/PS5, value-wise it's a better investment imo. For the price of a next-gen PC you can pretty much get both next gen consoles, and never have to worry about optimization. On the other hand if you can afford a gaming PC, then PS5 is the right way to compliment it.

CheerUpButtercup30d ago

Microsoft windows, thanks you know how publishing rights work yes?

Vanfernal30d ago

I care about having access to the games I want to play. Already own a Switch, and a gaming PC. All that's missing is a PS5 to be able to pretty much play every game in the upcoming gen. I don't care which company publishes what as long as I get to play it. You can leave that childish fanboy logic at the door.

sampsonon30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Yeah, ps gamers have it made. When i see a game i want to play, which so far none on GP, i will spend $1 for the month, play it and discontinue the sub. people can't do the same the other way around. Not with new games anyway :)

30d ago
Bruh30d ago

I don't get why you wouldn't go Series X/ PC if gaming is the only question. Game Pass is also much better on Xbox than it is on PC.

Vanfernal30d ago

PS exclusives. Series X/PC is redundant.

Blade9229d ago

Cuz of the old games but that's not enough for most people to justify buying a whole console just to use Gamepass on that console, when PC is far more open ended in many ways when it comes to legacy titles.

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RonsonPL30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Yeah. Great. Consolidations never ended badly, right?
What could go wrong if the AAA industry gets even more consolidated. After all, RAM and HDD manufacturers did it and everyone was happy about the outcome, right?

This is not good. This is very bad. Good would be if they created new studios aiming to match Sony's best. Now they are just buying out. Not just MS, everyone started doing it. Epic, for example does that too and won't stop. This only means limits. MS owned studio may not want to publish the game for Sony consoles and Sony owned studio won't be eager to release on Xbox or PC (if it's a big and new game, "you can have the old crap" is their attitude)
This is really bad news and people who cheer for it are naive immature idiots.

djplonker30d ago ShowReplies(2)
sampsonon30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

How is what @djplonker said "inappropriate"? I really am trying to figure this out? Anyone?

Bruh30d ago

I mean this is gonna happen in every single industry, its eventuality in the type of economy and scale we all live in besides North Korea.

Battlestar2330d ago

I thought exclusivity was anti customer? Now it's pro customer it's funny how the narrative changes so quickly.

DEEHULK8830d ago

You have PC,Xcloud and Xbox to choose from, so you have many choices.

asweplay30d ago

Definitely, we even mention at the end that:
"...we don't necessarily think Bethesda is going to completely gate off all franchises, and would not be surprised to see them come to Playstation as well."

we love all platforms, but I guess some love certain ones a lot more !

DEEHULK8830d ago (Edited 30d ago )

That's what you say Asweplay, but that doesn't make it true. I expect this deal to to make the games available for Xbox,PC and Xcloud. Those are many screens of many different sizes which is what Howard talked about. Now, as for the games that were already in development like Ghostwire and Deathloop, i can still see those coming on Ps5 but also Xbox as well now. No one talks like this when Sony locks up exclusives like FF16, but as soon as Microsoft does this, everyone wants the games to stil be on Sony and thats not how it works. With Xcloud available on Android and many other screens you really don't need Sony. I wait for the official release on what is going to be done going forward.

crazyCoconuts30d ago

You'll have many choices: Microsoft, Microsoft, or Microsoft lol. We'll see, but I don't know the point of doing this unless you made it exclusive to some extent. It's not like MS has a history of making game publishers more profitable by improving their game catalog or anything like that (like - they're not flipping houses).

DEEHULK8830d ago

CrazyCoconuts All they have to do is make games and drive subscriptions. They don't have to worry about anything else. There games now, so they should be on their platforms. Xcloud, PC and Xbox

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Sayai jin30d ago

Jumping the gun? Who said those games will be exclusive?

SpeedDemon30d ago

They said they won't go exclusive with the games and that makes sense, Microsoft won't make their money back by keeping these games as exclusives.

Unknown_Gamer579430d ago

Apparently it's only pro-consumer when MS does it. The games media is not biased at all. /s

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