Rainbow Six Quarantine Release Date is December, Says Aussie Retailer

Rocket Chainsaw: The newest storefront from a long running Australian/New Zealand retailer has seemingly leaked the release date of Rainbow Six Quarantine.

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eddieistheillest32d ago

Finally but why wasn't it at the Ubisoft event.

JSONEHUNDRED32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

What makes anyone believe that MighyApe has the inside information from the Devs, and no one else? Every site has to add some kind of dummy date to be able to list it.

Putnum32d ago

The article says there's a dummy placeholder date for all versions except for PS5 which has an oddly specific date which fits with their projections of how many AAA games they're planning to release over the holiday season so it could be, I mean we see random italian sites leaking the launch PS5 games and other random leaks all the time.

plmkoh32d ago

Would be good news, but bizarre how this game disappeared for a year with nothing but a teaser trailer.

RaidenBlack32d ago

Nah ... not happening.
Nothing has been shared till now ...
Wasn't present in any of the events.