Freedom Fighters, A Cult Classic From Hitman Dev, Might Be Coming Back

Freedom Fighters has received a new PEGI rating with IO Interactive listed as the publisher.

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Double_O_Revan982d ago

It's about time. Freedom Fighters was great. Always would've loved to see more of it.

982d ago
Double_O_Revan982d ago

UPDATE: The game is now available on Steam, Epic Games & GOG. Sweet!

FlameWater982d ago

Freedom Fighters deserves a remake

monkey602982d ago

Myself and friends were only talking about this last week. Saying how epic it would be if the PS5 event last Wednesday was to announce it!

RaidenBlack982d ago

The game left on a cliff hanger somewhat ...
They were able to liberate New York but the Soviet Occupation on the rest of the US remained.
So a sequel would be pretty cool.

Double_O_Revan982d ago

IO have referred to this game several times over the years. They even had many arcade machines in Hitman 2 with the Freedom Fighters artwork on them.

Cueil982d ago

this game was 720p on OG Xbox

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