Thumbs in the cloud: Xbox's next-gen plans go beyond any one console

Microsoft VP Phil Spencer says accessibility and engagement is the way forward, as new Xbox machines head to retail in November against Sony's PlayStation 5.

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Christopher40d ago

***"We are respecting the players' decisions and investments with us ... I want to be able to turn on my console and see the games that I want to play, not the games that you want to sell me," he said.***

I'd believe this more if they didn't have the most advertising-strewn console out there. The only way I see the games I want to play on XBO right now is when I navigate down to my own group. But, I don't have to do that with PS4 UI except for the ocassional ad block that can be immediately deleted.

darthv7240d ago

Maybe its me but I have never found the advertising to be intrusive. In fact, most of what is shown is available in their marketplace. I didnt know there was a demo of the new crash game until i saw the little square ad for it on the dash. so i clicked and got more information. So that non intrusive ad did what it set out to do... grab your attention.

Now something like youtube has intrusive ads that play before, during and after you are trying to watch something. FAR worse than even broadcast networks on tv. We have yet to get to a point of you have to sit through an ad before you can play your game (I know there are those on mobile but not console).

Christopher39d ago

Intrusive is subjective.

But, it doesn't change that his comments do not line up with what they do on the console compared to others.