Are XBOX Gearing to Profit from PS5's Pre-Order Bungle? - DashGamer Podcast

DASH and Ryan sit down to discuss PlayStation's Pre-order mishap and how XBOX may be able to entice a new audience from Sony's complete mess with PS5 Pre-Orders. PLUS a Super Mario 3D All-Stars Review.

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monkey60240d ago

Sorry Xbox. The buzz and demand is far more present for the PS5.

Sure there may be a few that get an Xbox just to have something but for the majority scarcity isn't going to make them want a PS5 any less.

Also while there won't be walking into a shop and buying a PS5 over the counter this year we are going to see another big wave of preorders open soon

Bigman4k39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

We'll see tomorrow when pre-orders for xbox series x go live unless they start tonight like with ps5 pre-orders so we'll see if xbox series x pre-orders sell out fast tomorrow morning

monkey60239d ago

The Bethesda news from today might sway a few more particularly any on the fence but all in all the Xbox still won't sell playstation numbers.

Bigman4k39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

I hear you but most people will preorder a Xbox series x just because they can and to resell it on eBay for double the money

KwietStorm_BLM40d ago

I don't even understand this whole narrative. First, Microsoft somehow throws shade at their competition for selling out of their initial allotment. Now we got articles suggesting Xbox will profit from it. The PS5 pre-order was sloppy. That's undeniable. Point is the demand already spoke for itself, and it's sold out. How anyone can turn this into a negative is hilarious. And only a casual gamer may see one platform unavailable, so they decide to get whatever is available instead. Thing is, casual gamers aren't the ones preordering a new console before launch.

zsquaresoff40d ago

These fools need to realize that Playstation is a global brand, slight hiccup is not going to equate a win for xbone x/s.

This is wishful thinking at best.

Lionsguard40d ago

Do people think that if they don't get a pre-order then it's over because Sony is just going to completely stop production of the PS5 or something?

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The story is too old to be commented.