Why I'm Already Completely Sold On Final Fantasy XVI

Kieron from WellPlayed writes: "As with every new game in the series, not everything here will resonate with every fan, but I found a lot to get to excited about"

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shammgod991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

I’m excited for it. Glad they are giving yoshi p a shot at this. Wish soken was also involved, but that might be asking too much. The score(s) for FFXIV and it’s expansions are definitely high quality

Ratty991d ago

He's only in as a producer though but I do agree he's great.

Army_of_Darkness991d ago

And this looks way better than FF15

bouzebbal991d ago

Can't wait for a main episode.. The XIII era is over, time to move on!!

-Foxtrot991d ago

Remember when we saw XIII and XV for the first time...we were pretty sold on that aswell.

enkiduxiv991d ago

Sorry you are getting downvoted. I would love to see them pull off a hit, but modern Square Enix is really shady.

They obviously can do well (VII remake and XV), but they are also equally capable of disappointing.

I just don’t trust their decisions as a publisher. FFXV never had a chance after they cut the story up into anime spinoffs and dlc. Why would they do anything different this time? People bought XV in record numbers anyway.

Inverno991d ago

Cautiously optimistic, and I mean extremely cautious. FF XV was hugely disappointing gameplay/story/world wise but I put the blame on SE for pushing out a game who's source was nothing but a bunch of incomplete concepts. The setting in XVI already looks better, and gameplay seems to be similar to XV but improved.
SE definitely hasn't given any reason to trust them when it comes to their big IPs if XV and KH3 are any indications

notachance991d ago

well i was excited for this but not because of the trailer, it's mainly because of yoshi p and his track record in FFXIV is pretty damn great

Melankolis991d ago

Never sold on XIII because no field zone on screenshots, trailers, or anything (i'm confused at that time). It turned out to be okay though.

XV was a rollercoaster, too many overhauls within the development time. Side missions very distractive.

For XVI, as long as the development is running smoothly (i don't mean fast), i'm sure it's gonna be okay. FF series is still kinda good and well respected RPGs whatever happens.

Godmars290991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

Sorry, just looks like a single player scenario set in FF14 to me. Suspect that its the FF15 engine retooled for a medieval setting.

Really not seeing any kind of emotional involvement or character development. Not that I haven't seen any real sign of such since FF10.

Lexreborn2991d ago

I enjoyed 13 and 15 in the end, and a lot of other people did as well. I found a lot to love about those games because they did so much different and they laid the landscape of change in Final Fantasy’s future.

Heck the amazing ness of FF7R gameplay could be attributed to both 13 and 15 because they got to test out so many different approaches.

Greatball1987991d ago

I thought XIII was the lowest the series could sink after the disappointment of XII. Holy shit have I been proven wrong XII is like a JRPG classic in comparison to what we've been getting, even XIII isn't looking too bad after XV and now XVI being another damn action game...

I guess remasters are the only thing we classic fans will get. Screw Square.

Eamon991d ago

The reason this time might be different is due to the specific senior staff involved on this.

Yoshida Naoki, also known asYoshi-P, was brought into Final Fantasy 14 Online after it clusterfeck of development and release in order to fix it. It was an astronomical task and he did it in record time and beyond expectations. Most of the development team thought it was a lost cause, but the man Yoshi-P managed to turn it around. And thus A Realm Reborn FF14 came to life to subsequent praise. Also, its expansion packs have been noted to be even superior to A Real Reborn. The last one (Shadowbringers) was noted for having a story ambitious enough to compare to a numbered single-player offline FF title.

I think it's the critical success of ARR:FF14 and its expansions that gave the execs at S-E the idea to entrust the FF16 to Yoshi-P's team. He's not directing - but he's producing. Meaning, he's in charge of staff assignments, scheduling, and most likely in a similar position to Kitase in FF7R - as an overseer over the entire project.

gamer7804991d ago

13 was fantastic. Great characters and and a fantastic setting. 16s setting so far looks phoned in, so does the combat. Honestly 16 looks pretty bad so far.

bouzebbal991d ago

Xiii and versus, yes..
But doesn't mean next episode is bad.. Ff7R was decent, I'm sure ff16 learnt a lot from 13 and 15.. I'm very excited for 16. I'm just happy they the series isn't stuck in the past anymore.

NeoGamer232991d ago

Honestly, that trailer did nothing for me. I loved the spider-man mm trailer.

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potatoseal991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

Me too. I never bought 15. But I'm in love with the medievil feel to 16. I will play this day 1 when it releases and looking forward to it.

gamer7804991d ago

The medieval setting looks drab and has a been there done that feel. I like ff for its unique settings

Sharingan_no_Kakashi991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

The little gameplay they showed looked fun. Just gotta fix those bland face models which I'm sure they will. The game prolly won't be out til 2022. They may have just thrown something together real quick for the show.


Yeah, FF7 Remake looks better IMO

RightFootGames991d ago

You just say that because it's on PlayStation and not xbox.

gamer7804991d ago

Yah I agree. Can’t wait to see ff7 on next gen, personally waiting to play it on that.

ManMarmalade991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

Idk why people are comparing games to each other when this one was just showcased for the reveal. It's obviously an early build they're working on so of course it's not gonna look top notch at this time. At least it's not like the Halo reveal. That was just disappointing.

Vanfernal991d ago

I was sold the moment I saw Nomura wasn't involved. XD

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