The Series S Proves We Don't Need Next-Gen Consoles... Yet

Steve D. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "I still remember the first time I plugged in my N64 back in 1997 and had my mind blown by the insane 3D visuals of Super Mario 64. Will we have the same experience this year when we boot up our PS5/XSX for the first time? I doubt it."

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Community65d ago
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Bigman4k65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

I disagree we do need next generation game consoles

NecrumOddBoy65d ago

Switch releasing Ori 2 proves the Xbox Series S is a complete waste of money. It’s not a next generation console. It’s a Pro model at best. So odd they went this route. PS5 digital or fatty is still fully next gen. You can argue the release of new games as cross generation compatible is valid but let’s be real.... we are in need of a push for a new generation of systems.

RpgSama65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Lol, who wrote this stupid article? It's 2020, this generation started in 2013, we DEFINITELY need a next generation NOW, This generation already ran it's course

If this individual doesn't want to upgrade that's on him, me and million others are excited to jump into something better.

CaptainHenry91665d ago

Facts. It's not a next generation console

_SilverHawk_65d ago

Isn't it ironic. Playstation is the future and the future is Playstation. Getting ps5 day one

amazinglover65d ago

Series S is a much more capable system then either the Pro or One X. Having a CPU not designed for toasters should put this machine on the same tier as a 2060 while both the Series X and PS5 will be 2080 super tier.

RpgSama65d ago


So let me get this straight, having better CPU will put the Series S on the same tier as having a much, much, much better GPU?

Apples to oranges much?

Army_of_Darkness65d ago

Ms: if Nintendo can release the switch after the wiiU... Why can't we do the same and release the series s after the one s?? It can play all the one s games, but better!

Sony : next gen officially starts when we release the ps5 folks.

Chris1264d ago

@Army of Darkness

Sony Originally: Next gen starts when we release PS5, we believe in console generations and our games will all be next gen only

Sony Reality: Sorry guys we lied, they will be on PS4 as well, but we know you don't care so it's all good.

anubusgold64d ago

@Bigman4k For 1080P and 1440P with raytracing and good texture detail the Xbox series S will be fine. We On pc are running 120 fps at 1440P with Ultra detail textures with HDR and it looks far better than whats on console even on 4 year old hardware today.

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umair_s5165d ago

I don't need next gen consoles. Especially PS5.

potatoseal65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Demon's Souls doesn't need you either

umair_s5165d ago

Lol. So why are you posting?

64d ago
Greatball198764d ago

I'd be more interested in a PSP2 with the graphics close to PS4. Switch is cool but these graphics are a real sore spot...some Vita games look as good as Switch games (Killzone specifically). Switch should've been stronger.

umair_s5164d ago

I don't think it will be hard to find copies demon's souls. Most people will buy digital anyway.but I'll give you brownie points for trying. Thx hon.

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Yppupdam65d ago

I agree....with your disagree....

The author can enjoy the Series S and everybody else can step into the next generation with the PS5 and Series X.

locomorales65d ago

Maybe we need. But next gen will only arrive in 2022. For now both PS5 and XSX are deluxe products to play cross gen games.

CaptainObvious87865d ago

The only thing I agree with the author on, of this stupid article, is that the xss isn't a next gen console.

AngelicIceDiamond65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

How so? It runs the same RDNA2 architecture.

Muzikguy65d ago

The Series S itself has a lot to prove. It sure as heck doesn't prove that we don't need new consoles. This kind of article is just ridiculous

Greatball198764d ago

We definitely don't "need" them, not if the graphics are as minimally improved as they seem to be. I don't mind it though, I can skip this generation and pick back up on PS6 when there's finally enough of a difference to count.

CorndogBurglar64d ago

Lol. Yeah okay. Except that come 2022 or 2023 Xbox One and PS4 will pretty much be discontinued and no games will be released for them anymore. So, I guess have fun with those 4‐6 years of not playing any new games until the PS6 comes out...

64d ago
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NealGamby65d ago

How does MS releasing a console that's inferior to the Xbox One X mean we don't need Next-gen yet?

Jin_Sakai65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

As much as I dislike have a 4TF next gen console it’s far superior to Xbox One X. The CPU is leaps and bounds ahead of the garbage Jaguar CPU used in current gen consoles. The GPU “while only 4TF” is still RDNA 2, and regardless of being short of storage it still sports an in-house NVMe SSD.

jairusmonillas65d ago

Excuses. 4TF is 4TF. That's not next gen at all.

Rimeskeem65d ago

The system targets a worse resolution than Xbox One X. Sure the SSD and RDA 2 are good upgrades but why not just invest in making the Xbox One X better with said upgrades. Seems pointless to make a whole new console weaker than the old one at least in terms of what generations are supposed to be.

umair_s5165d ago

Wrong. Navi TF is not equal to GCN TF. If so the ps5 is only marginally faster Xbox one X. In the current global crisis a $299 console will be very successful.

Jin_Sakai65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

“Excuses. 4TF is 4TF. That's not next gen at all.“

I agree. I’m just saying it’s more powerful than Xbox One X. Everything is faster more powerful other than the GPU. It’s still a sorry excuse for a next gen console. Microsoft could have easily released a digital only Series X for $399.

Zhipp65d ago

That's literally what the Series S is. An Xbox One x with those upgrades. 4k was never going to happen at that price point.

amazinglover65d ago

"As much as I dislike have a 4TF next gen console"

Why the console is 1/3rd the power of the Series X and targeting a lower resolution, a lower resolution that takes less processing power. Which is why it only needs to be 4TF to do what they want it too which is 1080/1440P

Series S should run everything the Series X does as the lower frame rate without too much of a sacrifice to visuals.

If you want 4k buy the Series X just because a device isn't tailored exactly for you doesn't mean it doesn't have its place.

Sarcasm64d ago

"Far" superior is a bit of a stretch...

While I agree though I think the CPU, I/O is superior, the GPU is still the biggest limit of the Series S.

BenRC0164d ago Show
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Godmars29065d ago (Edited 65d ago )

You answered your own question...

@Jin_Sakai: And nothing of any real significance is going to be done with Next-gen hardware till years after the fact. If then.

potatoseal65d ago

Demon's Souls at 4k 60 fps say Hi

64d ago
Godmars29064d ago

Demon's Souls is going to be on Xbox?

potatoseal62d ago

No. It won't be on Xbox or PC. That's just a reason why the Next-Gen console PS5, is a must own

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DerfDerf65d ago

It's not inferior. This is an absurd take by someone who is clearly oblivious when it comes to tech. You are putting too much emphasis on the 4k. It's only limitation compared to the X1X is the ram which is why it's not designed for 4k. It is superior in every other way.

amazinglover65d ago

GPU is on par with the One X where the massive improvement comes from is the CPU and SSD. Both consoles GPU last gen where bottle necked by the CPU that is no longer the case.

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GoodGuy0965d ago

Me and many of my friends got tired of the outdated hardware and got pcs maybe 3-4 years of the ps4. Yes, we've been waiting for new and more powerful hardware. Its only the casuals that wont care as much. We need to move on from the ps4&xb1.

averagejoe2665d ago

I have a top of the line gaming rig and am still hyped for ps5. Playstation has some of the best games that you cannot play on PC.

Greatball198764d ago

Like what, TLOU2? Lol. Back on PS3 there were some worthwhile games, but PS4 can be mostly skipped; there's probably less than 10 "must play" exclusives, whereas PS3 had dozens, and PS2 had at least 100.

potatoseal65d ago

What a load of crap. It proves nothing. Try playing Demon's Souls remake on that thing, or Ratchet and Clank. Just shut up with your bullshit

ClayRules201265d ago (Edited 65d ago )

“Well said! It proves nothing.

“For Xbox Series S/X, all games will be still compatible with an ancient Xbox One from 2013. The biggest release of this holiday season, Cyberpunk 2077, won’t even have a next-generation version available this year.

“To cap off my argument, here is irrefutable proof we don’t need next gen consoles yet (and maybe not for the next 5-6 years).”

That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve EVER read in my life.

Sony/their studios and I believe all other game studios would become extremely uninspired and fatigued to continue developing on PS4/Xbox One for another 5-6 years. That’s a lot of years lost in old hardware....not only that, but overtime with nothing new in terms of hardware at their fingertips to get their creative juices flowing for new ideas, and even with the new ideas, they can’t really bring them to light because without the power and new resources that Next Generation hardware/Consoles would provide them to create new innovative gaming experiences for those new ideas in their games they’ve been thinking of, they’ll become bored and uninspired and that’s not good for us gamers. We want new hardware and consoles, but they want them just as much as we do, more so even. If this person wants to game on old hardware for the next 5-6, go ahead. But to say “We/the gaming industry as a whole” Don’t need new consoles, that’s where I call, bull crap.

Ratchet and Clank...that’ll be something special to experience on PS5, from a visual standpoint but also with the DualSense controller/haptic feedback. I can’t wait. Along with Demon Souls. So much to look forward too.

NeoGamer23264d ago

Demon Souls works on PS3! I am sure XSS could run Demon Souls at 1440p.

As for R&C it relies on the fast SSD for the fast environment switching. XSS has the fast SSD as well.

LOL. Everyone saying that XSS is not next gen simply because it doesn't run native 4K. It is a foolish conversation. And one that has no facts to back it up.

RaidenBlack65d ago

"We don’t need next gen consoles yet (and maybe not for the next 5-6 years)".
Man, the articles are hitting a new low now. They're scrapping the bottom of the barrel.
Fanboys from both sides will evenly disagree here.
Somebody wake this guy up. PS4 and Xbox One are 7 year old! Don't count the Pro or One X. Because they're just mid cycle upgrades which didn't even exist previously. (Don't count Sega 32X or anything here.)
Devs are adjusting and downgrading their development approach to suit the archaic 2013 hardware.
Offtopic: Even Nintendo us rumored to be working on a 4K capable system.
The PCMR community will get a good laugh off of this article, so there's one positive aspect to this article's existence.

Greatball198764d ago

Who cares how old the systems are? Graphics haven't improved as fast as they used to. We'd need to wait at least another year or so, and they'd need to charge $600 too, just to truly impress us with a next-gen offering. Everything so far looks like PS4 Pro+, I'm sorry but I sleep.