Commandos 2 HD PS4 Review - PlayStation Universe

From PSU: "A poor console port, a massively underwhelming remaster of a classic RTS game, and a game that really shows its age. Commandos 2 is a disappointment on multiple levels. What could have been a great opportunity to introduce modern audiences to a classic instead desecrates the memory of it."

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MaxiPower9040d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Don't agree with everything in the review. How can one complain about certain soldiers not having certain abilities if that's the whole point of having a variety in the cast. That said the game is littered with game breaking bugs. Had times when characters where stuck on ladders forcing a restart from save and on occasions sometimes items wouldn't appear on character among other bugs.

Game is a terrible port but that said even the HD remaster on pc was a shit show. Wish a more competent developer owned the series.