Supergiant Games's Hades surpasses 1,000,000 copies sold

Hades surpasses one million copies sold.

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LordoftheCritics910d ago

They make top tier games. Well deserved.

Hades is wonderful.

Seraphim910d ago

yep, not surprising. All their games I've played have been GREAT!! Been looking forward to this game since they announced it. So happy it's finally on console.

910d ago
SickSinceSix910d ago

I wonder if it would have reached the milestone sooner, if it wasn't an Epic Store timed exclusive on PC at first

lonewolf10910d ago

Always possible, many won't use the Epic store/launcher for varying reasons, I'll use any store myself.

saint_seya910d ago

I bought Hades, about 8hrs in, im having a great time so far *kinda sad that in one run, on the third boss fight (************spoiler********* the duo minotaur theseus*********end of spoiler*******, i pressed pause trying to skip dialogue, and somehow i quit the game...