Demon's Souls - Here's Why We Are Excited

The first look at gameplay from Demon Souls was shown off at the PlayStation 5 showcase a few days ago. Here's why we are excited for it.

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RpgSama33d ago

Because it's a full blown next-gen from the ground up remake of one of the best games ever made, what more could anybody want?

33d ago
SullysCigar33d ago

This. It has legendary status among gamers for a reason. Technology has come a long way since, and we now get to combine the two!

Newcomers in particular are in for a real treat!

robtion33d ago

Having finished it back at release on PS3 (I even imported it from the US as it didn't release in Australia initially), I am excited to play again but hope it has some significant changes, fresh content, updated mechanics as it does show its age being the original souls game.

KwietStorm_BLM33d ago

Significant changes like what?

P_Bomb33d ago

I wonder if we’ll finally be able to access the broken arch stone? Surprise new level?

Sunny1234533d ago (Edited 33d ago )

When I first ordered it 12 years back I didnt like it, when I really got into it, I loved it and didn't get up until I got the platinum trophy for it.

Flame lurker still haunts me sometimes. And that crystal lizard farming with 1 in a mil drop rate.

Cant wait to do it all again with no load times, next get graphics and higher fps.

Mithan33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Agreed. The 6th area they never released in Retail would be nice.
Few more bonfires on select runs would also be nice, as dying was worse than the boss.

My prediction is they will make some fixes, but it will be controversial with fanboys bitching and whining about how it "ruined the game".

I pre-ordered the game so far for $830. Comes with a PS5 ;)

stevej33632d ago

Hope it comes with more than just a ps5 for $830

Mithan32d ago

To Stevej336:
Canadian Prices. $630 for the PS5 plus tax.
My PS5 cost me $705. Then another $90 for the game pre-order.

I should have said $795, not $830.

NEXUS-633d ago

Everything about Demons Souls screams next gen - something that cant be said for many supposed next gen titles. Souls games now have a cult following and DS is the one many haven't played. This is going to be HUGE for Sony and PS5. The marketing should be hitting overdrive around this game.

Rambokind33d ago

It's the only reason why I'm buying the PS5 at launch. Cannot wait to play this game.

33d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.