Rage - New artwork images

id Software published some amazing new Rage artwork images. Check them out.

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diefor4242d ago

Not only badlands. I see cities. I hope we have large landscapes, with some art like Mad Max.

Cynical-Gamerzus4237d ago

ID was and will always be the premier PC technology out there!!!
However they are falling behind the times.
THe Main competitor (Epic )are the kings of the hill at this moment.

I Wonder why??
I believe ID needs to come up with something original (stunning)and lock it to a Console(say PS3)??
As did Epics with Gears of War.
Im thinking as soon as ID comes out with a original game that is Console exclusive and totally blows away the Tech from Epic they will have massive success and a huge Fallowing that Epic has..

Sony needs a Savior and ID is it?
they're Mega texture goes perfect with Bluray!! and now all they need a Engine from ground up to utilize all the SPE and physics and RAM HD,Streaming,the PS3 can muster and blow Epic back to the stone age..
Doom3 was the greatest leap for next gen!!
Time to move up to Cell parallel processing,ID & John C.