Insomniac Considering Options for Spider-Man Upgrade to PS5

Insomniac tweeted: "We'll provide more info on that as soon as we can but we have thought about that scenario!"

The scenario in question being able to upgrade the PS4 Spider-Man game to PS5.

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monkey60240d ago

If they're going to allow upgrades now might be the time to let people know as they order their chosen games for the new platform

IRetrouk40d ago

They are allowing the buy on ps4 get the ps5 version.
The writer is talking about the spiderman remaster not being available as a separate purchase outside of the ultimate edition, and insomniac considering allowing an upgrade path to the ultimate edition through the standard(currently unplanned)

monkey60240d ago

Yep. And in that context my comment still makes sense.

Im saying that if they were to give an upgrade option it would benefit people to know now. So they don't have to worry if they couldn't get their hands on the ultimate edition of miles or something

IRetrouk40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Sorry dude, wasn't my intention, your comment did make sense, i was just clearing up what the article is actually talking about as that headlines a bit unclear lol
Also I agree, this should have already been planned to be fair.

monkey60240d ago

No worries bud. If they arent going to do it then just pull the band aid off I say. None of this "maybe" mess

IRetrouk40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Yeah, exactly, just be honest, if they feel its a paid for thing, fair enough, same if they think it should stay as part of the one edition, they put the extra work in, thats up to them, but let us know exactly what our options are lol

mrsolidsteel2040d ago

Not to change subjects, but on Capcom’s site regarding DMC 5: SE, they officially announced that they will be no “smart delivery” option for that game. So it’s safe to say owners that have the PS4 version (like myself) are sh(t out of luck.

So we definitely have to buy that over and to make matters worst there’s no word on a physical release of this title and there’s no PC version at all.

monkey60240d ago

That sucks about DMC5. I loved the game but i don't rebuy games. Same for Persona 5 royal

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TheScotsman40d ago

As a member of the all digital brigade, I'm not bothered lol. But I'm sure someone will be.

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Bathyj40d ago

This is so they can charge for an update without charging for an update. It's tucked into the ultimate edition.

I'm really fine with. It takes work time and money to do these things. I don't see why people think they should get it for free.

It's one thing if they made a PS4 game and a PS5 version of the same game at the same time and they let you do a free upgrade. It lets current gen gamers know when they want to move up they already have a game there they can play.

But going back to a years old game and putting more work into it. That's expensive. Even if 10 guys did the remaster in a month, that's 10s of thousands of dollars just in wages to produce a product they are in the business of selling.

But of course most people won't agree with that. You're free to get the standard edition or even not at all. All I know is I don't work for free. Neither should they. And they're more talented than I am.


"But going back to a years old game and putting more work into it. That's expensive"

"I don't see why people think they should get it for free"

Then how are Naughty Dog able to offer a free upgrade for TLOU Remastered, TLOU 2, UC4, and Lost Legacy?

Muigi40d ago

You know that’s fake right?


@Muigi Thanks for making me aware.

Bathyj40d ago

I don't know if that's true or not, but a patch is a lot different to a total remaster.

Besides Insomniac are working their arses off. Miles, Spiderman remaster and Ratchet, and Miles PS4 now we learn. They're machines. I say pay them.

Tacoboto40d ago

CDPR is giving a free upgrade to the five year old Witcher 3.

Don't refer to Insomniac like they're a cash-strapped indie dev. This whole Remastered situation is as or more screwy than what's going on with the Control upgrade

RememberThe35740d ago

MS just bought Bathesda to put their games on Gamepass. I don't give a damn how much these upgrades would cost Sony. At this point Sony does need to offer more than a few really good games. I can't wait for those games , I really can't, but MS to blowing the value conversation out of the water. They're straight up demolishing the value conversation. You're either competing or you're not. Who knows Sony could come out and say they bought R* put out all their games on PSNow. It's 2020, anythings possible.

AKS38d ago

I guess perspectives vary. I bought Control on PC and have received significant updates like DLSS 2.0 support for free while I see people who bought the console version being asked to buy the game a second time if they want any upgrades despite a high spec PC version already existing. No question Bluepoint remakes deserve full price. I'm not so sure about spec tweaks updates. Some "PS5 versions" of older games have a lot more work put into them than others.

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Stanjara40d ago

This is so confusing, a whole article about nothing explained.
I have a few questions:
If you have a PS4 can you:
1.Buy Ultimate edition - base game, all dlc's and Miles Morales for PS4 and get a free upgrade for all of it when you download that edition on PS5?
2.Will your base game Spiderman PS4 that you already played on PS4 get free remastered version when you install it on PS5?

Seems to me that they are going Remedy route where you only get upgrade if you buy the Ultimate edition.

There will be Miles Morales PS5 disc.
There will be Ultimate edition disc PS5
There will be Miles Morales PS4 disc.
Ultimate edition PS4???? Prob No.

This is ridiculous. Somebody clear this!

I didn't played Spiderman at all, so I will buy Ultimate edition, but where will I play it? PS4/PS5 tag on the store...cross purchase?

TwistedVoxel40d ago

It is clear.

Spider-Man Remastered with all DLC is only available on Ultimate Edition which is $70.

You can get Miles Morales for $50 on PS4 or PS5 and it will be a free upgrade to PS5, but you won't get Spider-Man Remastered this way.

To get the remaster, you have pay $70 or there is no way. They are looking into making it so that those who just get Miles Morales will be able to pay $20 and get Spider-Man Remastered too. Currently no confirmation for it.

blackbeld40d ago

Thnx for clearing up! It’s a bit confusing but you make it clear again:)

shabz66640d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Do the Save files for miles morales on ps4 carry over to ps5?

What’s baffling is that they haven’t put out any trailer for the remaster upgrades? I platinumed spiderman on my pro and I want to play that again with all the unlocked suits in hard mode , but I’m not sure what I’m buying till i see it.

And if they consider to make spiderman ps5 a free upgrade then they’ll have to scrap the ultimate bundle , what do you do for the people who already preordered it for $70?

Donnie8140d ago

This is super anti consumer! Once again Sony charging people for the same game over and over again. The upgrade costs them zero $ to make.

Bathyj40d ago

How did it cos them zero dollars to make?

Do you think the Ps5 is so powerful that when you put straight PS4 Spiderman code in it, it adds raytracing, 60fps, new character models and extra suits?

No, people had to make that, they had to spend time on it. And people and time cost money .

Donnie8140d ago

You think a game that’s only a few years old doesn’t have the ability to scale from one system to the next? Especially one made by a studio as talented as insomniac. The only thing it cost them is a few people tweaking settings a few days. Stop defending Sony ripping people off. But who cares I’m to busy dancing a jig after Microsoft just dropped a megaton by acquiring Bethesda. Best first party in gaming now

ziggurcat40d ago

"You think a game that’s only a few years old doesn’t have the ability to scale from one system to the next?"

Not if they're adding features that wouldn't otherwise be available on the current HW. It's not as easy as sliding a scale.

ocelot0740d ago

How are they making people buy the game again? Pretty certain the standard PS4 version of the original Spiderman will work on ps5.

boing140d ago

I would wait. I think upgrade for original owners is incoming. And it always costs something. Don't have to be money.

CrimsonWing6940d ago

Upgrade scenario considered...

I thought the way these next-gen consoles would work are how the Pro and Xbone worked with patching in upgrades to existing games. Why do we still need Remasters or if we do can’t the people who purchased the previous version of the game get a free upgrade?

shabz66640d ago

Sigh Control ultimate is doing the same thing. They ate a ton of shit for it. Sony is leveraging its good will to pull this one off.

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