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Mick Fraser: "Utterly addictive and endlessly playable, Hades is simply one of the best and most likeable rogue-lites available on PC or Nintendo Switch."

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Michiel198933d ago

amen to that.
I was a bit disappointed with the 1.0 release though, in early access they said that 1.0 would include new features and I havent seen any of that. Not that the game allready has content enough, but after reading that I expected some additional features which to my knowledge arent there in the 1.0 release.

Love the game still and happy that we finally get the conclusion to the story.

ZeroBlue233d ago

The only roguelike/lite game I've ever played is Rogue Legacy, and I really enjoyed it. This looks pretty cool though too, might check it out.

Michiel198933d ago

You started off on a high note then ;)
I think my first roguelike was Don't Starve, if thats even considered a roguelike and the 2nd was Rogue legacy. Both fantastic games, but still there hasn't been a roguelike that beats Darkest Dungeon for me at least, Hades comes super close though, im just a sucker for turnbased combat.