Xbox Is Controlling The Value Conversation and PlayStation Is Making That Easy

Rocket Chainsaw: Xbox are absolutely nailing the value conversation for the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation is simply making it easy for them.

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Jin_Sakai36d ago

Sony might not have a GamePass equivalent but they have the best first party studios and games. That’s one major reason most people choose PlayStation over Xbox. That and brand power.

SullysCigar35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

They're also giving away 18 of the best PS4 and VR games of the whole generation through PS Plus on PS5 at no extra cost. Day one. That seems pretty good value to me!

darthv7235d ago

It is a nice perk, esp if the user doesnt have those.

RpgSama35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I think it's a much better value an actual next-gen Ps5 for $400 (the digital edition which is in every way a Ps5 only without Disc Drive), than a half step Series S (which is nowhere close a Series X) for $300, at least that's my opinion.

P.s: having the Plus Collection at launch which gives you basically most of the best games in the generation it's a huge plus (pun intended).

CaptainHenry91635d ago

Again the Series S is not a next generation console it's a joke tbh.

autobotdan35d ago

No they are not giving away 18 free games. Those are Playstation Plus games you can borrow

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FinalFantasyFanatic35d ago

That seems like better value than gamepass to me, it's not like I'm going to quit my PS Plus subscription any time soon.

Muzikguy35d ago

I completely overlooked this fact when I first heard about it. It's a great gesture from Sony to its customers. I've played and beat all but 2 of the games, but still. Cool for anyone else

Profchaos35d ago

Great value to me even compared to game pass I own gamepass there's a handful of great games available but to be honest there are a lot of idea games and mediocre reviewed games that don't interest me.

On Sony's side the catalogue is small but quality is very high accross the board I wanted to try days gone but was on the fence about it and now I can

Army_of_Darkness35d ago

If you were a Xbox one only owner, getting a PS5 with plus will pretty much get you up to date with PlayStation greatness! 😉

bouzebbal35d ago

xbox should have games before we can compare..
You can't compare Horizon or Spiderman to what we saw of halo.. You just cant

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DarXyde34d ago

It's definitely a great way to get more people into your ecosystem (and to further promote your first party offerings to those who are already part of the ecosystem who missed any of these gems.

I certainly have my biases, so make what you will of that, but I don't really see the value argument in Microsoft's favor. The company is pushing a digital gaming subscription service and is using a proprietary storage solution. To compound the error, the digital-only "cheaper" console has half the storage of its more powerful counterpart. The only way you get the most out of the system is to buy what is certain to be very pricey storage (which is difficult to justify as "value") or if only a few games on Xbox Game Pass appeal to you at a time, you download a few games at a time (in which case, why get the service?).

I would say the PS5 ADE is the better value than Series S because for $100 more, you get monstrous hardware that's highly specialized, plays the best games on game pass (though you'll pay more up front) and have access to Sony's first party games.

It's totally subjective, and this is coming from someone who vastly prefers single player games, so make what you will of that. I actually think Series S is the most expensive in the long run, but that's just me. It reminds me of the cheaper Xbox 360: you're given the illusion of choice, only to necessitate things further down the road. They sold an Xbox 360 without an HDD and it was mandated for some games. Now imagine if a game on Series S has a gargantuan install requirement and leaves you with hardly any space for 2-3 other games. I think people are looking at the cost of entry as appealing, but the investment is going to be a commitment.

Though I suppose it is manageable as secondary hardware.

Just thinking out loud here. I'd say if you're going to get an Xbox, Series X makes far more sense, but that's me.

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neutralgamer199235d ago

Their 2 shows prove they are controlling nothing. Ps5 will have historic launch(so will xbox) but ps5 is on a different level. What people and by people I mean Xbox gamers have to understand is people buy ps5 because they trust sony will deliver AAA blockbusters

Services and features are the cherry on top but can't be main reason

throne35d ago

absolutely, plus they've shown gameplay and the quality spoke for itself but yet we have people still in denial and mocking MM and HFW on being cross gen. But hey, let them...looking forward to GOW and what's coming beyond.

RpgSama35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

They mock MM and HFW but then praise Halo Infinite and all their own cross gen games, which are ALL of them, what a joke.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Well let's put it this way.

If you already own a Xbox console or a gaming capable PC all you would is a PS5 and a Switch and you would be able to play every game on every platform available this gen and next gen.

The only reason gamers would truly have for buying Xbox is if they don't have a gaming PC or they want to play Xbox games at 4k resolution.

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Lexreborn235d ago

People may not like it but PSNow really is a great value as the collection of PS4 games have actually been pretty great.

This year Horizon, Spider-Man, God of war, Control, Just cause 4, shadow of the tomb raider, Tekken 7, Street Fight V and many others have all headlined PS now and it’s 60 dollars. The biggest draw this year to game pass were Streets of Rage 4, Battletoads, red dead redemption and phantasy Star online 2 and that’s 45 for 4 months.

I have Both and personally I feel ps now has been the more reasonably priced service.

TheBrit34d ago

For $15 a month I think game pass ultimate is far better value - xbox live, gamepass with over a hundred games, always changing catalog and EA's gamepass - that's an absolute steal.

throne35d ago

I cant believe they are people actually disagreeing, c'mon be honest with yourselves.

GzusKreist35d ago

Hell yeah, $200 million dollar cutscenes and propagandist writers totally make the best games!

Chevalier35d ago

2 things I think need to be mentioned for the digital PS5:

1) For $100 more you get more than twice the power of the Series S
2) You only need to download a portion of the games you download to play

gravedigger35d ago

"Sony might not have a GamePass equivalent but they have the best first party studios and games"

But PS Now is very similar to Gamepass.

Kavorklestein35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Fans of playstation pick all sorts of reasons to buy their consoles each gen.
I dont think we're talking majority here, or that most people buy to strictly play 1st party games or exclusives.
I think PS4 sold so well this gen because the perfect mix of several things. For many early adopters it was value of a decent performance advantage and a lower price that did the trick for them.
1st party games only started to really crank out after about 2 years of mostly multi plats and indies and now that the gen has had a steady flow of 1st party titles, you can say people are clearly glad the device they bought has been well supported. Many people don't even care about exclusives at all to be honest.
Now obviously 1st party games are definitely a good reason why people enjoy Playstation, but it's definitely not the MAIN reason for everyone.

It may be a huge reason people are glad they have a Playstation, but the number of people who thought: "Gee well I'm gonna have get a Playstation 4 because Sony's 1st party games and exclusives are always released more often than xbox" is likely lower than the people who said: "Games will have BETTER graphics or performance for 100 bucks LESS than an Xbox? No brainer!"
And: "All my friends said xbox doesn't want you be able to share games or be able to buy or sell used copies" or "all my friends are switching to playstation" were bigger reasons than exclusives were for the average buyer.

MoonConquistador35d ago

It was the games and a solid track record that gets me every time with a new Sony console.

Every time

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen35d ago

Xbox is has their entire strategy centered around third party games and subscription services. We'll just have to wait and see how it turns out.

Greatball198734d ago

Nintendo has the best studios and games, actually. Between the two, Sony and Microsoft though, yeah, if we eliminate Naughty Dog from the equation then I certainly agree.

Flewid63834d ago

PSNow is literally Sony's equivalent

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RazzerRedux36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

It is simply ridiculous to blatantly ignore the "value" added to this "conversation" in the recently announced PS Collection that is now included with PS+. The author is either ridiculously uninformed or is simply being willfully ignorant.

crazyCoconuts35d ago

Plus the F2P multiplayer for free and PS Now subs bring half the price and including online play

Vervain35d ago

I think that the PS Collection is absolutely a step in the right direction to compete with the Xbox value proposition. The games there are great, but there's still not enough of them to hit the same level of variety and choice that comes with something like Game Pass.

Here's hoping it expands as the generation continues!

RazzerRedux35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

That is fine. Excluding PS Collection from the conversation though is a travesty. The author should know better.

Edit: Seeing that you submit articles exclusively for this site the you should acknowledge this blatant mistake. Or is your "value conversation" simply click bait? You can't have it both ways. Sorry.

Chevalier35d ago

I though only IGN was IGNorant, but, I guess there's no shortage in this regard

IRetrouk35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Hold on, so what about ps now then? Almost triple the games and its cheaper, but not mentioned once, surly there's value in ps now too then right?

The article tries too hard lol, mentions the series s price(leaves out the concessions made to make it cheap), mentions gamepass, mentions all access, yet leaves out ps now and ps plus instant collection, leaves out the fact ps now is cheaper than gamepass..... or the fact that for 100 pounds more you get the full fat next gen console experiance as opposed to a downgraded one.

35d ago
Profchaos35d ago

Yeah there's plenty of bias coming out of the woodwork but that's stock standard for a console launch lots of ignorance of the facts just to push their side goes both ways really

OB1Biker35d ago

The PS5 Digital Edition is also better value than xbox consoles.

CheerUpButtercup34d ago

played all those. What else ya got?

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Godmars29036d ago

They're trying to use volume to make up for ground, they've never had really.

Yeah, while they pretty much took the US market with the 360, any honest momentum they had was lost in thinking they'd "won" when that translated to caring little to nothing about the rest of the world. Focusing on subscriptions, expecting 3rd parties to support their system, and preparing to dictate how customers would interact with them which lead to the XB1 launch.

And nothing they've done now shows that such a mentality has changed. They've yet to prove themselves as game makers, can dump/let rot all the studios they've bought, and the Series S is continuation of "always online". Makes an online connection mandatory as well as subscriptions.

IRetrouk36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

The services and cheaper console might be what some people want, but I dont see it as a main selling point, or something to laud over, good games are more important than any service or console price.

RazzerRedux35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

It is pretty obvious to me that a lot gamers are not seeing the "value" in services that some think they should. You've got 10 million Game Pass subscribers out of over 1.3 billion Xbox and PC gamers in the world. Not only that, but we still see Master Chief Collection and Sea of Thieves on the Steam top sellers list. Why? They could simply fire up the Xbox app on their PC and subscribe to Game Pass and have access to BOTH games and more. Nope. Obviously these gamers would rather buy the game outright on Steam.

Value is subjective. A lot of gamers see value in their game library. And to your point, the console with the more appealing selection of games is going to continue be a huge selling point. Microsoft might get there one day, but until they do I don't see services filling the void at all.

IRetrouk35d ago

I do see the value in gamepass to a point, it benefits my kids mostly to be fair, as a lot of the stuff I either don't like, have played or have no interest in(same as psnow for me), but they do, I also prefer ownership so a subscription service will never be my main reason to own a console or way I consume games, its a good side to the main course, nothing more. Quality, diverse games are forever what matters most but if all you have is a side course, your gonna talk it up like its a main meal.

chiefJohn11735d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Rofl there's not even 1.3b gamers in the world stop the BS. XD for goodness sake dude acting like my grandma who owns a pc along with every pc owner that solely have it for school and work is a potential lmao

RazzerRedux35d ago (Edited 35d ago )


"Rofl there's not even 1.3b gamers in the world stop the BS."

"Finally, PC gaming, driven by its 1.3 billion players, will grow +4.8% year on year to $36.9 billion in 2020."

Do you generally roll on the floor laughing when you are wrong, "chief"?

Chevalier35d ago

" Rofl there's not even 1.3b gamers in the world stop the BS. XD for goodness sake dude acting like my grandma who owns a pc along with every pc owner that solely have it for school and work is a potential lmao"

Now we know why Master was left out and its just chief117. Its embarrassing that with Google and a 5 second search could prove him wrong. Value is subjective. But facts are hard to argue yet idiocy prevails.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen35d ago

Chief doesn't even understand that most PC gamers are in Asia and Europe.

Asia - population 4.45 billion
Europe - 741 million

I know this is difficult for Xbox fans to grasp but Tencent isn't the number one gaming company on the planet for no reason at all. It's because there actually are 1.3 billion PC gamers on the planet.

chiefJohn11733d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Playing g f2p duck duck goose on a school pc don't make you a gamer. If there were 1.3 billion gamers Nintendo, MS and Sony would sell way more consoles games and games on PC would sell 100s of millions of copies but that thats not the case. Cause my Grandma playing word find on a tablet is not a damn gamer lol there's a difference between playing a game and actually being a gamer.
Me betting a coworker on the superbowl don't make me a gambler. Playing draft kings, going to casinos, etc do.....Understand?
The best selling games on PC are console multiplates so begone with the BS

chiefJohn11733d ago (Edited 33d ago )

BTW PsNow is on PC too so there 2 million is even worse outta 1.3b pc and 100+ million consoles lmao. Based off your logic every service on PC is little value cause they come no where close to 1.3 billion subs.
Netflix is a flop for its 183million since its available on every smart phone, TV, pc and cable provider. Thats gotta be half the world population minimum right there and I'm certain there's waaaay more movie/tv watchers than gamers

RazzerRedux33d ago


Crawl back in your cave of ignorance. You've been fact slapped as IRetrouk said. You want everyone to just take your silly word on how many gamers there are in the world and ignore people who actually have the research to back it up.

You are a gambler, it would seem, and you are doubling down on stupidity. You just lost all your chips.

chiefJohn11733d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Just googled and BOOM! 1.8 billion gamers ONLY 62% play PC!!! and 50% on Console how much market share does Xbox have? 23%? And pcs 62%, not all that 62% have gamepass available to them or the hardware to run it so that number would be even less plus Xbox shares does not add up to 1.3billion FOH
If i had to guestimate Gamepass has a realistic market of 500 million gamers max and that still probably an over estimation. That's your problem Razzer you lie too damn much plus the service is only what 2 years old

RazzerRedux33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

"Just googled and BOOM! 1.8 billion gamers ONLY 62% play PC!!! "

You are posting data from 2016, Einstein. You can't read for shit.

"There are 1.8 billion gamers in the world, and PC gaming dominates the market"
62% of gamers use a PC while 56% use a console.
April 26, 2016

From 2019
"There are now more than 2.5 billion active gamers around the world. That’s a billion more than just five years ago."

From 2018
"There are approximately 2.2 billion gamers in the world. "

2020 gamers in graph: 2.69 billion

" That's your problem Razzer you lie too damn much"

Your ignorance and stupidity are on full display.

IRetrouk33d ago

😬 🤦‍♂️shoulda just rolled over chief, too many #fact-slaps to count now, you cant argue data with wishful hopes and dreams man.

RazzerRedux33d ago

Hell....he has been fact slapped so much he didn't realize he actually fact slapped himself....

"Rofl there's not even 1.3b gamers in the world"
"Just googled and BOOM! 1.8 billion gamers "

....and was still wrong. Burn

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thesoftware73035d ago

But the service has good games..a lot of not sure what you mean.

IRetrouk35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

The service does have some good games, thats the ones I already own....
But 90% are filler games that aint for me, I've either played them, own them or don't like them, and i prefer ownership to renting, thought I was clear in my comment to be fair🤷‍♂️

NeoGamer23235d ago

You are assuming every gamer buys the Sony games when in reality that is about 20% Sony gamers (Ex. Spider-man has sold around 13 million copies to over 110 million console owners).

The reality is that 80% of Sony gamers just buy games like Fornite, Call of Duty, GTA V, Battlefield, Overwatch, FIFA, Madden, Apex, PUBG, Star Wars Battlefront, etc.

I am not arguing that Sony won't sell more because of XSS. It is a forgone conclusion that PS5 will outsell XB by at least a 5:1 margin. But, if the XSS performs as MS says it will perform technically, then it could start pulling some of the online gaming crowd in in year 2 or 3 of the generation if it shows it can truly perform as MS says it can because it can save those gamers about $100 over a PS5 digital.

Kavorklestein35d ago

Yeah more people want a good deal and good graphics in my honest opinion. At the start of the generation and for like the 1st 4 years, Playstation had the performance and price advantage locked down.
Exclusives obviously help people decide what they want as well, but far less than the performance and price factor do.

IRetrouk35d ago

I didnt mention sonys games.... or say/assume anything you have wrote here... i was talking about quality games full stop, and my preference to them over services.

The cheaper console will deff move some units, i dont know if it will be pulling in gamers in droves though, especially not after year 2 or 3 when the 2 main consoles are going to be going full pelt, stranger things have happened though.

kneon34d ago

You are making an incorrect assumption that it's the same people who buy all the Sony exclusives, that's just not the case.

Greatball198734d ago

That's not true. Nintendo's services are terrible and impact the overall experience, and that's been the case for each system they've made since NGC.

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Putnum35d ago

Xbox stuffed up with Halo. Wait until you learn it's a cashgrab Destiny ripoff! What?! Yep.

Good article though. I mean, the Series S is dirty cheap for a launch console.

HyperMoused35d ago

A do tell how are they going to make it a cash grab?

Putnum35d ago

Vanity items. If something is free (multiplayer) then you're the product