Black Ops Cold War Sniping Will Be Nerfed Based on Alpha, Treyarch Clarifies SBMM on Older Titles

Black Ops Cold War sniping has been buffed in the alpha so Treyarch can collect data. Treyarch clarifies that Skill-Based Matchmaking was in older titles.

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Jin_Sakai41d ago

You better nerf the sh*t out of it because it’s downright ruining the game! Other than that I know it’s an Alpha but the framerate and visuals need a big improvement. Gameplay is solid though and it’s fun! Definitely got that Treyarch feel.

SyntheticForm41d ago

They're basically long range shotguns. I put a clipful of an LMG into a sniper only for him to ADS and take me out. Looked at the killcam and there was zero flinch or shake as I was mowing him down.

The Stoner is currently my best friend.

TheRacingX40d ago

good to see im not the only one....half the kill cams i watched, the hit never shows it hits me but he got the kill anyway....snper rifles need to be slowed down immensely, its ridiculous, long range shotguns is a perfect description

40d ago
GoodGuy0941d ago

SBMM wasnt as strong as this and mw back then tho lol.

Majin-vegeta41d ago

Exactly once in a blue moon you would get a sweaty try hard match but most of thr time it was just average players.But now it matches you with players from other countries that it seems your being lasered 1 shotted

Hawk19866641d ago

Sniping ruined WWII. Easiest way to fix it is remove auto aim on snipers. Why they don't blows my mind.

monkey60241d ago

I cant believe CoD is still getting away with this and those hitboxes. You don't even need to hit a guy to one shot him.

Nitrowolf241d ago

I'm really ling Cold War, but many every year they seem to always revert back to the same issues. They've been at this forever and they still can't find the right balance? Why am I being put into games with less than a kill left? Why they remove the ping indicator so we can know our connectivity? Whats up with the super OP sniper and the slowness of everything else?

And this hit boxes, ooof

Akira202041d ago

My first match, a guy on the other team went 42-3 just using a sniper rifle and "quick scoping."
I quickly uninstalled the Alpha and said, "Ah, Call of Duty, gotta love it." :/

DragonWarrior1940d ago

Snipers are a huge issue but so is the character designs. It was nearly impossible seeing an enemy two feet away EVERYONE blends in with the map and all the characters look similar with hardly any way to tell who is on your team. We both stared at each other trying to figure out if we were friend or foe.

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The story is too old to be commented.