PLAYSTATION®3 system software update 1.51

Sony have today released a software update (how many's that already now?) 1.51.

Here's a translated version of the japanese PS3 website for the latest info on the update.

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bilal4906d ago

hopefully it would also fix some issues with blue-ray playback..

GaMr-4906d ago

"The main function which is renewed with system software version 1.51

* PLAYSTATION®3 and the PlayStation®2 standard software performance in order to play was strengthened."

I hate to sound like a complete "noob"(i love that retarded word) but what the hell does that mean. They released an update so that the PS3 can now play PS3 games stronger? What?. Please someone help.

kikilala4905d ago

i think that was the direct translation for japanese.. that is why it sound weird.. i think what they are trying to say is you can now play your ps3 and ps2 games better...

BigPimpin4906d ago

I just bought my PS3 this week and had to do a very long update (I think it was 1.50). Hopefully this one doesn't take to long. By the way, my online name is WarMachine606.

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The story is too old to be commented.