What is This Mystery Port on the Back of the PS5?

Sony finally revealed the back of the PS5 in the price and date announcement in their showcase. They have even announced the full specs for the console, but we can’t seem to figure out what this is for?

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ziggurcat42d ago

It's probably just one of those kensington security slots.

RaidenBlack42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Yea, seems like it. At first I thought its just another type-c, but got exiled from the lower ports cluster.

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bouzebbal41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

What I'm more wondering about is where psvr port?? I think that's the one

darthv7241d ago

Bouz, there never was a psvr port. If you mean the camera port, sony changed it to standard usb now. You can get a free adapter for the ps4 camera or upgrade to the ps5 one.

The processing box hooks up through hdmi as it should.

Jin_Sakai42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Probably. Also the wings have to come off somehow to account for upgrading the SSD storage.

Really hoping we get a tear down soon and a UI walkthrough.

SierraGuy41d ago

External pcie4.0 slot for psvr2 😁

NecrumOddBoy42d ago

Looks like it but what about the possibility for the camera attachment or PSVR functionality?

ziggurcat42d ago

That's actually quite possible.

darthv7241d ago

Nope. Camera is standard usb now instead of a dedicated port.

solidt1241d ago

That’s exactly what it is.

Andy_Dee41d ago

Totally agree with this but more shocked that someone makes an article about it..

Bobertt41d ago

Do any of the other consoles have that?

ziggurcat41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Yes. It's on the back of the Series X, too:


To the right of where it says "Prototype not for sale"

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REDGUM41d ago

Doesn't the new xbox have a very similar port/slot and that was confirmed to be a port to be able to run an external HD from?

darthv7241d ago

No. Its a kensington slot.

TheScotsman41d ago

Old camera slot is gone and you need an adapter for psvr current system so this is the new camera slot and Sony said already they'd give a free adapter for current psvr setups

darthv7241d ago

No. The new camera is standard usb. This is a kensington slot.

TheScotsman41d ago

I'm happy to agree about the kensington lock, but is there info out already on how the camera connects as if it is just a usb I'm hoppy to use it on my laptop too

NeoGamer23241d ago

That or a key hole to open the back of the PS5. The location isn't near the other ports so it is unlikely to actually do anything. Putting a port there would add cost to the device. I am guessing that doesn't make sense for a next gen console that is already taking a loss probably.

darthv7241d ago

No. That is a kensington port. Popping off the sides is as easy as sliding them off like the original ps4 hard drive bay cover.

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NealGamby42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Could it be a "keyhole" to take off and swap the sides of the system, as rumored? Or possibly a way to open it and swap out the SSD?

elazz41d ago

You don't swap the ssd. You add a second one.

NealGamby41d ago

You sure? I know we can add one. But I thought Cerny said we’d be able to swap it out once they started hitting the market and they tested them. I need to go back and watch that keynote.

elazz41d ago

Mark Cerny:

We will be supporting certain M.2 SSDs. These are internal drives that you can get on the open market and install in a bay in the PlayStation 5. They connect through the custom I/O unit just like our SSD does, so they can take full advantage of the decompression, I/O coprocessors and all the other features.

Here's the catch, though: that commercial drive has to be at least as fast as ours. Games that rely on the speed of our SSD need to work flawlessly with any M.2 drive.

No PCIe 3.0 drive can hit the required speed of 5.5GB/s, as they are capped at 3.5GB/s. However, the first PCIe 4.0 M.2 drives have now hit the market, and we're seeing 4 to 5GB/s speeds. By year's end, I expect there will be drives hitting 7GB/s.

Having said that, we are comparing apples and oranges, because that commercial M.2 drive will have its own architecture, its own flash controller and so. For example, the NVMe specification lays out a priority scheme for requests that the M.2 drives can use, and that scheme is pretty nice, but it only has two true priority levels. Our drive supports six. We can hook up a drive with only two priority levels, definitely, but our custom I/O unit has to arbitrate the extra priorities rather than the M.2 drive's flash controller, and so the M.2 drive needs a little extra speed to take care of issues arising from the different approach. That commercial drive also needs to physically fit inside of the bay we created for PlayStation 5 for M.2 drives.

Unlike internal hard drives, there's unfortunately no standard for the height of an M.2 drive and some M.2 drives have giant heatsinks, in fact some of them even have their own fans. Right now we're getting M.2 drive samples and benchmarking them in various ways. When games hit beta as they get ready for the PlayStation 5 launch, we'll also be doing some compatibility testing to make sure that the architecture of particular M.2 drives isn't too foreign for the games to handle. Once we've done that compatibility testing, we should be able to start letting you know which drives will physically fit and which drive samples have benchmarked appropriately high in our testing.

It would be great if that would be done by launch, but it's likely to be a bit past it. So please hold off on getting an M.2 drive until you hear from us.

lalalala41d ago

There's a slot further down I think

indysurfn40d ago

That is a high change of being right common sense assumption. But it is not necessarily true. Going from a 800+GB hard drive to a 1TB hard drive could e considered a expansion. Without being a legal lie. (I know this from reading sales agreements for expensive system upgrades at work.

But 9 out of 10 chance your spot on!

indysurfn40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

just looked it up, it says expandable but when you look at the chart the tech explanation is that it is SWAPPABLE!

I think they mean there is a Expandable bay that is swappable. Not the main one. Just a guess?!

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elazz41d ago

Check what Mark Cerny said. I quoted him.
To where the slot is. Those white sides I think can be removed. There is probably a slot there or maybe somewhere on the sides

NealGamby41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Exactly. He stated that, eventually, you could swap the internal SSD. But because of the size/fan/other variables, it would be sometime after they have done compatibility tests before we can.

"These are internal drives that you can get on the open market and install in a bay in the PlayStation 5"

"Once we've done that compatibility testing, we should be able to start letting you know which drives will physically fit"

elazz41d ago

The PS5 has a custom SSD onboard on the motherboard. You can't replace that. You can only add extra storage using an NVME M2 slot.

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IdeasWithJax41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I have a couple of guesses>>>>>> ; ;>. 1. PSVR2 easy connection port 2. Port for 3d sound system. Last but not least transfer data from one system to the other or extension for recording devices. I know last 2 pretty bad.

Skate-AK41d ago

You can transfer data between consoles with an ethernet cable.

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