Check Out A Side-By-Side Comparison Of Demon Souls on PS3 and PS5

Demon Souls is looking like one of the launch PS5 titles that is really going to show off how much power the next-gen PlayStation can produce.

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Jin_Sakai42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Not only was Demon Souls the best looking next gen game I’ve seen so far it’s also ruining at 60fps. Bluepoint are wizards. Put a ring on it Sony!

GaboonViper42d ago

Facts Jin, this has overtaken HFW as my most wanted, looks like a oil painting in motion, THIS for me is the system seller, i simply cannot wait, and yes i hope Sony snap them up for the stable of talent.

41d ago
UltraNova40d ago

The only game I'll gladly use my remaining leave days for the year to play non-stop when I get it. I can't wait.

mrsolidsteel2041d ago

I’m actually surprised didn’t bring them under their wing......I hope they do.

40d ago
CaptainHenry91641d ago

I would like to see Blueprint make their own game. We know their great at remakes but what about developing their own game?

RgR41d ago

Sometimes its best to keep a studio doing what they know best. It's not like theyre only remastering a single type of game.

I wouldnt move them away from remastering unless they wanted to.

UltraNova40d ago (Edited 40d ago )


Remastering/remaking all those different type of games gives them immense experience on everything, more so than other bigger studios who make only one type of game. This is why they should try and make their own game at some point.

GetGud40d ago

I had a friend who always copied the answers from the guy who sat in front of him during exams. The best part was that he always score a lot more than that guy. But, when he couldn't cheat and try to write his own answers he failed the exam.

FullmetalRoyale41d ago

Oh excellent news about the 60fps, I hadn't heard that. That's exciting.

PurpHerbison41d ago

Looks great, but we still have to play it and feel it in our own hands. I sure do hope the quality look translates into a quality feel. It would suck if this game felt like DS2.

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fewDankMemes41d ago

Demons Souls being a launch title has made me want a PS5 day one. If it weren’t for this game I would have waited to get one, and Series X would have been my day one console buy this year. Now I’m waiting a bit to get a series x.

40d ago
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GaboonViper42d ago

Good lord Bluepoint are at the top of their game, Sony need to buy them ASAP, and then remake MGS3 Snake Eater.

TheExecutioner42d ago

This there last remake game .. next is new ip

mrsolidsteel2041d ago

Really, do you know if it’s going to be multiplat or exclusive to Sony’s systems.

toxic-inferno41d ago

Will be fascinating to see how they do on a new IP. They're obviously a very talented developer in the technical department, but it will be interesting to see if they can match that with their creativity and innovation. If so, they could give some of the top developers a run for their money.

SullysCigar41d ago

They've earned it, they clearly know their stuff and it will be nice to see them unleashed creatively!

Viking_mo41d ago

Didnt they say they were open to making a legend of dragoon remake

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jukins41d ago

I think they need to prove themselves with a new ip before being bought. They do amazing work don't get me wrong but they've essentially only remade whats already.

Fluttershy7741d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Well in any case they are a good asset even if its only for that, they could very well just be "those guys that are amazing remastering all those old games" and still will be a fine acquisition

jukins41d ago

Yea if, and I really hope in wrong, plans to charge for remastered ps4 games i guess they'd be a big help but at the same time 9/10 the studio who made it would handle the remaster.

Have a feeling sony gonna charge for enchanced versions of the later generated exclusives

Ash01Live41d ago

As amazing as that would be, Konami will never allow it. Freaking awful company

garos8240d ago

that thought just made me jizz my pants. Yes mother clucking please!!!!!

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ApocalypseShadow41d ago

Looks so good.
Oh yeah baby! It looks so good.
Sometimes games look good like it should.
Can't take it. Looks so good.

Da da da da! Nal nal. Duh duh dun. Da da da da. Nal nal. Duh duh dun.

Lol. Name that artist. So the world might be mended.

potatoseal41d ago

John Mellencamp.

So the world might be mended. So the world might be mended.

ApocalypseShadow41d ago

Guess we got gamers that don't like music. Lol.

Levii_9241d ago

Is Demon Souls really a launch game for the Ps5 !??

neutralgamer199241d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Yes confirmed by sony themselves

ClayRules201241d ago (Edited 41d ago )

It sure is! If you’ve got a PS5 pre ordered or still waiting & hoping to do so (I hope if your still waiting, you’re successful!) be ready to play this amazing game on the release day of PS5😁

Levii_9241d ago

Jesus man .. they totally killed it i cant even believe it. Ps5 might be the first console i pick up at launch and not wait.

ClayRules201241d ago

That’s awesome to hear bud!! It’ll be a fantastic console, and I’m super happy to hear your excitement, honestly. Best of luck to you in securing a PS5! May the odds be ever in your favor😊

LoveSpuds41d ago

Literally cannot wait to play this game, simply adored the original game and this look utterly insane. May well be the 1st game I play on PS5.

whitbyfox41d ago

You literally have to wait.