10 Sequels We Desperately Need To See On The PS5

Andrew says: "As fans that have supported Valve for so many years, we deserve at least ONE of these three esteemed names to get a next-gen release."

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SpadeX36d ago

The Order seriously needs a lot of attention. It excelled at a lot of things but it got bashed for being short. Ready at Dawn is owned by Facebook now but they still work independently, so there's that.

neutralgamer199236d ago

Yes give it someone who are good at RPG's the IP has potential. The setting is interesting and should be explored more. I feel like Sony delivered a lot more during ps3 than they did during ps4(this opinion is in minority but as a long time playstation fan I just think Sony didn't have much competition so they took it easy in some ways while they out put was still nothing short of amazing the wait in between games was long)

I want more exclusives and all of them don't have to be AAA. They can mix in smaller AA games. Sly and cooper/jak and Dexter need to come back, we need a proper entry into a new infamous game, bring back warhawk, bring back either resistance, killzone or socom

RaiderNation35d ago

10 sequels I would like to see..

Dark Cloud 3
Legend of Dragoon 2
Mod Nation Racers 2
Warhawk sequel
Syphon Filter sequel
Killzone 4 (or a reboot)
Jak and Daxter 4
Motorstorm sequel
Silent Hill sequel (or a reboot)
SOCOM sequel

35d ago
Greatball198735d ago

DC, LoD, KZ, and SH would be great.

JonDiskonected35d ago

There is a killzone 4 (shadow fall) on ps4

dumahim35d ago

Sorry, I'm just not going to buy in to a Metal Gear Solid game from Konami. Let it die.

Gamerking8235d ago

I am its my fave series and i even enjoyed Survive for what it was.

Gamerking8235d ago

I deleted mgsv and death stranding saves, just so I could replay them as it’s stupid as F that there is no new game them both

Chocoburger35d ago

Survive multi-player was pretty fun, but grew tiresome due to lack of features and maps. It would have added a lot of replay value the game randomly moved the drill to another location to keep the challenge high and excitement going.

Survive single-player however was terrible. Just a really boring 'meter management' grind game. Maybe if they added some content the single-player I wouldn't be so harsh on it.

Anyway, a new Metal Gear game should start off fresh, a reboot is very much needed. Drop all the crazy nanomachine and parasite stuff and start over with a clean slate. I'd be more interested in that than a sequel without the original envisionator.

NEXUS-635d ago

But what if there's a slight (very slight) chance the rumours are true?

dumahim35d ago

Only rumor I'm aware of would be Sony buying the rights. If that were true, it wouldn't apply since Konami wouldn't be handling it. Even if Sony did buy it, who would be the developer?

NEXUS-635d ago

I'd say Kojima Productions - unless that was a caveat of the deal. Then it might go to BEND or that 'secret' studio that's been hiring lately.

Gamerking8235d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Grow the fuck it man . And in attach them lips from Kojima and man the fuck up . I’ve been a fan since 8 years old for Kojima and Konami . But I’m not choking on Kojima nuts like you . Boo hoo japan does different from my burger loving country so they must be bad . Kojima milked the F out off Konami funds too make a lacklustre MGS story !. Now that the truth !. Yes Konami are a piss take gaming company now from what greatness they once were , but Kojima anit no saint either . I mean apart from a great story Death Stranding sucked fucking balls !. Same after same after same .

dumahim35d ago

I never said anything about Kojima. I'm glad he's finally off to do whatever he wants. He's been wanting to move away from MGS for a long time, but if Konami brings a new MGS, I want nothing to do with it.

NEXUS-635d ago

Gamer - where did that rant come from? haha - KONAMI are doing fine with funds, they just wanted a quicker return and hurried Kojima along. The Fox engine was a fantastic engine - and had KONAMI been a little more supportive and actually had a decent work environment. They'd probably see more quality games being made using Fox engine.

As it stands I hope they can come to an arrangement with Sony. They have too many decent ips to just let go.

Greatball198735d ago

I would if it was good. They can't screw up a remakes as long as they're faithful to the originals, so that'd be a good place to start. MG1 & MG2 are unplayable by today's standards anyway, it has to happen. The rest of the series can just get remasters.

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drunkenspy00735d ago

No interest in Metal Gear without Kojima

Greatball198735d ago

A good game is a good game. He was not the director of the Acid games, merely the producer, and they're fantastic entries in the series.

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