Crysis Remastered's PC version is a disappointment - Here's why

From performance woes to missing content, Crysis Remastered isn't what we expected

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TallDarknWavy36d ago

I've been reading user reviews and one translated review and ps4 Pro can't hit 60 fps even in performance mode.
I kept saying this game should have been remastered with PS5 and Series X in mind, only to have a big pile of disagrees from idiots on here.
Looks like I may wait for next gen port with better performance because even PC's can't hit a solid 30 FPS at max settings. Some top of the line card hit 25-32 which isn't ok but not great.

autobotdan36d ago

The problem i have with this crysis port is it is not a port of the original pc version but a port of the downgraded xbox 360 console version. Horrible

TheRealTedCruz36d ago

It's pathetic that companies will sell "remasters" that don't even live up to the original released more than a decade ago.

NEXUS-636d ago (Edited 36d ago )

One of gaming's longest running memes should have been inspiration for CRYTEK. It should've been a showcase for modern hardware.

annoyedgamer36d ago

Console centered gaming has caused stagnation of innovation. Crysis 1 and Far Cry 2 have more thorough physics engines than anything released today.

cyclindk36d ago

Those weak CPUs had handicapped everything for so long.

Thunder_G0d_Bane36d ago

So true and sad at the same time.

Hitman00736d ago

💩💩💩 28169;💩💩

ProjectVulcan36d ago

From the world's most advanced game and rendering pipeline bar none to a remaster covered in fake veneer barely disguising the creaky old patched up framework.

Real shame, woefully missed opportunity. Quick slap dash product with a big new price slapped on it to generate some easy cash.

It could have been epic. Watching the most up to date Cyberpunk 2077 videos recently I see the kind of impressive technological showcase this could and should have been. Some distance off that. Sad.

mastershredder36d ago

They had to cut out an entire chapter because it was too intensive .... "remaster"....master of what exactly?, it was not the optimization of hardware and performance of the engine.

Crysis Poor Re-delivery Edition.

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