Crysis Remastered is not based on the original PC 2007 version, has worse PC controls

DSOGaming writes: "Before benchmarking the game, we've decided to re-install the original Crysis game and compare these two versions."

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RaidenBlack39d ago

Well it was revealed long before that the Remastered will be based on the console port and not the OG PC game.

Vits39d ago

Yeah, this is not exacly news. The worst controls was a given as they are more or less retrofitting the console commands to PC.

But the article does mention some other weird stuff. Like the removal of simple features like bushes being affected by grenades. Yes, the original console version also don't have it. However being a remaster and all, they could have implemented.

shabz66639d ago (Edited 39d ago )

It has ray trading on the one x. But the framerate really takes a hit when it's active. And it stutters like its struggling sometimes, it's still pretty look at.

Performance mode on one x is great though, enjoying it so far. It's nice to see implementation of ray tracing on one x since my gtx 1060 would cripple if I try to run it.

Father__Merrin39d ago

Pc version orig controls are awful imo. Movement is ok but accessing stuff is arkward like holding middle mouse button down to access powers etc.

Crysis 2 3 controller controls were perfect

Hungryalpaca39d ago

I knew I’d find you here trying to bash Pc. Of course YOU like the versions of crysis everyone hated because they became more consolized.

2 and 3 have you FAR less control.

Father__Merrin39d ago

I'd have to disagree I've reinstalled crysis 2 and it's brilliant. It's so much easier doing your wep attachments with back button or cloak etc on off with bumper

annoyedgamer39d ago

Crysis 2 is a MW2 clone. It was made by EA trying to capitalize on the popularity of COD at the time.

Ju39d ago

So, did they actually adjust the controller controls to the later games? It was horrible in the original.

esemce39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

From what I've seen some of it looks better and some looks worse than the original. Maxed settings at 4k you get 32fps with a RTX3080!

Sophisticated_Chap39d ago

Dumb article. There is an option that you can turn on for classic PC controls in the menu.