Three Games That Defined The Generation

Player 2 continues its fond look back at the current generation. This time is writer, Jess Zammit who picks her personal games of the era.

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Sonic-and-Crash42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

lol no ...Horizon yes can be nominated as Generation defining game ...the others not ...
My list
1 Zelda BotW/Horizon/Ghost of Tsushima (as one entry , not separately, AAA open world genre games)

2 Monster Hunter World (huge achivement to faihtfully import MH next game into next gen HD era with imporved but still classic gameplay-kudos there for Capcom)

3 Bloodborne/Sekiro (again as one entry ,not separetely, for perfectising the Souls formula with artistic visuals compared to none)

plus honorable mention : Death Stranding ..Is not for everyone and has its open world cliches but it is unique in every other area

pwnmaster300042d ago

Naw I agree with last of us 2 being nominated.
But I’m not trying to be that guy but this article seem so pro feminist to me.

I agree with bloodborne and deathstranding.
I would also add ms flight simulator and pubg

Jammali41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

The author is at the bottom of thre article, Jess a woman lol not a man.

SullysCigar41d ago

idk about flight sim. I mean first of all it's not on this gen, but will come to series x at some point. Secondly, for me it's essentially just sticking a plane in Google Earth. The scenery is great from a distance, and the fact you can go almost anywhere is really cool, but that's it - it needs dogfights or...anything really, some missions, maybe a story expansion to generate some sort of meaningful interaction and keep boredom at bay, in my opinion.

41d ago
Orpheo41d ago

How they defined the generation:
Last of Us 2 - Most Disappointing Game of the Generation
Deathstranding - Weirdest Game of the Generation
Bloodborne - Most Satisfying Game of the Generation

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AnnaDea41d ago

Bahahaha mentioning Breath of the Wild which was one empty hollow excuse of a Zelda game.

You got Bloodborne right though.

ssj2741d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I tried zelda a week or ago and I realized how outdated out of touch Nintendo is. Zelda was empty fighting mechanics verh basic outdated. Climbing was like if he is spiderman or something but is slow motion and lets not even mention animation from ps2 era poor sound quality. I mean how the f Nintendo get a pass is unbelievable poeple nostalgia or fanboysm makes them so blind.

Nintendo needs to level up their game. No wonder in only caters kids or Japanese culture who loves and call a pre maded animation turn based gameplay but they don't realize is not a genre it's because they didn't have the skills or technology to make it natively action based. Now they can make the game fluid with the accion and animation it's beyond me they want the characters to stand next to eachother and hit eachother turn by turn lol

Fluttershy7741d ago

Maybe you hated uh... but What a experience! you'll never forget it, you know what I'm talking about

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locomorales41d ago

Every generation has its own defining genre. This was Open World RPG.

That in mind if someone asked me to say ONE game that define 8th gen I'd say The Witcher III Wild Hunt.

There were a lot of great games, but I think Geralt's adventure is pure definition of 2014~2020.

AnnaDea41d ago

Yea, I would say that The Witcher 3 was the one that made the best impression of a next-gen experience for me. The game that closed it was The Last of Us 2~

KyRo41d ago

This generation was the generation of forced open world's in games that didn't need them. MGSV, Ghost Recon, FF15 just to name a few. Open worlds were over saturated this generation but nearly all of them follow the same flawed gameplay designs of go here, fetch this, kill them, clear out this camp, collect that.

locomorales41d ago

I know is some kind hard to understand, but defining a generation is different to be the best game for someone personal taste. I know you wanna be right and make your opinion the only one. But when trying to do that stay on the subject.

I said what game defined The generation. Insider all your rant you agree with me open world rpgs are everywhere. And there's no better example than The Witcher 3.

KyRo41d ago

You mentioned the defining genre of the generation and I replied to that? Your game of the generation will differ to mine. There's nothing wrong with you enjoying them games but when you realise that every single one uses the same blueprint, they become very samey no matter what setting, period, FoV it uses. I'm not saying they're bad in any way, you just know what you're getting yourself in for as soon as you know a game is open world.

Your game of the generation was TW3, it will be many other people's to.

It weren't a rant either. Quite impressive how you managed to interpret it that way though.

Dragonscale41d ago

Witcher 3 is totally overrated fgs. It didn't even define 2015, that honor belongs to Bloodborne.

locomorales41d ago

Nobody is asking if you like or not or even what is the best game of the generation. The article and my answer is about the game that defined this generation. You could argue that is isnt open world rpg. That other genre representes 8th gen even more. But your favorite game is irrelevant here.

RgR41d ago

It was the first open world to offer decent side quests. That was gen defining. Bloodborne was another souls game with an awesome skin of course and incredible combat. But they were already doing that type of game anyways.

Silly gameAr41d ago

I wish I thought the same, but I couldn't get into Wild Hunt. Just started playing Persona 5 though, and I can't put that game down.

locomorales41d ago

I didn't say that it's my favorite game, even though I really liked. I said it's The defining game of the generation. I think open world rpgs are the FPS of this generation: the most popular gente, and the witcher 3 represents it for its best and for its worst.

Notellin41d ago

Unbelievable Witcher 3 is left off.

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Asuka41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

For me personally it would have to be xenoblade 2 and torna the golden country.

Asuka40d ago

Look at that I didn't mention a PlayStation title hence all the disagrees.

Okay I'll bite since the topic was three games I'll add another one : Nier Automata. How's that?

GaboonViper41d ago

For me Bloodborne, God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn.

VerminSC41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Mine are
The last of us part II
God of war

So many good games though
Zelda: Breath of the wild
Dark souls 3
Uncharted 4
Uncharted the lost legacy
Final Fantasy VII remake
Dead cells
Red dead redemption 2