Demon's Souls official store page reveals new weapon as a pre-order bonus, then removes it

For a few hours there, it looked like Demon's Souls is getting at least one new weapon.

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NEXUS-641d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Sony are really missing a trick here - if there's one game to push hard its Demon's Souls. And a special edition, pre-order bonus, extra content is what should 100% be happening.

SM: MM will sell itself - but I think Demon's Souls is the title that really shows what PS5 is capable of. DS should be front and centre of every advertisement going forward.

Lore41d ago

Really hoping JS & Bluepoint added on extra area of content to give returning players a special treat as well

NEXUS-641d ago

Fair chance they will, here's hoping.

camel_toad41d ago

It's been so long since I've played the original that most of it will feel new again. An advantage of being old and forgetful. (But still hopeful for a whole new surprise area)

-Foxtrot41d ago

Yeah I can't believe there's no collectors edition

Especially with how fast the Dark Souls / Bloodborne ones sold.

fitofficial41d ago

My body is ready. My wallet is not.

Miraak82 41d ago

Preorder bonus on a game that's supposed to coincide a console release , that's kinda messed up if you think about if it's true . Can't preorder on the console since you won't have it by release , digital ps5 can't preorder a disc version

Vanfernal41d ago

You can access the PS Store from your PC and pre-order there once it's up.

Miraak82 41d ago

It's not really the point I'm trying to make , even trying to get a ps5 before launch will be an ordeal in it self for most people. You expect people to preorder a game that they don't know if they'll be able to get a console on time ?!! F* that ..... plus there shouldn't be bonus weapons in souls games unless it's a cosmetic variant of an already existing weapon you know for the pvp community .... balance in all

Hungryalpaca40d ago

Why would anyone preorder a game for a console they don’t own?

anast41d ago

at 80 everyone should get that weapon

MajorLazer41d ago

Preorder bonuses shouldn't be a thing, especially for a Souls game.

Ratchet7541d ago

My concern is the pace of the game, especially after playing Bloodborn.

Hungryalpaca40d ago

Are you concerned about the new gran turismo after playing racing in gta?

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The story is too old to be commented.