SackBoy: A Big Adventure PS5 Exclusive Features Detailed, Offers Free PS4 to PS5 Upgrade

Sackboy: A Big Adventure might not offer a big visual jump from PS4 to PS5 but it does include some features that are exclusive to the PS5 version.

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Z23ash42d ago

So no must have updates on the actual game. Just haptics, faster load and audio that is on next gen anyway.

marcodias42d ago

what are must have updates to you? immersion with haptics and 3d audio, fast loading, 4k in this game is easy to achieve (not sure on fps) and they have better graphics, its just pointing its not by that much. what else were you expecting, i dont see much use for adapative triggers and thats the only thing they arent using.

Z23ash42d ago

I expected ps5 built games as Sony stated not PS4 games upscaled to ps5. Fast loading is fantastic but they sold these games as pure next gen to then back-pedal on it

RightFootGames42d ago

what are must have updates to you?

Judging by his comment history I'm pretty sure the answer is "being on xbox"

bouzebbal42d ago

Nice, happy it's on ps4 for 1 reason.. 4 controllers!!! Ain't planning to buy 3 dualsense to play this on ps5.. So I'm glad ps4 is getting some love from Sony

bouzebbal41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Have no idea what haptics feedback means.. But I'm getting this on ps4 now that the upgrade is free. Anyone knows if the saves are cross compatible??

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Nacho_Z42d ago

@RightFootGames often worth a look at comment history to see if someone is worth talking to or if it's going to be a brick wall. The amount of times I've seen someone mocking people for being fanboys then you look at their comments and easily 90% of them are them doing exactly that.

Sad bastards.

remixx11642d ago

Lol that's what I was thinking, was gonna reply but took a look at his comment history then I decided to back that truck on up

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Mr_Writer8542d ago

This and Spider-Man were never really going to be "next gen" it doesn't surprise me or bother me as it I already saw them PS4 games with PS5 features.

Horizon though is disappointing.

Next gen isn't about just "fast loading" it's about games being designed to take advantage of such loading, such as Ratchet and Clank, if that got announced as also on PS4 I'd be shocked, not from a graphical perspective, but from design.

EazyC42d ago

I think it will be a good year before we see a 'killer app' type title that really harnesses the tech. Stuff like Ratchet & Clank definitely looks cool but not something I'd buy a system over.

Mr_Writer8541d ago


Whilst I personally can't wait to play DS again (and hopefully get further than the first boss).

EasyC makes a half valid point, DS is again built to take advantage of PS5's features, but it's not designed that way.

That's not a dig at DS, but as it's a remake, it's level design ect was for a PS3.

Had it been DS 2, maybe.

However I am also personally excited for R&C and I again would also consider that a killer app.

Lastly if GOW Ragnarok is built AND designed for PS5, to a point that it does stuff literally impossible on PS4, then that again is a HUGE killer app.

I'm 100% happy I have a PS5, my only disappointment with it is Horizon wasn't designed just for PS5.

Although this could be rectified with an PS5 exclusive expansion, that has stuff that would be impossible on PS4, and gives us a taste of what Horizon 3 could be like.

toddybad41d ago

People need to be realistic. It's costs well over £100m to make these big blockbusters. PS5 will have an install base of a few million next year. PS4 has 100m+. They'd be crazy to ignore it. So long as the additions are good that's fine.

Rimeskeem42d ago

Don't know about you guys but a 4 player coop platforming story game is something I have wanted for a long time.

P_Bomb41d ago

I’ll be getting it. The free PS4 to PS5 upgrade locked it in.

ziggurcat41d ago

It's Sumo, though... they've bungled more than a handful of games, and back-to-back-to-back, which isn't necessarily a good sign.

P_Bomb41d ago

True, here’s hoping they make the game of their lifetime lol.

Notellin41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

@ziggurcat They did really well on Crackdown 3 and Sony fanboys love to talk about that game.

It's their chance to finally get that Sumo Digital quality exclusive!

CrimsonWing6942d ago

It’s kind of a bummer this isn’t taking full advantage of being a PS5 title. I can’t deny the business decision to give 100+ million users a chance to buy the game, but as a selfish console consumer it just cheapens the next-gen experience for me. There’s something to buying a new console and playing games on it that aren’t found on last-gen.

ClayRules201241d ago

Agreed. You explained yourself nicely here!

Dawknight31641d ago

Takes time to develop games. Look how long into the PS4’s lifecycle it was until we saw RDR2. You won’t see true PS5 games for a while, especially with the fact that most next gen engines won’t be out until next year.

Father__Merrin41d ago

Certain fanboys on here have literally now terrorised themselves with thier own fanboyism. They believe that's it no more games from sony. This is merely a transition from PS4 to PS5 once the titles start rolling in it will be time to get behind the bikeshed again

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