The PlayStation 4 found success in simplicity

After the ambitious PS3, Sony delivered a simple message (and won).

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GaboonViper42d ago

It found success by delivering great games and clear messaging.

RightFootGames41d ago

This is what I was going to say.

NEXUS-641d ago

Absolutely correct, this time around their at about 50% - got the games - just need to work on the messaging.

locomorales41d ago

But now, they fired everyone that made PS4 great, and with PS5 they became a Microsoft with better first party studios. Same lies, same unclear messages.

Rude-ro41d ago

Sonys exclusive, if there is a price hike, which there is, belongs to sonys output.
Craig just proved that a million times over.
Upgrade and such is a given with any business.
The price hike will be universal.. so that is the industry.
Your average free to play generated billions, per game, so to say lies or greed no longer applies.
At least sonys exclusives had/has the effort that puts it in a small category that is worth the price.
YOU may not like it... but then again... who are you?

1Victor41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I’m one of millions that will not buy games with the price increase or will be extremely picky on what games I buy, more than likely big first party franchises I like leaving behind games that I might try but wouldn’t risk a dud game.

Godmars29041d ago (Edited 41d ago )

You should be picky in the games you buy. Everyone should. That's why Madden 2020 has Madden 2019 emblems in it as well as less features than Madden 2019.

Its why the f**k Madden is the only football game.

NEXUS-641d ago

Of the launch titles - only Demons Souls is worthy of a price hike, and even that is stretching the friendship.

Godmars29041d ago

Who has Sony fired that was instrumental in the PS4 development, much less anyone?

Chocoburger41d ago

I believe he's referring to the abrupt departure of Shawn Layden.
We don't actually know if he was fired or not, since there were no articles written about what happened.

All big companies lose employees on a frequent basis, he's just trying to blow things out of proportion because he's a low-tier troll. Best thing to do is never bother reading his gibberish going forward.

locomorales41d ago

Jack Tretton, Shawn Layden, Andrew House, Adam Boyles and Kaz Hirai just to say key people.

Shu Yoshida was demoted from WWS to early access/indie relations.

All those guys made ps4 as clear business for customers. Now, Jim Ryan is just a Phil Spencer without charisma and Hermen Hulst is just a proxy to put games on PC.

But hey, some people think that everything is cool as before.

Magatsuhi41d ago

Not to mention Xbox was trying hard to sell us TV. Lmao Sony made it clear it was about games and that's why it won.

Jericho133741d ago

They absolutely smashed it with the hardware and controller, regardless Microsoft’s shambolic Xbox One launch.

I’m not a fan of their current CEO though, clearly a businessman and not a gamer. Not sure he’s the right person to lead them into a new gen.