Why This Xbox Guy is Getting a PS5

Right now, PS5 is blowing Xbox out of the water in the games department.

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waverider42d ago

Simple. Games. New experiences. One got blockbuster titles at launch and the other doesnt. Talks about teraflops and didnt show anything that hype gamers. Even worse. The power card ended with halo.

hulk_bash198742d ago

Say what you will about Sony. There is no doubting the pedigree of their First Party developers and franchises. Not taking anything away from the other Big Two, but Sony Games Studios have made alot of my favorite games of all time.

TallDarknWavy42d ago

Sony makes the best stuff, that's it. More exclusives need to be made so the PS5's unique strengths can be fully realized like its way faster SSD.

Unspoken41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Love the submission. Nice try potatoe. Lol

Maybe he's getting one for the hits?

TallDarknWavy42d ago

Halo looked like it was trying to be Destiny with graphics that looked worse than PS4 games like God of War. A first party studio should do better.

smashman9842d ago

LMAO I really tried to give MS the benefit of the doubt. I was like this July Showcase is gonna show exactly what the power of the series x is about. Then they show that damn Halo game and bruh...

If this is supposed to be the flagship then MS game studios has no chance of competing on the same level that sony competes on.

ZeroBlue241d ago

Right, your spec sheet doesn't mean a damn thing if the competition produces better looking visuals with lower quality hardware.

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RazzerRedux42d ago

Because someone threw a water balloon at him? What's with all the moisture on his shirt?

Jin_Sakai42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

I bet he just got through trying to pre-order a PS5.

potatoseal42d ago

Bahahahahaaa that's funny AF

DazaMc42d ago

He says right at the start of the video that Sony's making him sweat.

RazzerRedux42d ago

lol....that's one weird sweat pattern.

pwnmaster300042d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Fanboy aside PS5 is looking really good right about now and Xbox tho it may not look good as the PS5 right now, seems to have a good potential to be a way better system then the Xbox one.

If I wasn’t getting a PC I’ll probably buy both system.

TallDarknWavy42d ago

I would agree if Microsoft didn't hold next generation back by making a stupid S console that must play all console multiplatform games with its extremely limited RAM.

NeoGamer23241d ago

There is absolutely zero proof that XSS is holding back this coming generation. There is also no proof that it won't hold back the generation.

At this point Microsoft has stated what developers need to do.... and that is, "Build for XSX, and then just downscale the resolution to 1440p for XSS". We will see if this is true or not when real nextgen games start to be developed and real developer comments start to come out. I did see a article about developersbeing concerned, There is a difference between concern and actual development.

Sitdown42d ago

Why does it seem like all the PC people just all decided to get new gaming rigs now? And especially showing up in console centered articles to state so?

RazzerRedux42d ago

No idea how you got "all the PC people" out of a couple of posts. The article is "centered" on gaming purchase decisions. Why do you think those planning on going the PC gaming route should be excluded from that discussion?

notachance42d ago

also RTX 30 series just came out, half the price of previous series but (up to) double the power
even in my group of friends there's already 10+ wanting to upgrade their pc right now

Sitdown42d ago

Interesting that you quoted me, and decided to not included "why does it seem", that part alone is a disclaimer that I don't think all PC people are.
This article is about someone going from one console to another console. And show me where I said they should be excluded, I simply questioned why the need. Why do you feel need to clearly not pay attention to my words, and argue items that were never brought up? Ooops, you will probably interrupt that as me saying you have to be excluded.

RazzerRedux41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

So you are trying to use "why does it seem" to backtrack out of your own ignorant generalization? Nope, doesn't work. If you didn't mean "all" then you should not have said "all". Hell, you said "all" twice. You need to pay more attention to your own words, now don't you?

"I simply questioned why the need"

I'm questioning the need for your reply. Couple of posters mentioned their own gaming decisions in response to the author's and so now you are whining about "PC people". Clearly, you are just bothered by PC being brought up at all for some silly reason.

"And especially showing up in console centered articles to state so?" dare they. I don't blame you for trying to backtrack your way out of your own post. It was just stupid and your backtracking show that you know it. That's really all that needs to be said, now isn't it?

Sitdown41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Is seems you don't understand the English language at ALL so carry on. It's ignorant of you to think that I would think ALL the PC people were in this site. Haha By the way, have you been tracking my internet usage, because you don't know how many posts and conversations I was referring to. I don't know who is beating you up in real life where you need to make things up in order to argue me. But enjoy these make believe disputes.

Clearly you didn't question the need for my reply, you just didn't like it, so challenged my reply. Maybe I remind you of somebody who abused you in your youth, and here is the chance to stand up. My apologies, no need to get all in your feelings because I questioned the motives of a couple.

pwnmaster300041d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Actually I never owned a gaming pc and was interested in awhile. I’m moving to a new house and was dedicating one room for gaming so I said why not

Gaming is my hobby but I think it’s a waste to buy both console and a gaming PC when all three has similarities.

And before you say it can be cheap to build a PC, I’m not looking for cheap. I’m
Trying to go all in on one because why the hell not.

Sitdown41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Good for you! I am one of those people who don't believe in going cheap as well, I believe in getting all you can when you can. I plan on getting both, but also in the market for a new computer for photo/video editing. I enjoy Macs, but trying to wait and see the impact of new Apple Silicon on the 16 inch Macbook Pro.

RazzerRedux41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

" It's ignorant of you to think that I would think ALL the PC people were in this site."

Those are YOUR words. I didn't make them up. Hilarious. You basically just called your own comments "ignorant". Great! We agree! lol...this is fun.

"...I questioned the motives of all the PC people"


"you don't understand the English language at ALL"

And by the way, you really shouldn't be yapping about anyone's understanding of the English language when you typed this idiotic sentence:

"Ooops, you will probably interrupt that as me saying you have to be excluded."

LOL. I wasn't going to say anything, but you asked for it.

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NeoGamer23241d ago

Fanboys aside neither console is worth getting this holiday.

There is only one truly exclusive first party game shipping on either console this holiday... Destruction All-Stars. A title with next to zero gameplay shown to date and next to no one is bragging that PS5 has.

Demon Souls is not an exclusive. You can buy it for PS3
Spider-man and Sackboy are on PS4 as well
Playroom is a demo.... A neat demo, but a demo

On the Microsoft side things are even worse because the highlight from first party is Gears Tactics. A game you can get for XBO and PC as well.

I will get the new consoles. Not until thee is a decent next gen game library though.

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Destiny108042d ago

with xbox having no games its no big surprise he's getting a PS5

Demon's Souls / Spiderman / Godfall and my personal favorite Bugsnax

MrNinosan42d ago

Is Bugsnax confirmed release title? Damn that game looks interesting and strange ☺️

SullysCigar42d ago

And Astrobot is free out of the box!

Anyone who played on PSVR will get the hype - it's honestly the best platform I've played this entire generation. So fresh, fun and happy. The perfect counter to those hardcore Demon's Souls sessions!

Z23ash42d ago

Bugsnax and Spider-Man are coming to PS4

42d ago
ClayRules201242d ago

Indeed. Sony understands this/respects games/and delivers them, by allowing their devs to create amazing gaming experiences generation after generation that continue to raise the bar, leave positive permanent mark in the minds and hearts of gamers all around the world.