Interview with SIE President Jim Ryan About PlayStation 5

Nishikawa-kun writes: "After the PS5 streaming event, we had the opportunity to interview Jim Ryan, President of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE). With the PS5 coming soon, Mr. Ryan said, "I don't have enough sleep (bitter smile)," and of course he seems to be busy, and the story starts. Although it was a short interview, we were able to hear some information that makes PS5 more exciting."

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Ratchet7537d ago

Since Jim Ryan took over it's fair to say messaging has been fairly inconsistent imo.
Ps4 messaging was laser focused, consistent and most important honest.

NEXUS-637d ago

It's the one thing Sony has to work on, it just seems like no one is on the same pages.

And another point you made - honesty. I'm a huge Sony fan and the last few days have been frustrating and a little disappointing. From the point of view of cross gen 1st party titles.

How can we know fact from fiction going forward?

MajorLazer37d ago

Andrew House will never be topped by Jim Ryan.

Viking_mo37d ago

No one ever will. Ive never trusted Jim Ryan

NEXUS-636d ago

And Jack Trenton - he deserved better.

Nodoze37d ago ShowReplies(1)
throne36d ago

wonder why people are so dramatic, just cos of two exclusives damn....they'll be many more coming to ps5 only, we already have 5 so far. jim is bringing us what we gamers want games, so just coz the launch had a few hiccups hes bad? how many console launches ever went perfect? we're getting our games end of story and MS aren't bringing much anytime soon, ps4s launch was bare bones for goodness sake and now people are complaining coz of two titles, from the demo,we all saw how MM was running on ps5, a farcry from what halo looked liked so why not just play it as it was shown on ps5 problem solved.

Games1st36d ago

Is it only two?

PS5 exclusives could have delivered a proper next-gen experience, not gimped by cross-gen or lower spec pc and consoles.