Cyberpunk 2077 4K Screenshots Show A Night City Full of Life

CDPR has shared a whole host of new screenshots for Cyberpunk 2077 after the Night City Wire stream that confirmed the system requirements for PC.

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roadkillers41d ago

I believe tgat this will be the first game to top GTA5 in what it is able to do in an open world game. 2013, GTA5 was released. Testament to both 2013 Rockstar and CD.

41d ago
ssj2741d ago

But is fps fov view onkh very unatractive. Unless the fps or view is high-end responsive like batlefield etc which it isn't then it sucks

40d ago
Hungryalpaca40d ago

No one has any clue what you just said.

AngelicIceDiamond41d ago

Dear God I hope so. GTA 5 is no longer innovative or anything new. Back in 2013 it was the the most biggest world which was impressive for its time. Times have changed in open world games, you're not just a guy with shallow objectives with no real long term consequences. Whenever R* releases GTA 6 it will be the most innovative open world game no doubt, but they're way too busy milking the hell out of GTA 5 for 7 years straight. So AI hope this game takes the mantle for open world innovation.

SpadeX41d ago

So it is bigger and looks miles better than Valhalla. What excuse does Ubisoft have now?

goldwyncq41d ago

Not really a fair comparison. Cyberpunk has been in development since the beginning of the generation while Valhalla’s development only started 2 years ago.

Redemption-6441d ago

Sad thing, I think Valhalla might still make more money that Cyberpun

SpadeX41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I mean Ubisoft is a much bigger company than CDPR, with their assets, they could make a Cyberpunk for around the same time.

ZeroBlue241d ago (Edited 41d ago )

They seem to have different goals. Ubi wants to make money for their shareholders, an understandable goal, nothing wrong with that, and I'm sure CDPR have this goal as well, but they seem to have more of a "push the envelope" strategy, like they're pursuing the long game, something usually only seen from first party studios or R*.

TheOptimist41d ago

The ambition of a good product should be to push boundaries. Also, Cyberpunk has been in full-fledged development since 2016.

What you are implying is that Ubisoft is going to settle for a shit product just to sell crap stuff because a majority laps it up.

Muzikguy40d ago


More valuable yes, but that doesn't mean they're bigger than Ubisoft. Ubisoft is definitely bigger

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ORyanDeee41d ago

its awesome to look at, but yeah doesnt seem like much is going on

DigitallyAfflicted41d ago

It could be due to COVID19, very realistic ;)

Dee_9141d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Thats my biggest fear but Im hoping the next gen version have a lot of pedestrians.
I play gta on pc with a 300% pedestrian and traffic increase mod and it makes the game feel so much more alive!

goldwyncq41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Looks absolutely breathtaking.

SaveFerris41d ago

You're breathtaking. You're all breathtaking.

BrettAwesome41d ago

Cool story. Now show me what the console versions lool like!!

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