Paper next-gen Xbox consoles | Xbox

"The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S release on November 10. Until then, download these scale-accurate paper models of both consoles to plan how they’re going to fit in your lifestyle."

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darthv7243d ago

i already know the SS will fit right where my SAD is now. Its the SX that Im unsure of where I want to put it.

But who in the hell has that size of printer paper to make one to scale?

crazyCoconuts43d ago

This is pretty neat and clever idea

Futureshark42d ago

Show us the f***ing games!!!

Auron42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Dude what are you talking about?! We've all seen plenty already from both sides. Calm down, Take a deep breath and go watch Xbox's two games showcases..
This article is about papercraft..

meganick42d ago

What are the specs of the paper consoles?

RaidenBlack42d ago

4 Folds and 12 Folds with actual real world full path ray tracing on the boxes.