PS5 Will Sell Over 200 Million Units, According To Analysts

A Japanese analyst from Rakuten has suggested that the PlayStation 5 could become the best-selling console of all time by selling 200 million units.

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darthv7237d ago

Well... that's a very optimistic outlook. I know I'll be one (or more) of them.

Sonic-and-Crash37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

i hope to be that successfull.......but the thing is not only to sell 200 million but also to release equal amount of software that would justify the amount of sold consoles.....

.what i mean is that while PS4 sold also around 100 million consoles had less AAA games than its predesserors , And this is for two reasons :because longer development cycles of SP games (which is justifiable) and more leaning toward online competitve games (which is not justifiable as they shrink game genre variety in the library of the console)

VenomUK37d ago

The PS5 will sell great but that figure is unrealistic.

The PS2 was a sales phenomenon, it sold 158 million but that was during an era when there wasn’t many console or other tech alternatives such as smartphones, and people bought it as an affordable DVD player.

The PS4 which has dominated for the last seven years had sold about 108+ million units.

Unless there is rapid expansion into new markets I think predictions of the PS5 almost doubling the massive PS4 sales is unlikely.

SullysCigar37d ago

^ China is a significant young market and we're already seeing the growth in their developers. Bootleg consoles and piracy are and issue though.

Globally, gaming as a pastime has grown since PS2 era and the market value has grown exponentially.

200m units sold does sound far fetched to me too, but the market has changed and will continue to change as the coming generation unfolds, so I couldn't right it off entirely as laughable at this stage.

UltraNova37d ago

No way in hell. 200 will never be done. Unless you have an endless supply of games for the casuals and a console priced at 199 for at least 5 years, even then I doubt it.

150 million is more feasible but still near impossible. There's just too much competition and hardware prices never dip below 250, at least not when it matters(early - mid years of the gen)

sampsonon37d ago

@VenomUK: I think the difference between ps2 and ps5 is the fact that people are staying home more than ever because of the pandemic. I mean streaming services like Netflix and the like are recording record numbers because of the pandemic. Plus their are way more gamers today than there were back in the ps2 days obviously.

200 Million is not going to happen. But 120 -130? could happen.

ZeroBlue236d ago

@Venom Yeah, the PS2, much like the Wii, tapped a large section of non-gamers due to it's built in DVD. That being said, who knows? The gaming market is expanding.

Italiano123456736d ago

Ps4 is at 115 mill and as sold 1.4 billion games..A record

Rude-ro36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Not correct.
You had Nintendo coming off of their peak.
You had sega Saturn.
Then you had Xbox
All in the run of the ps2.
You had consumer interest in the midst of that record breaking console generation.

How they failed was all due to software vs the competition...

But Sony had absolutely no smooth sailing... it was a fight and against more consoles in said gen vs now where only two consoles fight for said market currently.
Nintendo was at their peak, sega Saturn was awesome, then the new Microsoft console.

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Sunny1234537d ago

Thats very optimistic. But if we factor is the xbox sales, I think its doable. As the console war is over. Its either pc or ps. Bang for buck, ps wins.

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NEXUS-637d ago

Thats the same number ms predicted xbox one would sell.

I think Sony would be happy with 120 million.

I also remember Sony saying that the PS5 gen may only last 5 or so yrs.

And 25 million a year is definitely achievable. Off to good start that's for sure.

SullysCigar37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

In 2013, right after the mandatory kinect, DRM and no preowned games debacle, MS predicted "upwards of a billion" console sales for Xbox one!

Their logic was that it doesn't just play games, so it's bigger than the gaming market. They predicted this after analysts told them its possible 400 million consoles could sell across the sector in the coming generation.

As it turns out, they've sold around 47-48 million, so they were a little off...

The point I'm making is it's hard to know what's going to happen, but I think you're spot on and Sony would be chuffed to bits with 120 million lifetime. 200 million sounds bonkers... who knows, though?

Italiano123456736d ago

Lol i rem Microsoft saying that. They have never sold 100 mill before they should lower their goals 🤣

The Wood37d ago

It could be the best selling console of all time but not 200. I just hope this prediction isn't accredited to Sony years down the line. They didn't say this an analyst did

Marquinho36d ago

Whatever these guys are smoking :/

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medman36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I really don't think this next generation will be long enough for them to sell 200 million units.....that is a LOT of hardware. Even if you assume an astronomical rate of yearly sales of 30 million (which isn't going to happen), at that rate you would still need more than six and a half years to reach 200 million. This generation certainly isn't going to last that long...presumably the next next gen consoles will be introduced by then.

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potatoseal37d ago

I don't know about 200 mil, but it will definitely sell more than the PS4 because the PS5 if fully Backwards Compatible with the PS4. PS4 owners will all eventually move to PS5. When you leave the PS4, you are not leaving anything behind this time, you are bringing everything with you.

darthv7237d ago

^This... that is what sold a lot of people on the PS2. And look how that turned out. over 100m on the PS1 upgrading to PS2 and getting even bigger at 155m.

TGGJustin37d ago

It's still a pretty outlandish prediction. A LOT of people bought a PS2 because it was a cheap DVD player.

blackblades37d ago

Yeah 200mil is not gonna happen, pass ps4 eh maybe probably by a little. We wont know until the time comes.

Teflon0237d ago

ps4 will sell for a few more years so we'll see the final number I expect atleast 125-130m. PS5 seems like it'll outsell it at this rate if they can keep up with demand and the game line up i great like this past the first year

Agent_00_Revan37d ago

Well according to me this analyst is hitting the bottle a little early in the morning. It will sell very well I'm sure. But he's predicting it will sell TWICE as much as the PS4. That's unrealistic.

Teflon0237d ago

PS4 is at 110m and will sell atleast another 10 to 15 before discountinued, so not really double. Maybe 150 is possible if the games line up is fantastic all year around every year. But guess we'll see. Since Sony excluives are selling alot more these days than they use to

CaptainHenry91637d ago

200 million is a lot. I have to say no too but not impossible

JackBNimble36d ago

We're at the end of the gen and if all current ps4 and xbox owners combined bought a ps5 you still wouldn't reach 200Mil . Maybe with a 10 year generation.

ShinnokDrako37d ago

Very hard to achieve? Yes.
Impossible? No.
We just have to see how it will perform when it's out, how it's going to be with the new games (and how many of them are coming out and how good they are) and hope Sony won't screw up with bad communications, bad moves or all those things that could ruin the "console image".

Destiny108037d ago

the switch pro will put a stop to that

djplonker36d ago

Play all the wii u ports in 4k!

hiawa2336d ago

Not native 4K, but upscaled.