Is This Our First Glimpse of PS5's User Interface?

Patent potentially reveals new details

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Jin_Sakai43d ago

Maybe will get a proper walkthrough before launch.

RaidenBlack43d ago

Yeah, Ryan hinted at that in a recent interview too.

crazyCoconuts43d ago

They've got to, right? I mean, why not? I tend to be a *little* optimistic sometimes but here's my wish list for the next presentation:
1) UI walkthrough - including new features like the rumored deeper integration into games MP lobbies from the dash
2) What's the "create" button do? It's gotta integrate Dreams somehow imo - how can it not?!
3) Dreams integration would potentially include a browsable store of user creations accessible from the dash
4) A sliver of PSNow streaming tech at work outside of PSNow. Like streaming games you already own or demoing games
5) Let's see those load times! Are they as fast as we hoped? How about for PS4 games?
6) Some secret sauce on managing space on your SSD

porkChop42d ago

It would be weird to not show the UI before launch.

Stanjara42d ago

I like that they are keeping that PS4 vibe.

Artemidorus42d ago

It's similar to the last one with extra features.

TOTSUKO42d ago

That subtle Horizon online mode hint

SpadeX42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

It looks similar to PS4's UI a bit, but that's not surprising since they already mentioned it's going to be a revamped PS4 UI. I honestly like the Xbox UI's sleekness a lot more but hopefully this will look just as good.