All the Cards Are Finally on the Next-Gen Table & the Choice Is as Simple as Ever

Ed writes: With all the cards finally on the next-gen table for both Sony and Microsoft, we can start to intelligently break down which console to buy.

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Diver32d ago

intelligently break down from twin finite. lololo no. an the article is jus a flow chart that thinkks gamers are robots.

GamerRN32d ago

If the big PS5 games are on PS4, you should keep PS4 Pro for exclusives and get Series X for power and value with gamepass

Shane Kim32d ago

What about the ps5 games coming post 2021?

Mr_cheese32d ago

I could be wrong here but we havent seen the UI or many of the other features of the consoles have we? These are huge factors which still havent been revealed

GamerRN32d ago


If the argument works for Xbox and PC then it holds here as well

S2Killinit32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

What if PS5 has the better games? Like the PS4 did over xbox X? Will you pay for my xbox at that point?

Jin_Sakai32d ago

“If the big PS5 games are on PS4, you should keep PS4 Pro for exclusives and get Series X for power and value with gamepass“

So you can play at a much lower resolution, lesser graphics, no RT, and worse framerates? No thanks. As for Series X, not wasting a penny on a powerful machine with zero interesting 1st party games.

itsmebryan32d ago

You can wait till 2021 to buy the PS5. It will be cheaper and you will have more games. Are all first party Sony games $70 now, the PS5 controllers are $70 and you have to pay for a service to play PS4 games?

If so that is really going to add up. Or $35 a month for the much more powerful Xbox Series X, games pass( over 100 games plus all first party games day one), Xbox live, and EA play.

medman32d ago


I think there is very little to complain about with the launch year window lineup of games Sony has announced. Sony has focused on telling us about games that are coming in 2020 and 2021, unlike Microsoft, who have revealed titles that are still early in development, outside of Halo Infinite, and who knows when that game will launch.

So on balance for the ps5 we're looking at Horizon Forbidden West (ps4 and ps5), Ratchet and Clank (ps5), God of War (probably ps4 and ps5), Grand Turismo 7 (ps5), Miles Morales + original spider-man game for those who haven't played it yet (ps4 and ps5), Demons Souls (ps5), Returnal (ps5), Sackboy (ps4 and ps5), Astro's playroom, Destruction All Stars (ps5), Godfall (ps5)....then you add the 3rd parties that are timed or exclusive...Deathloop, Final Fantasy 16, Ghost Wire Tokyo, the list goes on and on. And that's without mentioning games like Little Devil Inside, Jett the Far Shore, and the like.

That is a ton of games incoming in 1 year. It surpasses any launch window for most consoles I can remember. Easily. You can complain about certain games coming to both ps4 and ps5, but if you look at it, those games are building on assets from the previous game to allow them to come to systems more quickly. There is no way we get a God of War Ragnorok in 2021 after the first game came out in April 2018. Same with Miles Morales. In order to turn these projects around quickly, they are using assets already built. I have zero problem with that, particularly when it seems we're getting a hybrid approach, which means some games will be ps5 only and others cross gen. That's fine to me if it means we get a bigger selection of titles to play and are not waiting for years for any big titles to hit, which is what it appears to be with Microsoft. And for the record, I have a ps5 preordered, but I also plan to preorder a series x, so I want them both to do well.

potatoseal32d ago

Demon's Souls says get lost GamerRN

GamerRN32d ago


You argue to get the PS5 for better resolution and framerates over PS4, but then state no reason to get Series X despite better resolution and framerates across all 3rd party titles that make up over 90 percent of all games...


PC says Demon Souls in 6 months... And to get lost because it'll have better res and framerate

Crazy enough, I still bought PS5 through Best Buy, I'm just playing devil's advocate

GamerRN32d ago

I wish people would stop being hypocrites and just say "I'm a fanboy I prefer PS5" ... Just stop trying to justify it.

pwnmaster300032d ago

Your so full of crap lol.
Your obviously bias to MS also.

Maybe you should take your own advice also and say I’m a fanboy.

RgR32d ago

There's only like 3 confirmed coming. Demon souls is big and that's ps5 only. God of war will probably be the same

GamerRN32d ago


Not full of crap, bought the 500$ disc version. I'm not biased, I love both systems. I use Xbox since X for the power and for Xbox Live. Other than that I love Sony exclusives

zackeroniii32d ago

why pay $300-$500 for a streambox when i could just get a pc or use my Samsung galaxy s10e and use game pass i don't even need an xbox they have no compelling exclusives anyway.

Hedstrom32d ago

And miss out on Demons Souls?????????????

boing131d ago

So far I've seen only one confirmed to be cross-gen, Miles Morales. Is there more?

CaptainObvious87831d ago


The xsx is only slightly more powerful than the PS5, and we don't know yet how the PS5's advantages such as the super fast ssd is going to transfer into the real world.

The xsx doesn't have a single exclusive launching with it. You'd be an absolute fool to buy one.

Android31d ago

If Halo is any indication of this "power" you speak of, I'm good thanks.

kryteris31d ago

or get a ps5, and play the xbox titles on pc.

Atticus_finch31d ago

Keep your xone skip the SeriesS and buy a ps4Pro.

TheTony31631d ago (Edited 31d ago )

building a PC is better than buying an X. It costs more but you get much more out of it.

nyctophilia1331d ago

Demon's Souls isn't on PS4, so yeah.

preciousdeath28d ago

You clearly haven't seen Miles Morales running at 4K 60.

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NeoGamer23232d ago

And all cards are not on the table yet.

Neither console as announced an official launch lineup of all games.

We still don't know accessory pricing for XB. Specifically the storage card.

darthv7232d ago

Im seeing rumors the 1tb SSD cart will be $199.99 and larger sizes will be available later on. 2tb, 3tb, 4tb etc.

Looking at pricing for PCIe Gen4 NVME SSD in that size... that's not a bad price for a custom designed cart but obviously something like a samsung 970 evo 1tb NVME M.2 goes for around $170. and prices will come down as more companies compete to release newer and bigger drives.

GamerRN32d ago

200 for Series X... Sony hasn't announced any expansion memory yet. Sony has said there isn't even anything that will work yet.

32d ago
Rhythmattic31d ago

The X drive expansion is proprietary....... MS tax...
But Sony will allow any brand thats they recommend thats up to spec.. Though one disadvantage is I believe you replace the included PS5 SSD?

DashMad31d ago

People that think PS5 replacement SSD is cheaper would be in for rude awakening, SSD that up to spec to PS5 SSD rumored to launch at $400 minimum (samsung 980 pro) seriosuly it's ceaper using external HDD for PS5 and Xbox series X in the first 2 year of console life by that time SSD would be cheaper. using off the self random SSD on market would break so many game on PS5 especially first party title that take advantage of PS5 SSD due to not enough speed or performance that slower in real time that what actually writen on product. just hope SONY or someone release list of recomended SSD near the future to avoid someone thinking they brick their system after changing PS5 SSD.

Rhythmattic30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Nad Guess what , on launch I imagine it'll be as expensive, if not more than the Series Expansions... And IT SHOULD BE.. Double the Transfer rate... The lastest SSD tech there is...
So whats wrong with it being more expensive ? Its better , faster, Newer Tech! Thus , will cost more....
But..... Here it is..... MS didn't drop the retail price of accessories in the 360 Gen.. Only time was a fire sale.... Like HD-DVD...

With only one option, one thats proprietary, You aint thinking...
To not even consider that by adding a 2nd SSD for the PS5 , Where options are going to be plenty, when? Who knows. it will be more affordable and still have tech Superiority...

To Add... Its been pretty much confirmed. the PS5 has a second slot for the expansion,,

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Marquinho32d ago

Can't help to think that if Microsoft switched sides with PS (weaker console, rising games prices, secrecy/contradictions) the Series X would've born dead... just like the Xbox One.

Fortunately, that's not the case. They have genuine chances to build their own userbase which is not necessarily stealing those from PS.

Valkron132d ago

You fanboys will all be crying when Switch 2 comes out with a 3080 chipset in 2021 🤣

Greatball198731d ago

Very intelligently break down.

31d ago
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chrisx32d ago

So simple.
Ps5 if you wanna enjoy high rated exclusive games.
Xbox if you're a die hard xbox fan or like latest gadgets.

Chris1232d ago

PS5 if you like the games Sony produces

Series X if you like the games Microsoft produces.

RomanPSX32d ago

Or PS5 for exclusives and Xbox for all other games cause they will run better on the xbox SX.

darthv7232d ago

@both Chris'... if you are someone like me (and dont game on PC) then you get both cause you dont want to miss out on anything.

Livingthedream32d ago

Very cool Don, but something tells me that if Sony starts releasing their exclusives on pc day one, you won't give up your playstation. Console gamers will choose console over pc most of the time even if games are available on both platforms.

Rimeskeem32d ago

Or PC and PS5 and you get it all

DonDon300032d ago

Old gtx 1060 (the Nvidia equivalent of the aforementioned $100-$150 AMD RX 580 card) can do 4k at above 30 fps and supports ray tracing lol (don't believe me? Watch video below). Turn settings down to medium (which new consoles will likely run at) or run at 3k (3440x1440) and games will run at 60 fps. The only advantage consoles have are the ssd gimmick and the tramendously higher vram. In other words, for dirt cheap, one can have an xbox (new or old) equivalent on pc with full xbox controller support, an xbox live account (free) and no xbox live fees. The new xbox makes no sense to me from an exclusives perspective since it will all be on pc anyway. Video of cheap gpu doing 4k 30fps on pc which will share all the same "exclusives" as xbox minus the vsync lag and xbox live fees. Lol.

bouzebbal32d ago

That's valid 10years ago.. MS can't produce an average game anymore

ZeroBlue232d ago

Like...Crackdown? Bleeding Edge? Halo Infinite? They produce solid racing games, but fall short in every other genre. They fail to produce anything that is GOTY tier.
@Roman Any evidence for this claim?

darthv7232d ago

@zero... lol at that GOTY comment. It sounds to me like you only watch academy award nominated films or listen to only grammy award winning artists.

There is more than GOTY games out there that will surprise you. you just have to open your mind.

ProjectVulcan32d ago

PC if you like the games Microsoft produces.

Sitdown32d ago

You said what Microsoft games, and then literally listed a bunch of Microsoft games? He never said they couldn't be played on PC.

RgR32d ago

They actually have to produce games.

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anonymousfan32d ago

What about Switch? lol I am enjoying my Nintendo games at the moment.... I'll probably grab a PS5 when the consoles are in stock and there are enough good games at sub 70$ prices.

Mr_Writer8532d ago


The Switch is quite a stand out console, with its first party games, and portability.

Where as there is little difference between the two, and most gamers who really want a Switch have one, and most likely have it as a second console.

This is for the battle to replace their first choice console be that PS4 or Xbox 1

Sirk7x32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Switch has definitely carved its own place. Like others say, best as a companion console. Although, once Monster Hunter Rise comes out, I will drop every other game I am playing for at least a month lol.
I think if the Switch got even a $50 price drop, the sales would really pick up, especially during this holiday.

anonymousfan32d ago

@Mr_Writer85 and Sirk7x I agreed with both of you because I bought my Switch as a second console... And I think I am a rather rare exception but it became my number one console after the birth of my son. I never get the TV for myself because if he is awake we dont want him starring at it and in the evening my wife likes to watch TV. The rare spare time that I get I feel the Switch is perfect for small doses of quality gaming in and out of sleep mode instantaneously :)

Livingthedream32d ago

Getting both on this end, Xbox with Gamepass is a no brainer for me. Ps5 digital since it's same as the 499 version, to play uncharted, God of war and some ratchet, hoping they bring back Killzone.

DEEHULK8832d ago

DONDON3000 Sony's games that matter will be on Ps4 and PC but they just will hide it until the last minute. God of War will be on Ps4 as well, but again they won't say it yet because fans will be mad. They went out of their way to hide the pc versions of ff16 and souls, so no real reason to get a Ps5 if you have a ps4

Muzikguy32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I'm not sure that FFXVI is Sony's game

starchild32d ago

So simple. Get a PC.
You get all the best looking and best running multiplatform games.
PC exclusives.
Microsoft exclusives.
Some Sony exclusives.
Full backwards compatibility.
Freedom to customize how your games look.
Freedom to customize your hardware.
Generally cheaper games.
Free online gaming.

Sirk7x32d ago

For me, it's Series X for multi-platform and multiplayer games, and then I will get a PS5 once there is a really solid library of exclusives. Although man, Demon Souls looks gooood. Bluepoint is amazing. The price on the games will have dropped by then, and I'll hopefully be able to get one for a good deal. Maybe even refurbished.

Greatball198731d ago

PS5 if you want the strictest censorship (aside from SJW games). Xbox if you want no censorship (since there's no games to be censored). Hell of a choice we got on our hands here.

GzusKreist31d ago

PS5 for 200 million dollar cutscenes disguised as games
Xbox X: the most powerful console on the market

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RazzerRedux32d ago

Nothing is going to change for me. PS5 for exclusives and PC for everything else.

I think it should be pointed out that we do not know the price of expansion storage for these consoles yet. Microsoft hasn't revealed that pricing and there hasn't been any PS5 certified third party SSDs announced yet. We also do not have a clear idea of game pricing either. Seems Sony base price is rising to $70. Microsoft hasn't made any statement on that unless I just missed it. So no, would not say *all* the cards are on the table quite yet.

Nyxus32d ago

I'm getting a PS5 for exclusives and multiplatform, and plan on getting a Xbox Series X later down the line for its exclusives.

ClayRules201232d ago

That’s awesome! I hope you really get some new and exciting iPs out’ve the Series X, along with some continuing games from other franchises that you possibly enjoy from Xbox as well!

DonDon300032d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Xbox doesn't have exclusives. It releases their games on pc the same day and has full integration on windows to use xbox controllers. With exception of perhaps Forza (due to liscensing issues I guess), xbox "exclusives" are released day one on pc with unlocked frame rates, xbox controller support, no Xbox Live fees, and lets u carry your xbox gamer tag over to windows. MS keeps shooting it's console division in the foot, and even a graphics card from 2 generations ago at a fraction of the cost of new xbox's can run 4k at at least 30fps. Minus any gimmicky ray tracing. Edit: oops, it looks like Forza is also on pc too. Yep. Every "exclusive":

Tacoboto32d ago

Only a child is really going to care about obsessing over the definition of "exclusive"

PS4/5 have the best first party exclusives in their ecosystem (can't say PS5 exclusive anymore after HFW flipping)
Xbox Series X has the more powerful hardware, with titles also available on PC and support for 20+ years of Xbox games that are enhanced from their original versions.

"It's also on PC" good grief stop whining and get over it. We know! We get the PC version day and date, not 3 years later in the form of a fully-priced half-assed port that would make even Nintendo's port team look good.

32d ago
ZeroBlue232d ago (Edited 32d ago )

@Taco "only a child is going to care about obsessing over the definition of "exclusive".
Or PC owners, Xbox is kinda redundant for us. We're not obsessiong over anything, simply acknowledging that Xbox is pointless because we already have hardware that does everything it does better, plus a lot more.
@Shaggy Who cares who gets the money? lol. I've never understood this argument. Who is against MS making money?

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ClayRules201232d ago

Good points, not “all” the cards are really on the table quite yet indeed. But, in the end, it’ll always be PS5 for me & the family. But awesome you’ll get enjoyment from both PS5/PC for years to come!

31d ago
thornh32d ago

For me PS5 for everything except Hellblade 2 on PC.

starchild32d ago

Yeah right. Why would I play any multiplatform game on PS5 if I already have a gaming PC?