Tencent Gaming Is on the US Government Radar, Epic and Riot Games Questioned

Tencent Games which is the big brain behind Riot Games and Epic Games seems to be on the Trump Government Radar. In an article by Bloomberg, the Trump Government has reportedly asked all companies owned by Tencent to share their security protocols. Among these companies are Epic Games and Riot.

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Magatsuhi36d ago

Good, I hope tencent disappears.

cell98936d ago

They’re owned by the Chinese Communist Party, it’s a bigger problem than you think

Activemessiah36d ago

Dude, this is a gaming site... leave the politics to the adults.

Rachel_Alucard36d ago

Yeah how dare anyone show actual concern on things outside of video games. Or better yet, things that have negatives effects on gaming in the long run.

Umb36d ago

cell989 is correct on this matter. To all below, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is an authoritarian government. In China all companies over a certain size will have direct or indirect CCP control or influence and are usually controlled or backed by the CCP. The law in China dictates that a member of the CCP must be part of the board or any high level decision making, and all companies in China most support the will of the CCP. If the CCP tells a company to jump, said company will ask how high.

Please learn more about the world, our hobby maybe video games but when there is a sinister undertone its bad for everyone in the long term. Tik Tok and all social media apps conducts extensive data mining and sells your data on the market, but Chinese companies actively gives these data to the CCP to better fight the propaganda, misinformation and disinformation war against Western Democracy so many people living in the west takes for granted.

The articles above is just the tip of the iceberg. The CCP makes a certain party in Germany during the 1940s look tame in comparison as the CCP has a doctrine of unrestricted warfare, meaning winning at all cost regardless of the sacrifice. It is important to note that in western democracy the thinking is the government serves the people (LOL) true for the most part. But in China the people must serve the CCP, the survival of the CCP is above more important than the people.

Look up the atrocities and human rights violation against, Tibetans, Fulan Gong practitioner, the Uyghur people in Xin Jiang, the Mongolian people in Inner Mongolia with the current cultural genocide on going. And Hong Kong, where the CCP has clearly violated the 1997 Sino-English Treaty, where freedom of the HK people are simply crushed, yet so many leaders of the worlds are silent and that's due to the Chinese money and false promises/threats.

Please research more, there is a lot of information that the main stream media never talks about and the more people are ware the harder it is for the CCP to get away with it.

Silly gameAr36d ago (Edited 36d ago )


Wow. Just wow.

blacktiger36d ago

China and USA works hand in hand, sleeps in same bed, eat on the same table, the realk governmtne is UN, you guys are all brainwashed and you are all in Matrix,

gunnerforlife36d ago

Umb leave politics out of this website. Because America has done just as much damage as China has, If more so then China. Or you want me to name how many wars America has started since end of WW2?

indysurfn35d ago (Edited 35d ago )


Example huh.....China BANNED video game consoles from 2000 to 2015.

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sourOG36d ago

LMAO! “Tencent has nothing to worry about” n4g said. I love it when some of the arrogantly stupid people here get this crap blown back in their face.

D3TH_D33LR36d ago

Good. North Americans need to realize that China is pushing hard propaganda and influence on Americans as well as stealing our data at every opportunity. As a Canadian it’s sad to see our leader Trudeau sell us out to China on a regular basis. Thank Trump for taking this matter seriously. China should absolutely be considered a threat and have their access to our information and scientific data severely limited.

sourOG36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I trust suckerberg and Dorsey as much as I trust the CCP. We need to stop letting these American companies take our information and try to insert themselves into elections. The Americas are long due for a “digital bill of rights”.

I used to be a hardcore free market guy. Thanks to these assholes I’m turning occupy Wall Street.

Sophisticated_Chap36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

If it weren't for pressure from Donald Trump, our Canadian 5G mobile phone system would be completely controlled by Huawei, and we would have a free trade deal with China, that would allow them to come in and buy up all of our national resources, and hollow out our manufacturing sector.

There is a video of Trudeau saying how much he "admires China's basic dictatorship". Trudeau is a pathetic leader, who is on video having said that he "admires China's basic dictatorship". That should be all you need to know to understand what Justin Trudeau is all about.

D3TH_D33LR36d ago

Agreed. Trudeau is a China simp

ArnoDorian36d ago


Trudeau is more Winnie-the-Pooh puppy then a simp

jfinesse36d ago

Hey I love Merica’ as much as the next native born guy but this “fight” with China only ends with them calling in our debt to them. We can’t afford to pay that all at once

ZeroBlue236d ago

Why should we pay any of it? They've screwed us over for decades. Our political leaders were well aware of this, but the average voter was not. Why should we be on the hook?

Rebel_Scum36d ago

lol why should we pay our debt. Take ownership of your problems dude.

ZeroBlue236d ago (Edited 36d ago )

@Rebel The people who paid it, ya know, the taxpayers? They didn't know they were paying to be screwed over.

Elwenil36d ago

The US owes China $1.1T, but the US also has $1.6T in Chinese Bonds from the early 1900s.

Umb36d ago

As Elwenil pointed out, it not true that the US owes China more. China owes the US $1.6 trillion compared to US owes China $1 trillion. The crazy part is that the US has been paying it based on the agreements, while China has paid zero.

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