Are MS actually banning accounts?

Reports are filtering in that contrary to what Microsoft said, accounts are being banned on Xbox Live. The report linked is from Germany, so it isn't entirely clear, but the main gist is loud and clear: be careful using your fake accounts.

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calderra5717d ago

And for those who missed it- creating a fake overseas account is, at some level, technically a violation of international trade law (or causes the service to be in violation). Microsoft's hands are tied on this one. And yes, those fake overseas accounts will be banned. But you own personal account (your real one) is supposed to be safe.

Then again, the law could crack down on M$ and force total bannination of such boxes.. in which case- just delete your fake accounts now.

USMChardcharger5717d ago

?? when did M$ say they don't ban accounts?
anybody ever read bungie's waaaambulance articles on just that...people crying about getting banned and begging to get their accounts back.

also in this months OXM they revealed that there are M$ undercover agents on Live monitoring everyone. to protect children and to weed out all the people who abuse the service. they also investigate when people get reported for various reason. a pretty good read. and they can ban you if they first hand see a bannable offense or if they validate a claim of abuse in their investigation.

it even said they called the police on a person claiming he had a gun.

USMChardcharger5717d ago

sorry, i should have read the article first. they are speaking of fake accounts. my bad

Marriot VP5717d ago

Yes, they are!!

Two friends of mine got banned because they started showing naked pictures of their girl friends online. So yah their doing their job.

Also if you get a bad enough reputation you can be banned temporarily

joemutt5717d ago

I would really like to play with them!!

Marriot VP5717d ago (Edited 5717d ago )

put your gamertag in the n4g profile and I'll message it

JasonPC360PS3Wii5716d ago

I hope they go after the modders, it’s still a small comunity but these guys are assholes in ranked games. 5 guys shooting at the same asshole that right in front of you in the open and with no cover and all 5 guys die. Friend on other team sent us a message no damage to the a$$hole. One question why do game devs allow game testers to play with new owners of there game on Xbox live the day it’s released? Hell every time I get a new game most rooms are filled with testers or the few who got a copy early. This is a problem when you meet up with friends on line (All good players) to play the new games (launch day) only to lose every game over and over in different rooms. If you want your games to be fair fix this and fix the f**king ranked system. When I bought RSV (midnight madness) all the players had higher ranks and just schooled everyone who was foolish enough to walk in the room and stay (ranked). I think testers should be forced to play player matches until a certain percentage of people make it to there level of play, because all they do is hurt the fun level for new players (people who have to buy a copy on release day). Testers also have knowledge of glitches and exploits the devs haven’t fixed yet. Bottom line Xbox live is great compared to PC (god the horrible cheating on the PC) when it comes to security but needs a bit more work on keeping it fair and fun. I’m not saying its MS fault but they are the ones that set the standard, and the devs need to support there product much more after its release, just releasing a game is not enough (EA) people will stop playing a glitchy cheater filled game. I can’t speak for everyone but the people I play with prefer there games to be fair. To me it’s obvious what they need to do but they like to be politically correct about everything. Every time I see how the PS# network is set up I think good god look at all that open unsecured room for hackers to be d!cks. How would you guys like to be playing Assassins Creed and pop up ads keep crashing your game or when you check your mail only to find a virus? Even with Xbox lives little problems I still would rather have it then what PS3 has WOW! What a headache you guys have there.

gogators5716d ago

at release, but still see cheating at times on ranked matches; especially team matches. Terrorist hunt offers more than enough fun, so I don't bother the other matches excepted to play them as unranked when things seem to be a little more less serious. Definitely better than most any online multiplayer game for the PC. Soo many cheaters alot of the time. Haven't had any problems with PS network, but hardly use it as I am almost always on XBOX live. Man, XBOX live is really well done online services.