Sony's First Year, First-Party PS5 Lineup Blows PS4's Away

There’s a clear gulf in quality between these two software selections; while the PS4 would eventually go on to amass a sizeable library of must-own exclusives, it feels like the PS5 is simply starting where its predecessor left off.

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potatoseal32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

100% correct

People saying the launch titles and launch window titles for PS5 are nothing special are absolute morons.

The launch titles are better than PS2, PS3 and PS4's launch titles.

monkey60232d ago

For the PS2 and PS4 I remember picking games at launch just for the sake of having something.

In fairness to the PS3 it gave me Motorstorm and Resistance both of which I couldn't wait for and remained favourites to this day.

I cant wait for Demons Souls and Miles Morales now though

bouzebbal32d ago

Yes it's crazy the software quality announced.

I_am_Batman32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Not only that, but the first year looks insane. Demon's Souls, Miles Morales, Ratchet & Clank, Horizon and God of War all in roughly the first year of the console life is insane and can honestly compete with some of the best years of PS4.

Fluttershy7732d ago

God of War is not coming on the first year

monkey60232d ago

As long as God of War releases before November 12th 2021 it IS coming in the first year. And since they announced it as 2021 that leaves a significant window for that statement to be true

I_am_Batman32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

@Fluttershy77: It's set to release in 2021 which for the most part is PS5s first year on the market. That's why I said 'roughly the first year', just in case it comes out late 2021. My point is that the early lineup is stacked.

RpgSama32d ago (Edited 32d ago )


Now I know that you are just trolling, I replied to you on the same thing on another story 13h ago (your reply on this post it's 1h ago for reference).

I explicitly said to you that the God Of War trailer said 2021, only for you 12 hours later say the same BS here, I showed you your receipts and you've been exposed as nothing more than a troll.

Fluttershy7732d ago (Edited 32d ago )

@RpgSama hey I didn't Know there was a release date, I checked on the internet yesterday and it didn't have a release date, for that and XVI (I still don't believe they will come next year, we'll see...) Sometimes I have lots of time to fool around, sometimes I can't check the replies specially when I don't have that exclamation mark, so there you go... "I explicitly said to you..." I'm sorry! that you have explicitly said to me before... lets see if you even see this, because is also not a direct reply... I can't believe the level of aggression and insanity in your comment "you've been exposed" oh my god, and you post a link to all this

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roadkillers32d ago

Twisted Metal on PS1 and Black on PS2 was a fantastic launch

gammaray1332d ago

Twisted metal was not a launch tittle

roadkillers32d ago

^ PS1 released September 29th 1995 in the states. Twisted Metal came out November 5th 1995. It came out 37 days after release. I'd consider anything coming out for the PS5 this year as launch.

Fluttershy7732d ago (Edited 32d ago )

yeah but that's not a fair comparison @roadkillers the development time back on the PS1 era was way shorter. Also, a launch title is a launch title and Twisted Metal wasn't because it wasn't available at launch. My point is you can't really compare 2 different eras of gaming... If that were the case I'd say that idk: the greatest launch of all time was Atari 5200 because in the first 6 months they had idk 50games ready to play

SamPao32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

It would be INSANE to have too many games on launch also. I mean people here think its dumb for ANY game to release on the same day as another one, so them releasing 10 games on the same day would be great? insane.

Now to have NONE, thats a different story xD

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Bathyj32d ago

All the controversy aside, I think the first year line up of games will be the best for a console ever. That's not hyperbole, that's just based on what I see coming out. There's nothing 5o complain about as far as having things to play.

And if you skipped PS4 PSplus collection is incredible. It's like catching up on a whole Gen in a couple months.

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aconnellan32d ago

"all the controversy aside"

What are your thoughts on the controversy? Specifically, the cross-gen games between PS4/PS5? Do you see more cross-gen exclusives being announced to release in the 3-6 or 6-12 months or so after launch?

"PSplus collection is incredible"

Agreed, the value there is insane

IRetrouk32d ago

The hype for this thing is crazy, cant wait to get mine.

Sunny_D32d ago

Definitely. Despite some disappointment, the games coming out at launch are so much better. I had to snag a PS5 through sheer will power all night so I can play MM and Demon Souls.

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