How Microsoft Can Win Next-Gen With the Xbox Series S

Certain things about Microsoft's next-generation console, the Xbox Series S, make it possible for the company to win next-gen.

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Army_of_Darkness35d ago

I have a feeling that within the first year, Ms will start getting desperate and drop the series s down to $199

CaptainHenry91635d ago (Edited 35d ago )


The Xbox series S is not a real next generation console but if Microsoft thinks that will help best of luck to them.

outsider162435d ago

Is it me or is the Xbox SX being made irrelevant by it's own younger brother?

C-H-E-F35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

LMAO, they are wishing for lightening to strike in the same spot 100 times. They are literally selling a PS4 Pro with next gen architecture... (PS4 Pro has 4.2 TFLOPS Series S has 4) They really destroyed the 12TF hype when they announced this console. Now the devs have to develop for this console, so you cannot make a game that will take advantage of the other 8 TFLOPS. I swear, I have no idea who is having "bright" ideas in the headquarters. I just hope they stop having them. Sony literally handed them an opportunity and they gave it back.

ArthriticPowers35d ago

No mate your ps4 pro comparison is nonsense. Once current gen support gets dropped the series S will free up the CPU bottlenecks from all current gen consoles. Also the SSD should become the new baseline standard (providing pc SSD adoption is at a feasible level) which along with the CPU will fundamentally change game design.

Reduced RAM in the series x would be more cause for concern

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen33d ago

I guess they're trying to compete with PS5 and Switch. Good luck with that.

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Knightofelemia36d ago

Maybe having exclusives that are new push the console and are on the same level or even better then what Sony pushes out for exclusives.

crazyCoconuts36d ago

PS5 DE will eat this little morsel for breakfast. In performance and sales. $100 cheaper is just not cheap enough for this paperweight.

NeoGamer23234d ago

At first, it will definitely not sell really good.

XSS first has to prove that it is truly not going to hold back the generation and prove that it is a good alternative to the full consoles.

If they can prove that many gamers won't notice a difference and that it is not holding back the progression of the generation then it will start to sell good.

Anyone thinking that MS can outsell Sony in consoles is pretty dumb. There is an unsolvable issue that XB shares its exclusives with PC. Because of this MS will never outsell Sony in the console space. With Sony you must buy a PS or PSNow to play all their games. With XB you can either be a PC, XB Console, or xCloud gamer.

ziggurcat36d ago

Yeah, no... not possible.

ApocalypseShadow36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

"But but but...Xbox Series S is a great value." "What if you don't have a 4K TV?" "Parents can buy this version until they are ready to upgrade their television."

Somehow, these cats ignore the fact that PS5 Digital can be played on a 1080P TV, actually enhances old games to look better. Unlike Series S that can't handle One X enhancements. Has a next gen controller and WiFi and supports VR.

Yup. That's great value and will win against true next gen technology. Downgraded consoles after spewing 4K and teraflops left and right, is now the shiznit. /S

Num num num num num.....GAME PASS!'s so amazing! GAME PASS is everything! Did you see that PRICE? Wow! /S

These lame articles are so tiring. PS4 was more powerful and obliterated Xbox. It then became less powerful than X and continued the destruction.

NeoGamer23234d ago

The primary driver for people new to gaming and parents is not what any given device can do. The primary driver is price. It is like buying for anything else... Why spend $100 or $200 more when you don't even know if the person your buying it for will stick with it.

It makes zero sense to spend anymore then you have to. Especially if you are told it will play all the games that the more expensive devices can. 4K, framerate, textures, ray tracing.... All this means absolutely nothing to someone who doesn't understand it. I talk to my retired parents and it all means absolutely zero. Their primary driver is cost. If you can do mostly the same thing at less cost then they do it.

ApocalypseShadow34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

No. Lower cost only means something when you have something worthy of purchase. You neglect that Microsoft's game output is inferior to Sony's first party output this whole gen.

Xbox One cost less than PS4 for a while. Gamers still bought PS4 for games.

Xbox One cost less than Nintendo Switch. Gamers still bought the Switch because of games.

Microsoft's WMR headsets costed lower than Vive, Oculus Rift and PSVR. All those different versions of the headset went bargain bin. WMR is a blip on the VR radar. It had no VR games other than ports of games everyone was playing on something else already. Nothing from Microsoft.

What was that about cost meaning more than content and support? They can be cheaper. Doesn't mean it's worth it. Series S has no big games to differentiate itself from PS5. Just old enhanced games from Xbox One S and Game Pass. Microsoft is already starting next gen with no games over Sony. It's a pattern.

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