Sony Drew a Line in the Sand With PS5, and Next-Gen Games Can't Go Back

PS5 exclusive games like Demon's Souls have seen their prices go up, setting a new trend for triple A games on the next-generation consoles.

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RightFootGames31d ago

It's a real shame so many people defendied the price increase. If people had just stood up to it like they did loot boxes this wouldn't have happened. It didn't need to be this way.

But at least in Sony's defense they are creating single player games that aren't filled with microtransations unlike the other publishers who are going along with this.

Zeref31d ago

80 euros for a game i'll only play once is outrageous. Idk maybe its just me cuz gamepass spoiled me a little bit.

outsider162431d ago

You can wait for a price drop. I do this with most games.

darkWingsoul31d ago

gamepass is going to cost you a lot more than 80 euros in the long run.

S2Killinit31d ago

You will be paying more with services in the long run. Nothing is free.

Father__Merrin31d ago

Gamepass is for people who just want to try games and not own them. Regarding next gen games you can wait till prices drop

Unspoken30d ago

You could always cancel your service and then start up again when a game you want to play comes out. Drops the cost over time significantly.

Dark-soul30d ago

70 not supposed to be max price for standard editions?

fr0sty30d ago

I used to pay as much as $90 for Genesis cartridges (Virtua Racer, for one), and these were simple games I could make in a couple months max by myself today.

Zeref30d ago


If you buy more than 120 euros worth of games a year. How will it ever cost you more?

Seraphim30d ago

unfortunately I see myself buying A LOT less games next gen. Cringe, maybe even actually renting games instead. And yes, perhaps even buying more games when they're 50% or more off.

I'm not going argue against some games not being worth the price but... Value is subjective and we are already have a pricing structure that involves $60, $70/80, $100, and even $120-200+ packages. Along with DLCs and Micros in seemingly, almost every title. Allow people to pay what the see fit and/or can via the current structure.

I just don't have the money and have already been purchasing less this gen. I can't speak for the world but Americans, generally speaking, have seen stagnant wages for decades despite the cost of living going up. Which leads me to this. Retailers and CEOs are breaking off obscene amounts of cash and this only helps fuel that. The developers won't see a dime of this additional revenue. It is them who are the backbone of these companies and make games that people actually want to buy. And the argument that games cost more to make than back in the day doesn't hold weight as games are seeing record sales numbers. Not really my loss. I'll be disappointed, sad, etc but a line must be drawn somewhere and I refuse to use a credit card just to buy everything, every game that I want because I can't afford it. It use to be common for me to buy 3-5 games a month during the PS2 era. Now it's not uncommon to only buy 12 games or less annually. Think about this, PS2 era if you bought 4 games a month that was $200. PS3 & current gen that price is $240. Next gen, yep $280 a month for 4 games. And let's be honest. A majority of these games, if playing as a hardcore gamer take roughly a week tops to complete....

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Imortus_san31d ago

Games havent came out yet, all you have to do is not buy them, and wait for price to go down.

If people stop preording and buy first day the prices will go down pretty fast.

sampsonon31d ago

I think the devs deserve the price increase. Great work deserves compensation. Nothing stays the same price. Nothing.

Chocoburger30d ago

Sampsonon, devs work very hard, that's true, but the money doesn't go to them, it goes to the lazy, idiotic, not hard working executives that get fat pay-offs each year and a golden parachute if they screw up and leave the company.

Ratchet7530d ago

90% of the games I buy are usually on sales. I have more than enough backlog so I can wait for prices to come down. 😉

Evan_Beezy30d ago

More reason to get the PS5 disc version to resell games

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arkard31d ago

Loot boxes did happen, they are still in many games. People didn't defend them necessarily but enough people bought them that they don't care.

medman31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Yes, I agree. I don't buy many games, so this doesn't impact me significantly, but the point is Sony creates great single player experiences that I love, and will therefore pay for. While gamepass is great, I worry about Microsoft turning all their first party titles into games as a service....we've seen them talk about Halo's 10 year plan, and just iterating on the same game instead of putting out new numbered releases. The naming conventions for the new Forza Motorsport and Fable seem to indicate this is their new direction, and it's not one I care for, at all.

So if Sony keeps the same great single player focus, I gladly accept the increase. Just don't bombard me with microtransactions and in game ads.

dekke31d ago (Edited 31d ago )


well here ps5 games are 54,99-74,99€

itsmebryan30d ago

People are talk about the games and didn't notice the controllers are $70 and your old PS4 controllers aren't compatible. That's a lot, I hope third party controllers are cheaper.

RightFootGames30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Are you joking the xbox controller is $65 it doesn't have a microphone or a speaker or haptic feedback or force feedback triggers or motion sensors and still uses crappy AA batteries.

$70 is a great price. The xbox controller is overpriced junk by comparison.

ssj2730d ago

But the controller is definitely a huge upgrade has lots of new technology in it it makes sense plus only if you are playing sport or coop games you will ned to buy a second one. I quit sport game and i don't see myself buying a coop or using coop but if i do i wil buy one there are always controls sale here and there maybe by the time I'm interested on a local coop game i will get one extra controller but i doubt it

CaptainHenry91630d ago

I wonder if PC games will have a price increase. I hope not

1nsomniac30d ago

I just won’t pay it and I know a lot of other people aren’t either. It’ll soon return to normal like it does every generation they try to attempt it. Simple.

FBNS30d ago

You mean the prices are going back up to where they used to be before ps1 made games significantly cheaper

Jared250030d ago (Edited 30d ago )

True AAA games are more expensive than ever to make, requiring much bigger teams. Want bigger and better? The money has to come from somewhere.

derektweed128d ago

The money comes from many more people buying the games. It's not hard to understand, yes the games cost more to make but the the consumer base is much larger.

Fluttershy7730d ago

Well maybe. But we still have loot boxes or different forms of MTs in most AAA games. The reason why Loot boxes are not so common now, is because there was a minor scandal on how supposedly lead to addictive behavior (which what isn't in gaming world, right?), and making like gamblers from our beloved rascals... So you had even politicians in a cruzade against that; one I agree with: but at the end of the day, did it work? No. they just changed the way they scam you... Do you think people at Sony pay attention to what happens on internet forums?

Gamerking8230d ago (Edited 30d ago )

when I bought PS3 here in U.K. it was 500 pound then 40 to 50 a game . So for me it’s 50 less than last gen . So I’m happy . And digital here has always been more expensive always . I can buy a brand new game in shops 42 too 44 pound but digital is 54.99 to 64.99 a piss take . Digital will not take off over here until they lower than greedy FIng prices .

bradleejones30d ago

@frosty you have a working version of Virtua racer?

DragonWarrior1930d ago

The price increase was inevitable. You are willingly ignorant if you truly believe with the extremely high cost of games and them greatly increasing every year that $60 was going to make up for these massive budgets. Microtransactions and Loot boxes came to be because devs were trying to make up costs wherever they could.

Jaces30d ago

"It's because development costs increased" WTF DOES THAT MEAN?! Biggest crock of shit I've heard. 70 for a game is just stupid, not forgetting to add in MTX, DLC, and so forth. That means these special editions will be even crazier.

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potatoseal31d ago

I prefer game price increases over microtransactions any day of the week.
I know the costs of making massive AAA games are increasing, so if they have to do it, then so be it.

crazyCoconuts31d ago

I agree. If we cheap our on how much we pay, game developers will simply put less into the game to maintain profit. It's just economics.

AngelicIceDiamond30d ago

Look at all the sensibility going on here, Its a good thing now lets be reasonable only because Sony's doing it. 2K almost got thrown off a bridge for doing so. If MS did it you would lop off their heads huh or screaming abd crying saying how greedy they are. Lets shake our heads yes you would. Sorry but paying 70$ for a 10 plus year old remastered PS3 game doesn't sound right at all. Sack boy is a whole 60$ game should be 40 to 50 max. Of course nothings wrong with that at all to you. Brush it under the rug and move on.

crazyCoconuts30d ago

Easy Angelic - don't get upset lol.
I'm arguing the notion of paying $70 for games that we used to pay $60 for. I kinda get it.
Paying full price for Sack Boy - do you know how many hours that game is? I don't think they told us, but if its a 40 hour game, that's fine. I wouldn't pay $60 for sackboy regardless, and since i played Spiderman already I'll be paying less for just the MM story vs. the ultimate. If you've never played Spiderman before $70 is a good value for a VERY good game, has ALL THE DLC remastered AND the new MM story.'s a lot that you're getting.

RightFootGames30d ago


"Its a good thing now lets be reasonable only because Sony's doing it. 2K almost got thrown off a bridge for doing so."

2k has some of the most MTX filled BS games on the market they are even worse than EA. And Sony has been making games that have been completely free of that BS. There is a big difference in the way the two companies have sold their games.

"Sack boy is a whole 60$ game should be 40 to 50 max"

Really, you've played it? I have played the other LBP games and Dreams and I know from Media Molecules history that they give you your moneys worth.

"Sorry but paying 70$ for a 10 plus year old remastered PS3 game doesn't sound right at all."

It's a completely from the ground up remade game, all you're doing is trying to crap on Sony. Your argument has little to do with game prices other than how you can use it to dump on Sony.

AngelicIceDiamond30d ago

"It's a completely from the ground up remade game, all you're doing is trying to crap on Sony. Your argument has little to do with game prices other than how you can use it to dump on Sony."

So I'm just suppose to support and like every single decision Sony does? That's not how it works Im talking about the prices here. Plenty of games have been remastered from early this gen and the price of those games didn't go up. I don't know 70$ is asking way too much for an old game. If it was Bloodborne 2 then yeah of course.

DarthZoolu30d ago

You imbeciles have no idea how supply and demand works

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slavish031d ago

lol, you will get both. Price increases and micro transaction, just watch

ssj2730d ago

and dev cutting corners even with price increases this people are so naive. Maybe not all companies will play dirty but most will just like they have been. I avoid unfinished games hence only reason i got interested on Godfall they are giving the gamers a fukl experience no bs

porkChop31d ago

We're still going to get tons of microtransactions. A price hike don't change that.

"Not in Sony exclusives"

Have you ever looked at the multiplayer in Uncharted? The Last of Us? MLB The Show? DriveClub? Sony certainly doesn't put microtransactions in every game, but let's not pretend they never do. Sony likes money as much as any publisher.

ThereGoThatManQ31d ago

I have all those games and those MTs aren’t “needed” to have a better quality game and they aren’t even bad prices.

Sony exclusives are deeper than any other exclusives out there, I will gladly pay 10 dollars more for games like demons souls.

jwillj2k431d ago

Nothing wrong with micro transactions for content made to extend the original experience. The problem is when the original experience is designed to include micro transactions.

sampsonon31d ago

You can earn the items in those games. You don't have to buy anything.

S2Killinit31d ago

Those examples arent the type of microtransactions that exploit gamers though.

RightFootGames31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

So you're listing two PS3 games a sports game and a game that wasn't made by Sony as an example...

I can't belive anyone actually upvoted this...

porkChop31d ago

I didn't say the microtransactions are needed or exploitative. Potatoseal said we wouldn't get any micros in Sony exclusives and I'm just showing that isn't true.


All the games I mentioned are on PS4, and they're all made by Sony so I don't know what you're talking about.

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Ghostbob31d ago

Agreed, but I think we will still get the microtransactions no matter the price well from 3rd party anyway.

TheEnigma31331d ago (Edited 31d ago )

MT's aren't going anywhere. Sony probably on't use them, but they are here to stay.

Unspoken30d ago

If Sony bends you over, so be it. For some its not about whats ethical, its about a brand.

chiefJohn11730d ago (Edited 30d ago )

If its cosmetic only and unlockable for free in-game ill rather take the MT.
Why would anyone pick a $70 spiderman game over a $60 Spiderman that give you the option to pay for a costume if you didnt wanna have beat it on hard difficulty to unlock?
1 forces you to pay $10 extra, the other doesn't. Hell thats honestly worse than game changing MTs since it's still optional. And games with those type of MT tend to be free

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ApocalypseShadow31d ago

Sony's, or any other company's line in the sand, is NOT my line in the sand.

Pricing a game at $70 doesn't mean I'm going to buy or are forced to buy at $70. This gen on PS4, I only bought 3-4 games at $59.99 US. Every other game, and I got dozens, were $39.99 or less.

It's just like the other stuff. In order to play online, you must pay. I don't. Companies put out tons of micro transactions and expect me to buy it. I don't. EA puts out the only NFL game. I don't. Sony is putting out a digital system. I don't plan to buy it as I have PS4 discs for regular games and VR.

Gamers have to have the will power to just say no. The market will adjust. Unless any company makes a worthy $70 game that's complete, doesn't need patches, doesn't have micro transactions or season passes, I won't be buying. And that includes Sony.

Muzikguy31d ago

I bought quite a few games at $60 and found them worth it but also many at $40 or less. I've already given up on Ubisoft and EA and Activision so most garbage games are our of the way. For me a $10 increase isn't that bad because we already went 2 generations at one price. It was bound to happen. I don't see there being much anyone could do to.change that. I know I don't want more garbage games so I'd rather support the good ones

ApocalypseShadow30d ago

That's what I'll end up doing like I always do. Only pick the top games and ignore the rest. I figured it would go up. It's understandable. But they have to understand my pay didn't go up.

You did the same thing I did. I don't buy Activision, Ubisoft or EA games. EA has been boycotted for over a decade. Only money they got out of me in the last 10 years was $5 for Battlefront just to play the VR mission. And that was more so because Criterion made it before EA destroyed them.

Muzikguy30d ago

I haven't bought any EA games for 2 generations now except for BF4 on PS3. I bought Watch Dogs on PS3 and no Ubisoft game since. Then Activision, no COD's for 2 generations now, but I did buy Sekiro. That's been it. I'm a little surprised at how much I haven't missed since there are other developers out there making amazing games

Tiqila31d ago

"Gamers have to have the will power to just say no."

Yeah, don't give me that invisible hand of the free market crap argument. While you don't pay for MTs, many gamers do and while you won't pay 70$, others will.

ApocalypseShadow30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I really don't care what others do unless it negatively affects me.

It's my wallet that I have to worry about. If you need something right away like you're going to feel left out because others got it, that's on you.

I have patience. The games are not going anywhere but down in price over time. I did that when I was younger. Got wiser when I got older.

arkard31d ago

Exactly, I'm going to be buying Spiderman Miles for 50$ I'll wait for price drops on any game I want that is 70$.

Sirk7x30d ago

This is why I'm going to be waiting on PS5 in general. In two years, all those great single player games will still be good, and the price will drop big time.

medman31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Thank you for your sanity. I feel precisely the same. There are certain games that are day one buys for me, but most are not. I love single player, story driven games, and that is where my money goes. I haven't played an online multiplayer experience since Uncharted 2, if I remember correctly. I didn't even touch TLOU multiplayer, and I heard it was great, but it's really just not my thing and I don't have the time for it, or the patience to deal with cheaters, glitchers, etc etc. I haven't bought a Madden game since around 2009. EA killed that for me.

I am massively looking forward to Cyberpunk, Miles Morales, Horizon Forbidden West, Returnal, Gran Turismo 7, Deathloop, Little Devil Inside, Ratchet and Clank, and many more. I was fortunate to secure a ps5 disk drive edition console preorder, so I'm looking forward to this upcoming holiday season.

ApocalypseShadow30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Yup. I play mostly single player and I'm picky now that I'm older. I've played games since it all started and ran into many a terrible game from buying or renting. I got smarter. I then only bought games from trusted companies like Nintendo, Sega, Capcom, Konami and Namco. Honorable mentions being Sunsoft, Tecmo and Treasure. And avoided companies like LJN. And then, I got more selective from that. Noticed Sony was banging out hits and added them to the good list. But even I don't buy all their games either. Just what is fun to me.

Only real multiplayer I liked was when everyone was in the same room chilling and laughing, eating and drinking food and having a good time during 8 bit and 16 bit era. Online makes sense being that people move away from each other. But I don't have to pay for it and don't. I agree. Don't have time for the online nonsense.

And somehow, playing Spider-Man, Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon, etc or games like Sairento in VR, I didn't miss multiplayer. Maybe Skyrim VR. But that's what companions and Serana the vampire is for.

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Chexs199031d ago

It basically means that a ton of people will wait until discounts, me included.
Very few games are gonna be worth that much imo

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Lexreborn231d ago

In my current gaming expenses, I have bought maybe 5-8 games day 1. The rest I have waited for sales and bought at cheaper prices or used gift cards. I have spent the extra money I would normally spend on games I don’t beat on services instead.

PS now=60, ultimate gamepass= 180, humble bundle=144 total 384. That’s now 5 full retail games with an indie. But I am getting thousands of game instead.

As a gamer you should always be looking at your immediate interest first. And adapting to your needs, not everyone needs my set up. But to feel as there are forced options on us because of a ten dollar hike? I’m not in that thought process.