Will the Xbox Series S hold back next-gen gaming?

TheVerge: “Microsoft revealed its Xbox Series S console last week, aiming to offer more budget-friendly next-gen gaming for $299. The console is specifically targeted at 1440p resolution rather than 4K, leading to some lingering questions and confusion around just how well it will play next-gen games. There are concerns around the GPU performance, memory, and whether the Series S could hold back next-gen gaming.

I got a chance to speak with Jason Ronald, Microsoft’s director of Xbox program management, to dig into what’s really going on with the Xbox Series S.”

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masterfox38d ago

I think it will cause of obvious technical reasons, the ones that will suffer the most will multipltform devs, meanwhile exclusive games will set the bar in visuals very damn high.

darthv7238d ago

There isnt anything to really back that up though. I mean it isnt like the SS is the 2600 and the SX is the Super Nintendo. They are more like a GTX 1080 vs a 2080. Both capable in delivering the same experience at different levels of complexity.

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rockwhynot38d ago

@Shaggy people said that Ratchet and Clank couldn't be done on current gen hardware, not Horizon or Spider man.

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rockwhynot37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

@Shaggy I didn't say "people said spider man and horizon wouldn't come to ps4." I said that nobody said spider man and horizon COULDN'T be done on the ps4.

Also your comment is dually wack because you say building for pc is no different from building on a console. Are you aware console games mandate an average of 30 fps to be allowed on the platform? When was the last time you played a console game that ran at an average of 20 fps because I can tell you my old college laptop gets like 2 fps in CS:GO and that's perfectly fine as far as Microsoft is concerned because it's a pc not a console. There's no minimum performance requirement for games on computers. That's why I mobbed up on CS: Source on my high school laptop getting 0.8 fps during the video stress test. I'd still bust heads though online.

Fluttershy7738d ago

Probably a little.... Lets imagine I buy this, evidently I don't really care about getting the best of the best in term of graphics. But I would want from Xbox to guarantee me I'd be able to play the entire library of Next Gen games... If not, just a get an even more cheap current Xbox and probably you'll be able to play at least to half the cycle? idk,
You want a Next Gen console for the entirety of Next Gen games.
So lets imagine this is super successful, the fact that the games should run on this machine will hold back LATE-nextgen games in series X?

crazyCoconuts38d ago

Right. The memory bandwidth on the XSS is HALF of the XSX. That memory is shared by GPU and CPU, so let's say you want to run a bunch of computations on an army of NPCs for their AI. You are reading and writing to memory at a much slower rate. You might have to cut the NPCs in half or make them "dumber" This is more than just resolution, it's how many things you can have going on at the same time in your game. It's not a huge deal, but it just means you can't push your games to the edge in certain places because the logic has to be able to scale down without compromising gameplay.

RightFootGames38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

We have had devs from Remedy, Id and Infinity Ward as well as several indies developers say yes.

And I don't think devs really like the idea of the extra work involved with having to create games from extra versions of consoles.

darthv7238d ago

Because all three next gen systems are based on the same type of tech... it will be easier than you think when it comes to adjusting for each one. Like i said above, it literally like how PC games are built to run on a wide array of hardware. Only on the console that array is not as wide. And all those devs are quite experienced in working with quality sliders in their games.

RightFootGames38d ago

Yes, I'm sure you know more than the devs from three studios that have been making some of the biggest and most advanced games for the past 20+ years.

darthv7238d ago

^that's why I say they are well experienced in PC hardware variances. That's what these consoles are pretty much... PC's.

You keep on putting that foot in your mouth. Guess you like the taste.

RightFootGames38d ago

You're not arguing with me you're arguing with those devs.

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Hungryalpaca37d ago

Why are you on one hand saying the devs are super skilled and know what they’re talking about and on the other completely ignoring what they’re telling you?

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RazzerRedux38d ago

If PS4 doesn't hold back Spider-Man and Horizon Forbidden West then Xbox Series S doesn't hold anything back.

I think we need to get past this bullshit. Cuz that is what it is....bullshit.

Sirk7x38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

That's what people are concerned about though. Cross-gen titles basically eliminating the need for a next-gen one, aside from graphical updates. Basically how game design has been for the last decade though. Very few new ideas and possibilities, much more new shiny things. VR and greatly enhanced AI are the next logical steps for new gaming experiences, but VR isn't really all there yet. Expensive, takes up too much space.
Whatever. In 15 years or less AI will be making all our games for us anyways, to our exact speficifactions. Enjoy modern gaming while it lasts, my friends.

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Outside_ofthe_Box38d ago

They will be held back in some fashion. We won't know exactly what is held back unless the developers tell us what doesn't make the cut. Developers want the core experience of their game to be the same across the board on all platforms. For example The Medium developers have said that the reason it is Series X exclusive is because:

"In theory, any game idea could be re-examined, but in our case it would mean completely changing the main characteristics. Thanks to the power of the Xbox Series X, we can develop the game in the way we have always imagined"

RazzerRedux38d ago

That brings up an interesting question. Will Xbox developers be required to support Xbox Series S? Will The Medium be available on Series S? If yes, then what they said about Series X exclusivity falls a bit flat. If no, then Xbox gaming is going to be confusing as hell with fragmented gaming. I can't imagine Microsoft will allow a game to be developed for Series X and not Series S though. Either they support both or none at all. In which case, The Medium devs are going to have to explain what they had to change for Series S support.

Outside_ofthe_Box37d ago

That's actually interesting to note because the GPU difference is significant although CPU and RAM are slight hits. I assume there will be an S version because that would be a disaster if there wasn't. So one of two things happened, either they lied or they had to remove some things for the S version. Guess we'll find out later.

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