Xbox Live Enabled Screensaver

Xbox users group is proud to announce a new service which was added to the vas Xbox live services portfolio. The new service is called: Xbox Live Screensaver V1.0. This screensaver allows you to display gamerinformation for any gamertag (yourself or someone else).

for background details and installation hit the jump.

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ryanjtravis4906d ago

I'll be putting this on my computer as soon as I get home from work :)

DC RID3R4906d ago


I've had mine for a few days now, but since it wasn't posted yet, I thought I'd share teh love.

USMChardcharger4905d ago

good find Rider.

if you didn't get the message i sent you yesterday, it said my modem is down at home and that is why i haven't been on line. should have the one i ordered in a few days.

see ya on some rainbow.

DC RID3R4905d ago (Edited 4905d ago )

got your msg bro!!

hope your modem arrives soon soldier. your gonna have to stay off the weisers, cos xbox live withdrawal syndrome can be a b*tch :]

yeh rainbow's pretty sick bro,i'll holla!!


USMChardcharger4905d ago

i freakn know man, i heard it was killer...i have been dying knowing that demo is out.
my trigger fingers are getting borred.


DC RID3R4905d ago (Edited 4905d ago )

GRAW2 looks GRIMEY(didn't wanna mention it-withdrawal :] )!!!

what modem are you getting bro?(i've gone through 2 in the past year!)
i'm currently using a mottorola cable modem.

i'd definately recommend one, UGLY, but built like a tank!!


USMChardcharger4905d ago

that's exactly what i ordered and my wife just called...ITS FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

now i have to wait for work to be over...stupid work.

DC RID3R4905d ago

you'll be SET charger.

i'll catch you on live later soldier!!!

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every SLUGS gotta catch,
when you go into war,
every THUGS got his match.