PlayStation and Xbox have both failed to sell next-gen

A new wave of consoles approaches, but neither platform holder offers a compelling reason to invest at launch.

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darthv7238d ago

I disagree. Both have sold me on next gen and November 10th & 12th cant come soon enough.

NeoGamer23238d ago

I am sold on NextGen...

I am not sold that I need either console day one.

bouzebbal38d ago

PS4 sold 1 million in 24h..

SyntheticForm38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Same here.

I'll get a PS5 sometime in Q1 or Q2 of next year. I can wait a little while to play Demon's Souls and Spiderman, though I'm very much looking forward to both. I'm not competing for a pre-order.

Game Pass (gonna get it for that one) and multiplats will tide me over in the meantime, and I'll make do with the Series X until then.

meshow38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

They gave you the choice,
1-Play most launching games on the PS4 or current gen, but they will be downgraded with noticeable gfx differences and lower FPS.
2-Upgrade to next gen to play the full and new experience

Choice is yours.

It’s smart move and I see no one losing from this strategy

38d ago
rdgneoz338d ago

1 has exclusives starting day 1. The other has multi gen content for the first 2 years, with it's first big name (multi gen) game coming out next year since it looked worse than current gen games...

NeoGamer23238d ago

The only real day one exclusive on PS5 is Demon Souls remake. Spider-man and Sackboy are shipping on PS4 so they are not exclusive to PS5.

And if you want to get technical I can still play Demon Souls on PS3 (Excluding online features). So even that is not truly exclusive.

4Sh0w38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

That's me, not sold, especially Xbox Series X...whats there that I cant play on my X? Lucky for Microsoft
I'll upgrade for a few more pixels/performance (I like new tech) to go along with my 4K tv's but most aren't like me. They need a much more compelling reason to buy a "new toy". Game Pass is a legit big time value though.

PeaSFor38d ago

Demons souls remake alone is enought to justify my purchase, ....well i have yet to secure a preorder but thats an other story.

Army_of_Darkness38d ago

If I can get a ps5 day 1, sold!!!

sonarus37d ago

Same camp. There isn't even a manageable launch title. Seems like neither company is really ready for next gen but they are both caught in a cycle of trying not to fall behind to the competition. Regardless of how great the consoles are there isn't a title that is ready to showcase the system. I will definitely be waiting very patiently with the ps5 or new xbox

TheKingKratos37d ago

Same tbh

And if God of war coming to ps4 as well i might wait atleast 2 years before buying ps5

sagapo37d ago

@NeoGamer; I agree. I'm excited for the hardware, no doubt, but it lacks games that would want me to invest on next gen from day1. Cyberpunk coming in november can be played on current gen and next gen, but will only get a nextgen patch in 2021.

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AngelicIceDiamond38d ago

Lets just get this outta the way. Its apparent through out the summer from major 3rd party developers that exclusive next gen gaming won't start until 2022 with a handful of true next gen games next year. With EA, Ubisoft, Activation and even Capcomes AAA games like Pragmata won't be releasing until 22. Next gen has been about CGI, concepts and what they can do, that's it. This gen has a grip hold tight, tighter than 6th gen going to 7th gen because by now we would of seen Oblivion running on then next gen Xbox and releasing march of next year.

I find it funny because all gen we've heard from AAA devs FROM THE START that both consoles were lacking on the specs department and are under powered. Well here are both are able to do 4k 60 even up to 120 but last gen is still here and strong.

Muzikguy38d ago

That's why I never believe that argument about consoles lacking power. It takes developers an entire generation to use it in the first place.

remixx11638d ago

That last paragraph of yours hit home

Atom66638d ago

Just wanted to echo your last point.

Do you remember how Ubisoft supposedly pushed so hard to get away from 360/PS3 for the same reason? Then they don't even substantially upgrade their engines until a couple years ago?

Profchaos38d ago

I think we need to look at the roles developer and publisher plays both important but drastically different.
The publishers look at the market, competition, fund projects and pick the target audience e.g. switch, PC ps5 the development team build create design.

It's not the same everywhere but that the general structure I'm aware of and most devs want to abandon last gen ASAP but publishers guys that look at the landscape and where the money is know the install base of last gen is way to high.

Best example do you really think the development team at Ubisoft was proud of far cry 4 on PS3/360 or were they just doing what they could to make it playable to appease their bosses

meshow38d ago

DS-r and R&C are a next gen only game ( most likely GoW too).

RightFootGames38d ago

It's funny to see all the people who when they thought xbox was going to be the only one with cross gen who constantly defended xbox by saying it wouldn't hold next gen back. Who now have 180'd and want to talk about how next gen isn't here yet or is being held back by cross gen.

And i'm sure certain people will try to say that PlayStation fans have changed their minds but actually you see that most of them are at least in some part disappointed.

agent453238d ago

That's thanks to PS4 Pro and XBOX One X. The OG consoles were so underpowered that forced Sony and Microsoft to upgrade consoles within two years.

CaptainObvious87838d ago (Edited 38d ago )



You see sony making the same crappy decisions as ms and immediately come out saying "hurr duur 180 sony ponies", when the vast majority of sony gamers (me included) are upset at sony instead of defending them, unlike so many xbox diehards.

Sirk7x37d ago

Basically, they want enough power to be able to brute force games, and not rely on clever programming and good optimazation. Means they would need better programmers and more dev time, meaning more money invested. There's a reason why some studios (Nintendo in-house, Naughty Dog, for example) shine so brightly above the others.

potatoseal37d ago

Demon's Souls and Godfall says hi. Next gen. Only playable on PS5

Just like Ratchet and Clank

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Bathyj38d ago

People are acting like we dont want to go to next gen and we need some big catharsis to move on. no we are clamoring to leave this generation behind and start seeing the next level of gaming.

darthv7238d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Im not so sure we will actually "see" the next level of gaming. Next gen hardware is certainly impressive, no doubt about that. But I have been saying that we are reaching a point of diminished returns and that next gen will be more about what you 'dont see'. Meaning improved performance to ensure things run smoothly and now with the SSD that is one example of such thing. Couple in the new audio abilities of these systems and the haptic controller of the PS5 and it lends credibility to what I've been saying.

Of course there will be visual improvements but not on the same scale as moving from 2D to 3D and then from 3D into what we have now (with photo realism). It will be all the finer details that get the most improvements. All the stuff we never paid attention to but now we will because we will notice it more as a whole because of the other improvements taking place around us.

I'm all for moving on to next gen but i will also say that current gen is still viable in delivering the goods. Which makes sense for companies to not abandon it so quickly.

38d ago
agent453238d ago

Lack of exclusive next generation console games (Spider-Man Morales will be on PS4 for $50.00 and $70 on PS5), higher game prices and only Xbox One Series X will offer native backwards compability. Paying to play online still here.

Teflon0237d ago

Miles is $50 on both bud. The $70 version gives you a copy of spiderman ps4 and if you have it already you get a free upgrade

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Marquinho38d ago

Next gen starts in 2021 to me, so I'll be getting both before the end of that year.

darthv7238d ago

that sounds like a sensible idea. More games may be announced by then.

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potatoseal38d ago

Pre-orders are selling out everywhere. Pull the other one

RpgSama38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Lol, we get in the first year of the Ps5, Demon's Souls, R&C, Destruction All Stars, Sackboy A Big Adventure , Spiderman MM, Gran Turismo 7, Returnal, Horizon Forbidden West, God of War and FFXVI, that's a better lineup for the first year of the PS5 than the entire Xbox One generation.

Valkron138d ago

And I'll be able to play half of those on my PS4 Pro

conanlifts38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

@Valkron1 yes, choice is amazing don't you agree.

--Onilink--38d ago

I dont recall any confirmation that GT7 is 2021, FF16 doesnt have a release date, the possibility of GoW being delayed to early 2022 is really high (sony is not afraid to give more time for extra quality).

Sackboy, Returnal and Destruction all stars are mostly unknowns at this point and certainly not in the scale of the rest.

So its probably more like Ratchet and Demons the ps5 exclusives (and both look amazing) and Horizon and Spiderman which are also coming on PS4 but will undoubtedly look and play better on ps5 and will be great too.

Those 4 alone (even if 2 are cross gen) are still a pretty amazing 1st year lineup, there is no need to be overhyping smaller games or make up 2021 release dates for games that dont have it

Teflon0237d ago

Onilinksaying possible a game just announced could be delayed isn't a valid point because what if it isn't.

How many rumors were floating around after halos delay that spider man would be delayed and now it's not lol. It could be but it may not too.

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Silly gameAr38d ago

Can't wait to get my PS5. You guys can skip if you're not impressed, but it didn't fail for me.

monkey60238d ago

Nor me! I bagged my order and paid for it in full. Most of all I'm extremely excited.

I feel bad for the many struggling and worrying about it though

phoenixwing38d ago

I would have been worried before but now I'm a pc gamer already have a rig capable of playing next gen games

The Wood38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I actually stood in a queue for the opportunity to preorder. The queue was quite long and growing by the time I got mine sorted. They were only allowing one per 'game uk' card holder. It'll be interesting how well either of these consoles sell during these bs times.

Phoenix7638d ago

Well that's good news for you then phoenixwing..... Not that we actually needed to know you've got pc. But thanks for the input.

Muzikguy38d ago

I'm ready to get a PS5 too. Hopefully preorders open back up again and I can get one. No luck so far, but I've got a lot of games to catch up on in the meantime

38d ago
Mr Marvel37d ago

Don’t worry, most of us are pumped for next gen, but you always get the negative nancies who want to complain about something and try to ruin the excitement for others.

dietis_h37d ago

ill be getting one once i have the funds.

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Destiny108038d ago (Edited 38d ago )

New Ratchet and Clank / New Horizon Zero Dawn / New God of War / New Gran Turismo all within the first year

Sony has hit the ground running and it only gets better from here

JBlaze22638d ago

and bet all those games will have a ps4 release date.

jairusmonillas38d ago

Xbox fans loves their fake news.

darthv7238d ago

If they do, great. If they dont, no worries. Im getting those games one way or the other so it's all good for me.

elazz38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I don't think GT7 or God of War will. I think God of War will have a release late 2021 while Horizon in Sprin/Summer. Ratchet and Clank early 2021 and GT7 probably for December. By the later half there would be 20 million consoles or something so a good install base for those games.

The Wood38d ago

I could of sworn some loved enhanced versions of games. . . . . What's up now?

Personally I am surprised 3 games will be cross gen. It seems like a lot to some but its really not that many even though some act like all of Sony's pending games will be cross gen. Time will tell if this practice will hold back next gen games. The best evidence would be comparing next gen only vs cross gen.

remixx11638d ago

Didn't sing confirm ratchet was only possible on ps5...kinda punches a hole in your argument

darthv7238d ago

@wood, I have a good feeling there will be more cross gen games than these three and they will likely release next year. That, in no way, detracts from their being released on the PS5. the whole argument of cross gen has been about if those games would be held back because of the previous systems. i have to say no. I dont believe there will be anything held back. These next gen are extensions to this gen. Built on the same foundation but enhanced. That is nothing like any previous gen at all. Every console from the 2600 on up has been radically different in their followup release.

Both companies have figured there is no reason to cut off the current gen right away. Give the consumers time to decide when it is right for them to upgrade. That is the best decision both companies have made.

RightFootGames38d ago

Even if that's the case can you say the same about xbox? PlayStation is launching with Spider-Man Sackboy Adventure and Demon's Souls three launch games. And of course that was after launching Dreams, TLOU 2 and Ghost of Tsushima.

Sony's 2020 is more stacked than the last 4 years on xbox combined.

JBlaze22638d ago

Jairusmonillas, You say fake news its already been addressed Spiderman miles morales and Horizan zero dawn 2 coming to PS4 so I think Sony been giving you the fake news like they did when they addressed that last night that preorders wont start till today which was a lie

F0XH0UND92237d ago

It must suck to have absolutely no games to look forward to. We feel your frustration. Maybe Halo (Destiny) will come out for your next year.

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NecrumOddBoy38d ago

PS5 has sold out their entire pre-order inventory... but okay

darthv7238d ago

correction, the initial batch of preorders sold out. There will be more soon enough.

ziggurcat38d ago

Yeah, it's silly to think that there's only going to be the one wave of pre-orders.

elazz38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Next batch is available in the Netherlands for January/February 2021 estimate for certain stores.

RightFootGames38d ago

What's you'r point though? Do you honestly think that Sony will be able to make more than there is demand? Those next shipments will sell out just as fast as the first one.

Sony is is looking to ship 16m consoles before the end of FY2020 do you actually doubt they will sell all 16m? I don't... And keep in mind that's on top of the 8-10 million PS4's they will have sold in 2020. Sony is looking to have sold 25 million consoles in 2020.

RememberThe35738d ago

Yeah but we have no idea what that means. How many pre orders were even offered?

I'm sold on next gen even if my bubble was burst yesterday, it was probably for the best. I understand why people feel like going PC or waiting a couple years is a better option. I'm going PS5 this holiday and new PC build maybe even next summer when Zen 3, 3000 cards, and these new SSDs have had time to settle. I'm not too keen on these higher prices for games and PC offers limitless customization and performance.

I'm still bothered by the fact that these games are essentially still PS3 games with higher resolution. Technology has progressed so far but there just doesn't seem to be a market for these more interactive world's I'm so hungry for. It sucks that this next gen is just more shiney with no more depth.

37d ago
NeoGamer23238d ago

Initial pre-orders of new console almost always sell-out. This is not surprising.

Angelin38d ago

I live in Romania and i preordered mine a few hours ago. Didn’t even know we had it in select stores. I bet it’s not sold out yet

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