God of War Ragnarök - Top 5 Things We Want

Norberto Fleites: Sony’s recent showcase ended with a homerun teaser for God of War Ragnarök. Here's five things we want to see from the legendary series!

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Iamnothuman1274d ago

It better open with an epic fight with Thor.

74d ago
hayden374d ago

More bosses,
Less boat trip,
Everything else already great as it is imo.

RandomPolishGuy74d ago

More variety in finishing animations would be nice

74d ago
Hedstrom74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Just givetvis med the f*ing sequel, the first game was f*ing perfect!

CR7JUVE189774d ago

I didn't bother watching this, but I assume that one of them would be for the rest of the worlds to open up? Because if that is not on the list, then this guy is a dumbass

borntodie00774d ago

yup. definitely on the list. thanks for stopping by

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