The Nintendo 3DS Is Dead, and So Am I (on the Inside)

Tony writes: "Now that Nintendo has ceased production on the 3DS, I have nothing left but my memories and a pocketful of AR Cards."

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CDbiggen32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

If you can, grab yourself one now. Hack it, load it with the roms, because you're never going to find those games for a decent price and emulating them on PC just isn't the same. Who knows when you'll be able to play some of them again - in 20 years when Nintendo release a DS classic?

franwex32d ago

It’s spirit lives of on through the Switch.

Outlawzz32d ago

Despite all the hate it got, I loved 3d. It brought more life to the games. But oh well, there's a few key games I probly won't ever get rid of. I've sold a lot of them but won't be getting rid of all of them. Wish 3d wasnt dead it was pretty cool.