Summer 2020 vs Summer 2019: Which One Had the Better Games?

Nelia writes: "Summer is almost over and with it came plenty of new releases. Is Summer 2020 better than Summer 2019 for games? Let's compare them."

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RazzerRedux34d ago

2020. It isn't even close, imo. TLOU 2 and Ghost of Tsushima were spectacular. Currently playing Wastelands 3 and it is very good. Haven't even gotten around to FS 2020 yet.

enkiduxiv34d ago

I have to go 2019 simply because Control was miles better than anything I've played this summer. LOU2 was fine but not as good as everyone made it out to be. Ghost was just a little too much like the standard cookie cutter open world game, despite being gorgeous. Both summers were better than I expected though, to be quite honest.