Sony's PlayStation 5 Event Makes Me Wonder What The Hell Happened

Sony's PlayStation 5 event was alright on the surface, but as soon as it ended, its shortcomings began to come clear leaving TechRaptor writer Don Parsons wondering what happened, and how did so many mistakes get made.

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RpgSama38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

While I do agree that they should've said that pre-orders were going to open the next day ON the event, I found out through their blog right after, and I mean Immediately after, when I read next day I knew to be ready for it by 12 midnight because they were going to sell in an instant.

Then sites like Best Buy, Gamestop, Target and Walmart broke the street date, Walmart even posted on their official twitter account:

"Make you wait to get the new #PlayStation5? Nah, that’s not like us. Go on, preorder it NOW!"

On Best Buy (that also broke the street date) I could see the Ps5 and I added it to my cart at 9:30 pm EST of that same night, the site just crashed, it didn't let me check out try after try, no luck, tried again at 12:00 Midnight EST, same thing, the ps5 in my cart and it didn't move from the checkout screen, no luck, tried again at 3am EST (12:00 PST) on my first try it went through.

Were the pre-orders a mess? Yes, was it only Sony's fault, not by a long shot.

MetroidFREAK2137d ago

I actually managed to get my preorder the moment Walmart tweeted that. I was like what? Yeah, Sony is partially at fault, but it's also retailers being like "go ahead, give us your money now" 😂

crazyCoconuts37d ago

When i got mine at GameStop I asked the clerk about what the deal was since they were early. She said they just got off an "emergency" call and decided to start selling since other retailers started early.
As if by waiting a day no one would pick up the few dozen they had? I don't get it.

The only bright side is that I had a chance to get one vs. scalpers setting up their bots well in advance ready to snatch up the RTX 3800's within seconds...

-T9X-69-37d ago

At face value, you're correct. It wasn't entirely their fault. We're in 2020 though. Sony has launch 4 successful home consoles and you mean to tell me the thought of penalizing retailers for breaking their pre-order times didn't cross their mind? This isn't 2010 anymore. Street dates and pre-order dates are still broken, but not nearly as much as it use to be. Should be obvious, but don't forget Sony is the one sending these PS5's to retailers. No company would have been stupid enough to start pre-orders early if Sony said they'd deny inventory to anyone who did.

RpgSama37d ago (Edited 37d ago )


While I do agree with you up until a certain extent, it's not as clear cut when the retailers you are taking about are not mom and pop shops, we are talking about Walmart, Best Buy, Target, GameStop, how is Sony supposed to deny inventory to them, might as well just close shop if that's the case, you cannot start assigning penalties to these retailers without serious consequences to your own business.

What I mean to say it's that the economics of all of this are complicated and going back to my original assessment, was Sony the only one at fault, definitely not.

-T9X-69-37d ago


They most absolutely can deny inventory to any extent. Would 100% be wise? Yeah, probably not. However, they could have easily said we will reduce your inventory by 50% if you break pre-order date/time. No one would do that considering how high in demand the PS5 is. That's so much easy profit for these retailers that they wouldn't think twice about doing it. There's a reason MS is doing for the Xbox pre-orders and also why not a single retailer has went up early. This is 100% Sony's fault. Just like it's 100% Nvidia's fault for not having bot protection on their own site, when they know that's exactly what people do and have done for years.

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Jin_Sakai37d ago

I’ll tell you what happened, great games were shown and after the show nearly every website selling pre-orders crashed and now they’re sold out everywhere. The demand is off the charts for PS5.

37d ago
Hedstrom38d ago

It was an event for the ages!

Donnie8138d ago

Sony should be catching more heat than they are for straight up lying to people. The company has zero class. I can’t wait to watch them come in third place this holiday

monkey60238d ago

I think you're going to be disappointed buddy.

Looks like they've already snagged the top spot regardless of what you think of them

mrsolidsteel2037d ago


Don’t fall the bait amigo, this guy is clearly trolling.

Software_Lover37d ago

You fell for the troll. You guys fall for it everytime.

RangerWalk26737d ago

Top spot for what exactly? I think he was just saying that Sony was throwing shade at Microsoft for being consumer friendly by blending the lines in generations. Allowing Xbox one owners purchase games that come out for Xbox after the launch of the Xbox Series of consoles. Up to a year to a year and a half after the next gen console launch.
Only for Sony to do the same. After they said they wouldn't do so. Sony said they were doing a traditional console launch. By making people purchase a PS5 in order to play the games coming after the PS5 launch. The biggest lie of all... Saying that the new Spider-Man and Horizon game would only be possible with the PS5 hardware.
Both Microsoft and Sony have been known to lie to their consumers. But Microsoft has, so far, been pretty open with the plans regarding the Series X/S details.
We shall see I guess.

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Silly gameAr38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

They should be catching heat for bringing awesome ass games? Oh no! 2 or 3 games are going to be on PS4 too?!! They should fail, and we should be stuck with MT's, services,, and bare bones games!

Wtf is wrong with you people?

gamer780438d ago

going to be hoenst, I'm not a Spiderman fan or Horizon fan, I think sony really messed up not negotiating a deal for quantic dream, I love their games and one of the main reasons I bought my ps4. that said I'm still getting a ps5, just not at launch. I hope we hear what QD is working on next soon.

RgR38d ago (Edited 38d ago )


Well then what about demon souls or the platformers?

It's a diverse lineup available at launch. If you don't like any of it well it really isn't their fault.

neutralgamer199237d ago


QD got 100 million investment from a chinese company so they took the money and wanted to make games for other platforms. The type of games they make are only going to sell well on PlayStation and maybe pc

dietis_h37d ago

ppl act like it's the first time in history that sony made cross gen games. it's hilarious.

goldwyncq37d ago

You know how it goes here: It’s only a bad thing if MS does it and Sony gets praise for doing the exact same thing.

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Father__Merrin38d ago ShowReplies(1)
38d ago
bouzebbal38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Bro, xbox doesn't want to let go of that 3rd place.. It'll be so hard to take it from them 😂

Donnie8137d ago

Well Xbox isn’t in third place this gen so what are u talking about

RgR38d ago

A straight up lie is saying that all new games this year after ps5 launch will be exclusive for ps5 only.

They did not say that. There were crossgen games last time and there still are today.

The statement xbox made which they lied about is that all xbox games in the future would be playable throughout all their family of xboxs. That was then changed to only for the first couple of years. That is a straight up lie.

D3TH_D33LR38d ago

Hahahahaha boy I got news for you

TheTony31638d ago

Third place? Nice joke. That thing sold out in like a couple of hours here in germany. I bet it isn't any different worldwide.

throne38d ago

according to you sony has no class.....but amazing hardware and games

Sitdown37d ago

3rd place in what respect? Aaaand, Sony not just living for the holidays.

NeoGamer23237d ago

First, Sony will not come in third place. At worst they will be second place behind the Switch.

Second, I do think they purposely held back the strategy so that they could let MS take maximum levels of the heat and so they continued to look like the "good guy", but at the same time they are not classless. Sony continually delivers AAA GOTY type games. Every company tries to look like "the good guy" while trying to vilify the other companies. Sony is no different then Microsoft or Nintendo.

bouzebbal37d ago

Switch us behind PS4, and Nintendo will release new model next year.. Gonna hurt xbox more than they imagined

medman37d ago

I'm not happy with the way the conference or the preorders were handled....the thing that is confusing is how there could be so much misinformation about the games and what platforms they will be coming to in the conference, and how so much important information could be left out. The messaging was far from clear.

Having said that, I was fortunate to secure a preorder at 2-230 in the morning from best buy, which was the only site I could find throughout the previous night and that morning that broken as it was, still offered a chance of completing an order. After multiple refreshes in the cart and on the purchase pages, it finally went through, and I'm very happy about that. But it really shouldn't be this way. Many Sony supporting gamers are losing out on being able to preorder due to bots and scalpers. It's ridiculous and I find it personally unacceptable. I would never pay the exorbitant prices the scalpers are going to end up charging for the ps5, and I hope others do not pay the price.....that is the only way this nonsense will end, if we leave the scalpers with a bunch of consoles on their hands that they ultimately make no money from, and have to sell at retail price.

F0XH0UND92237d ago

Lol wut?

3rd place? They will be willing the floor with Xbox this holiday; hate to be the one to tell you.

Chevalier37d ago

By his logic Xbox is already behind the Switch so he thinks Xbox has a chance to beat Playstation? 😆 🤣

The Wood37d ago

c'mon guys dont fall for it. Just judge peoples sincerity by their consistency. If he can bemoan sony for 'lying' he would have already blown up redmond. His energy against the clear dominant brand isn't the same as it should be against the actual last place brand which has a perennial habit of over promising and underachieving

dietis_h37d ago

stop with your dramatics and fake concerns.

Darkborn37d ago

Your talking about one or two lies compared to hundreds.

RangerWalk26737d ago

@ Darkborn

You're correct. Sony has been notorious for lying through every generation. Microsoft has had some doozies themselves. But in the past year or so... Sony has completely dwarfed MS in the BS department.
But what does it matter? People always forgive and forget. They'll (myself included) will still buy their products.

In my opinion... MS has been more consumer friendly and transparent when it comes to the discussion of next gen products, games, and services. Also more consumer friendly. I love that all the games, headsets, and controllers will still work moving forward. Another big factor I'm liking MS approach to next gen is the free updates/enhancements to the games. Sony has typically not bothered doing them or made me buy a remastered version.

PrinterMan37d ago

Right. All Sony's fault. I trust you have ALL the facts to substantiate this??? Sumbag Sony! lol.

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RgR38d ago

That is insulting. I'm not offended but it is amazingly disrespectful.

Relientk7738d ago

Thanks for reminding me the day I pre-ordered my PS5 lol. I didn't need it though.

MajorLazer37d ago

My pre-order was confirmed yesterday with ShopTo :D thought for sure I was gonna miss out and wait an extra month or more. 18/09/20 ❤

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