Cancelled first person shooters on the Dreamcast

FreeckyCake writes: ''Looking back, Sega's console was nothing but an impressive piece of hardware back then. Sega's hardware was the only console that had the intention to port any first-person shooter that looked cooler and fun to play. Some of these games were well-known classics, cherished by classic fans, while other games were simply obscure. But fear not, because we are here to let you know about these games, and who knows, you might instantly start looking for them after reading this article about '' Cancelled first-person shooters on the Dreamcast ''.

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Jpinter77d ago

The Dreamcast was one of my favorite consoles back in the day

FreeckyCake77d ago

Hopefully, a Dreamcast mini one day

darthv7277d ago (Edited 77d ago )

half life and blue shift on the DC is quite impressive, even more-so than the PS2 ver.

FreeckyCake77d ago

Sega was surely aiming high with the Dreamcast, but sadly, many ports didn't happen.

BrainSyphoned76d ago

Craig would fit in any of these games.