Xbox Series X and S architect discusses Microsoft's two-console next-gen strategy

Regardless of how you feel about Microsoft's recently revealed two-system strategy, this generation of console gaming is set to be significantly different from the several eras that proceeded it.

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darthv7243d ago

These two are such radically different designs. I feel compelled to get both... just because.

AngelicIceDiamond43d ago

Interesting I think we all seemed to forget that the S and PS5 digital are their official only online consoles. No discs so the their store fronts will be the one stop place to buy everything. The 2013 plan came full circle after all. Now GameStop will go out of buissness for sure come next next gen I'm getting the discs versions not touching the pure digital versions.

RangerWalk26743d ago

You're exactly correct. It's funny to think Microsoft about got stoned to death for talking about an all digital console and always online. And now here we are... 2020 And it's all good and completely acceptable