Xbox Series S Game Sizes Will Be Smaller Than on Series X

From IGN: "Game install sizes are bigger than ever, so it’s not unreasonable to be worried about the storage capacity of the all-digital Xbox Series S. The lesser next-gen Xbox has a 512GB SSD, compared to a full 1TB on the more powerful Xbox Series X, however one saving grace is that game sizes will be smaller on the Series S.
In an interview with IGN, Xbox director of program management Jason Ronald confirmed that game install sizes will be approximately 30% smaller on the Series S than on the Series X. This is due to the reduced resolution texture packages needed for games on the Series S, which will be targeting 1440p resolution instead of 4K on the Series X."

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waverider44d ago

Of course they will. They arent next gen. The assets dont have the same quality. Its a low end console. Its not just the rez. Everything is lower quality. Light years behind a true next gen console.

SullysCigar44d ago

I mean it's even behind current gen consoles in some regards, so yeah.

Lower quality assets = lower file sizes... who knew?!

anubusgold43d ago

Its texture packs 4k textures can be 50+GB by itself thats why they are optional downloads.

NeoGamer23243d ago

Please provide your technical scientific analysis and factual proof that XSS is anything different then a XSX (or PS5 Digital for that matter) other then it will play games at 1440p rather than 4K.

Also, please provide required specs for a game device to be considered next gen. And please show that this is an industry standard agreed to by Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony.

The truth is you have no clue whether the device is next gen and you do not have a single fact to back it up.

waverider42d ago

First runs at 1080p and 144op. Rez of this gen. Every gen. The quality of gaming evolves. Then it cant even have the upgrades of a console of this gen. Then spec wise. Its closest to this gen then next gen. Better cpu and ssd doesnt make a console next gen. It got less RAM and bandwith then consoles of this gen. Gpu wise its low end. It cheap and good for casual. But its cross gen console.

NeoGamer23242d ago

Quite simply you did not provide anything other than your opinion.

The truth is that there is no real definition of specs to define next gen. The test will be as time rolls on and we see whether devts complain about developing on XSS or not.

Also, I doubt that the next Nintendo console will be as powerful as XSS. So I guess that can't be next gen too. Looks like the only one that will support your next gen definition is Sony. They are going it alone.

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DiRtY43d ago

That is great news.

If this decreases game files by 30%, you will be able to store as many games on it as on the PS5.

badz14943d ago all xbox games comes with 4K texture pack that will only be installed on the SX?

derektweed143d ago

As far as I know, if a game has a 4k assets, yes they will only be installed on the Series X. They have some kind of system to distinguish between what shall be installed on which version.

A more advanced version of what they do with the One X Enhancements.

anubusgold43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Been doing it on pc for 10 years now. I only install them on games that are easy to run like skyrim or rainbow 6 siege.

badz14942d ago

yeah, which means, devs have to do extra works for the xbox version from now on while the 4K texture pack will be the default setting for the PS5 thus less work for the devs

anubusgold42d ago

@badz149 Getting these games to run at 4k they are using tricks to make them run correctly like dropping detail and particle effects. It would look better at 1080p and 1440p with high frame rates and HDR and better texture detail. These consoles dont beat a 2080 super at 4k so compromises are being made to run at 4k. The series S will look just as good if they just focus on texture detail, particles , HDR lighting , ray tracing and frame rate get it above 60fps and it will look just as good as the 4k. 4K does not fix a ugly game people need to stop this mess.

Imortus_san43d ago

The Xbox One X games enhancements were much bigger then the One S, so this is only natural.