Sony's Frenzied PS5 Pre-Order Scheme Was A Chaotic But Genius Move To Upend Microsoft

From PSU: "Hey, remember when Sony’s Eric Lampel said that PS5 pre-orders “won’t happen with a minute’s notice?”, well it looks like very few people at Sony did either as PS5 pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 kicked off at midnight last night, shortly after platform holder’s eye-opening PS5 showcase.

Yes, it was less than ideal to be scrabbling around on the hunt for PS5 pre-orders so soon after the price and release date reveal of the console; especially as many outlets such as Target, Walmart and Amazon have now stopped taking pre-orders for the time being."

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SullysCigar38d ago

We got like half a day's notice. Not enough.

That said, we all knew that the event was on and that the price/preorder would likely be around then too, so I guess those that were most desperate to get one had their chance before the mainstream.

You snooze, you lose. Thankfully, I didn't snooze! :^D

darthv7238d ago

It was pretty nuts seeing people post link after link on fb and then others replying with sold out. You know scalpers are already posting preorders on offerup and ebay.

SullysCigar38d ago

Scalping really is a dirty business.

SaveFerris38d ago

Scalpers gonna scalp. Last gen it was the same with the mad rush.

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Teflon0238d ago

Lol in Ontario Canada it's like $711 after tax for the disc which is no surprise because our weak ass dollar. But I was seeing on the markplaces like FB and kijiji ppl are selling confirmed preorders for $1000 lmao. These preorders aren't even paid yet. So you're paying just for a confirmation lol. I hope stock really is suppose to be better and they don't make money off that garbage scalper crap

danny81838d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Scalpers 100% everyone was working man. Sony said they wouldn’t do this. Someone posted on my ig they bought 3.

NecrumOddBoy38d ago

People on ebay selling this thing for about $1000.

DarXyde37d ago

Scalpers usually use bots, so in a sense, the moment's notice approach blindsided everyone.

Not ideal, but I suspect we're going to see lower incidents of scalping.

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SamPao38d ago

Like this everyone has the same chance :D scammers and gamers

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ziggurcat38d ago

To be fair, they opened pre-orders for the PS4 live on stage for their big reveal at E3.

SullysCigar38d ago

True fact and good point. Actually, I don't recall a massive fuss over that at the time. Not like this anyway!

DeadManMMX38d ago

That’s not what happened here. Sony said one thing and something else happened. A lot of people have good reason to be upset.

SullysCigar38d ago

^ DeadManMMX, agreed, but if they'd given us a week's notice, we'd still lose out to scalpers, so I'm not sure it's made a difference to gamers getting consoles. Some scalpers use buying software - no prodding at F5 is going to beat that. They're scum.

ziggurcat38d ago

Not really much different - in both cases pre-orders went live almost immediately.

And it's retailers who broke the date, so don't blame or get upset with Sony. It's not their fault, and honestly, the frenzy would have been the same regardless of whether retailers followed the rules yesterday, today or next week.

Teflon0238d ago

I'm pretty sure Walmart boldly broke the preorder date and time to look cool and I guess sell out preorders first. The others followed along because of it and I guess sony said F it, everyone go. It was messy as I got a call when I was sleeping from my cousin saying he preordered. I tried and it was sold out. Then tried another site and after 30 mins of pages taking 5 mins to load. It went through. So I guess I get frustration but I expected the immediate preorders after the showcase anyways

SamPao37d ago

The ones that are upset are the ones that didnt get one.
They shpuld just relax they will have more.. its all good

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Marquinho38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Now it's genius to contradict yourself?

Well, it's Playstation Universe. I know those guys very well. (Like yes... I do know them)

Atom66638d ago


The stock is the stock. I don't know about other retailers, but what was the point of Sony's email notifications if this is the outcome?

Also, I'm not sure how it's wise to have your limited supply go up for preorders first.

If someone couldn't snag a next gen system, and don't want to spend $1,000+ on ebay, maybe some of them go and just grab an Xbox next week instead. At least if you had Xbox go first, people could ignore it and hold out for PS5.

MajorLazer38d ago

Half a day? More like a few hours. Once one retailer broke the deadlock, everyone else rushed in. I watched the showcase live and once they said they'll go live on a certain date, I checked the websites just in case, saw nothing was live and went to sleep. Wake up and I see everything is sold out. I am pissed, will have to wait a month or month and a half now after launch to get one :/

poppatron38d ago

It depends where on the world you are, in England it was only a few hours, in America it must’ve been almost half a day

Patrick238d ago (Edited 38d ago )

You are not alone. I watched the showcase with no preorder date given, but I kept checking some stores anyway just to make sure. Then I saw a story on here about a Sony tweet stating pre orders beginning "tomorrow" (now today) and so I started dinner with my family. At 8 my son says Best buy is selling it, we all (4 of us) jump on and add to cart,...but it would never let us get completely thru checkout. It just kept hanging up at different places and then kicking us back to cart until they suddenly went sold out. While 2 of us were working on best buy, the other 2 were going to walmart, target and gamestop. All sold out. My son stayed up till after midnight on Amazon and right before his eyes it went from a page that didnt even exist, to currently unavailable, to sold out and he never even saw it available.
It was a crap show and though it wasnt entirely the fault of Sony, they should have ensured it was handled better. I am disappointed and disgusted by the whole mess, and I am a long time Sony fanboy.

RosweeSon38d ago

Blame the majority of retailers who obviously didn’t understand tomorrow doesn’t mean hours after the show

Petebloodyonion38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I'm sorry but I do put the blame on Sony because they gave a lot of misleading info in the event that was corrected after on twitter.
1) Spiderman Miles Morales is releasing on the console launch for Ps4 and Ps5, not holidays 2020 (confirm by Insomniac via twitter)
2) The Demon soul's error in human exclusivity.

Now last I checked there are penalties for breaking dates just like selling a game before the launch date (thus the famous midnight sale) so I doubt that all major companies would break a date for fun especially when they know that they will fill all of them.

monkey60238d ago

But Pete no street date was broken! Nobody physically got a console. They got a place on a supply list. Some places have even made a preliminary list months ago. Theres nothing can be done about it really

RosweeSon38d ago

Pete they had holidays on the trailer for Spider-Man as it came before they revealed the date of the console they not gonna put it on the end of a trailer and then at the end of event go oh the consoles out on this day yeah we know it was on the end of the Spider-Man trailer 20? Mins ago. Sort of ruins their own presentation no?

Sony haven’t broken any dates they specially said tomorrow and retailers jumped the gun they don’t control GAME/Amazon and the thousands of retailers worldwide who couldn’t help themselves but start securing pre orders before they even know how much stock they are getting launch day. That’s retailers jumping the gun like it’s retailers who break the rules if your getting the game a day or 2 early which is a good thing so what the actual 😑🤷🏻‍♂️ 😂

Blade9238d ago

I was about to snag 4 pre orders. Sadly one of them is the gamestop bundle but I know my old lady will love it.

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isarai38d ago

I drive all around town this morning and they all say they sold out last night, like WTF!?

Also what was the point in signing up for that "first to preorder" thing from Sony?

Oh well, i'm sure they'll be more waves before release

ziggurcat38d ago

"Also what was the point in signing up for that "first to preorder" thing from Sony?"

That was for pre-ordering directly from Sony, not other retailers.

LostinthePANIC38d ago

And I'm glad I did sign up, because I got an e-mail stating I was selected!

mark3214uk38d ago

you dont have to pay yet so why was it not enough notice? the event had enough notice and i think we all knew the price and pre order days was going to be announced

Christopher38d ago

A lot of pre-orders do have you pay now. At least in the U.S.

medman38d ago

You snooze you lose? Is that what is to be expected after the wordwide head of Sony global marketing said gamers would get adequate notice of preorder information and gamers would not be blindsided? Stop your nonsense. This was/is an unmitigated disaster of Sony's own making. Their messaging has not been clear, nor has their implementation. Horrible.

ActualWhiteMan38d ago

Im gonna buy one from a scalper, and send them back an empty box and get my money back from eBay. Serves them right.

Neonridr38d ago

in Canada it was even less notice. We had preorders by like 8-9pm at places like Best Buy, EB Games and Walmart. Legit it went from no date for preorders, then it was select retailers tomorrow, then it was like maybe later tonight, then poof they started with no advanced warning.

It was chaotic for sure, but I'm willing to bet Sony wanted to be first to the preorder table to take away from the Series S attractive price. Plus those on the fence for a Series X / PS5 might have been swayed by the availability of the one sooner than the other.

Seraphim38d ago

it was a shite show... and I'm pissed AF. woke up early to catch the showcase and hopefully get a pre-order. Despite them saying pre-orders open tomorrow I kept checking Amazon along with a couple other outlets occasionally to get a pre-order in because I had a feeling shite might go down. At 9:30 Eastern I got an email from Best Buy. Not my preferred choice but ok, whatever. Seen it at 9:50 and for 30+ minutes I couldn't get to checkout. No luck elsewhere. Amazon search finally pulled up a PS5 page later that night but already unavailable. Prior to that I'd check the gaming section every 30 minutes to see if it was posted there but they only had a PS5 info page. No purchase page. And idk wtf it is with Amazon but I can keep searching every 10 minutes and it will not pull up the product page and once it finally does, unavailable. Same thing happened with some Limited/Collectors Editions the past couple years...

Sad, disappointed, you name it. It looks like this is going to be the first PS console since the OG Playstation I don't get at launch; though the PS2 I didn't get until about 3 weeks after launch. PS3 launch night, PS4 launch date. And idk how much more interest I could've shown in PS to actually get an invite from them. Unless they looked at digital libraries in which case bs. I was a Gamer Advisory Panel member back in the day, a forum MVP, I've owned every PS console and a TON of exclusives and other games. PS2 era I had 400+ titles. PS3 I had 200+. I got my PS4 at launch along with a Pro and a second Pro because my 1st took a shit then had to send them both in this Summer because the newest one was overheating and closing in on being out of warranty. Couldn't bring myself to go back to the OG PS4 so paid to get old one fixed then sent new one in under warranty. This gen I haven't bought as many games but I'm still sitting on roughly 200 purchased games. again, a bit peeved, sad, disappointed. yes, yes, it's only a console, blah blah blah. doesn't suck any less. And to everyone on ebay. suck a fat ****. I know it won't happen but I HOPE no one buys your overpriced shit

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waverider38d ago

Its getting crazy. Next week Sony will say that 5 millions got pré order on the first 24 hours....

DJStotty38d ago

not likely, but I commend your faith and enthusiasm

Stanjara38d ago

You do realise that every console they've got is gone.
Do the math.

Nodoze38d ago

4.5 million of which are on Ebay. Thanks Sony. I am PISSED.

RosweeSon38d ago

500/600 = 4.5 million 😏😑🤷 27995;‍♂️

Thatgrammar38d ago


There are currently 21,000+ results for “Playstation 5” on ebay and I scrolled through 40 pages with 30 items per page. The average price of the 1,200 console offers I saw was between $800-$1,000 USD for a console. I even saw one for $2,020 USD. There is probably 100,000 scalped PS5’s out there (could for sure be more). There probably isn’t 4.5 million scalped PS5’s though. Either way, Its truly awful. Scalpers are the worst. Making money off of other peoples products because they want to screw over someone who actually wants said product.

itsmebryan38d ago

Just wait. I will be selling at least one in December. I'm going to try to get at least 4.

GamerRN38d ago

The article says it's genius of Sony to drain the wallets if the fence sitters before Microsoft goes on sale. The only people who got to buy the PS5 were scalpers and a few hardcore gamers. Unfortunately this makes the opposite happen and the majority of gamers have a full healthy wallet

MajorLazer38d ago

Yeah, honest people missed out and scalpers will have a field day come launch date.

raiden_18838d ago

I just had a look on Very at 7.30am and managed to get one. It was quite jammy really as I was disappointed to read before then that pre orders started at midnight.

throne38d ago

or perhaps fans looking forward to playing their games preordered? like a lot of people do....being sold out means a heck of people went for it not just scalpers and a few fans

ziggurcat38d ago

Being a hardcore gamer has little to do with anything, I think - it's just people who had the wherewithal to keep a close eye on retail sites. I got two pre-orders in - one at BestBuy yesterday afternoon, and the other from Amazon when they made it available at midnight.

I did cancel my BestBuy order once my Amazon order was confirmed because I prefer how Amazon handles things (i.e. not charging until it's shipped, and they do at least try to ensure that you have it on Day 1 - BB said November 16 as the delivery date).

itsmebryan38d ago

Plus, who doesn't have $35 a month. I think we will see a lot more people with 2 systems this time around.

The Wood37d ago

Lol. Man said jammy. .

If you know you know.

nitroxhotshot37d ago

Not true at all, you clearly weren't on the ball. Didn't sign up to any retailers notification for PS5... they all had them

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Father__Merrin38d ago

Just imagine 6 million day one

SirBruce38d ago

It is far cheaper than an iPhone.

CaptainObvious87838d ago

It's an actual proper upgrade and isn't pathetically and pretentiously overpriced.

You're dam right it's not an iphone!

kneon38d ago


And will last longer than an iphone

catlover31637d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Well you guys don’t really know what you are talking about. Go to anandtech to learn more about the iPhone...
iPhone is supported for 6 years and has by far the best soc on a phone every year. Android phones are still slower than last years model and barely get any support. If you want to bash Apple, at least educated yourself a little. You can even go to android authority and read a great article about what iPhones are so much faster and how their soc costs so much more to make. I don’t care what your favourite clueless YouTube personality says, look at the actual spec and facts. Why are people so tech illiterate/ignorant? /rant

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boing138d ago

I've secured mine today. YAY!!

Flawlessmic38d ago

I got my pre order in 2 mins after eb games went live with the pre order, thank god it popped up on my facebook.

12/11 here i come babyyyyy, give me some of that spider man and demon souls!!

ClayRules201238d ago

That’s great to hear!

I’m looking forward to both games! Demon Souls tho, oh it’s gonna get ugly at my house😭😂

Flawlessmic38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Ohh tell me about i barely got past latrias tower on the ps3, however i have faired a lot better on recent games like blood borne and ds3 so hoping the second time around with demons wont be such a shock to the system lol

ClayRules201238d ago

I can totally relate there with you. Hopefully this second time around won’t be...but don’t hold your breath lol.