Neocrisis: New The Conduit Scans

Neocrisis: 2 scans from Game Informer reveal more information about the game.

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ChickeyCantor4246d ago

Do Want!
I couldn't give a f about the visuals, i hope the controlls are solid.

ape0074246d ago

yep it looks really good

I want you to know something man

graphics are important,yes every TRUE gamer agree that graphics aren't everything,you must come with an excellent gameplay,design,story to pack this up

here's the thing,graphics can elevate the whole game\gameplay experience to a new hights,not possible to achieve even if the same team involved,that is a fact and it's proven

see dead rising on wii it suffered cause of graphics,imagine R2,mgs4,uncharted,cod5(will wii version was decent but not spictacular)

saying I don't give a f*** about graphics seems wrong


ChickeyCantor4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

I didn't give a f because this magazine is trying to push graphics as the most important thing here.

I know that "gfx" are important but to a certain extend.
From what i understand the Conduit looks good, period.
That's enough for me.

I just want a great control scheme with this one because i played FPS games allot and GFX arent the things i'm looking for with these games.

What is important to me is Art style for example, and yes and heavy gfx can support any kind of art-style, but it's not always needed.
Ofcourse great gfx are a plus. But a game like Windwaker still does it for me because the game as a whole creates an amazing mood.

GFX are a factor but not the factor that should decide wether a game is good or bad(unless the game concept is about gfx).
Lots of games on the Ps3 or 360 have beefed up gfx but still suck...
If the gameplay at its core sucks, then who cares about gfx?

I want the conduit to succeed, i havn't played a FPS in a long time.
I just hope the controls, the gfx are great by "wii" standards as we know why should i worry about the gfx? HVS should deliver a great controll scheme... its all i want with this game.

kesvalk4246d ago

i am the only one that noticed the Haze like guy on the second pic? on the bottom left?

ChickeyCantor4246d ago

No i noticed that too and it actually made me laugh...
I hope these guys ripp off more stuff like that, i don't mind having a bit of everything in a game xD.

SinnedNogara4245d ago

I noticed that too, but the Mantel suits are (censored) awesome!!!!! Just more reasons to get excited for this game. Now imagine if they rip off the Grenade Launcher from MGS4, and the BFG-9000 from Doom. That would be sweet. They should give us dozens of weapons now because they won't be able to have DLC in the future. And the fact The Conduit 2 won't appear until late 2010 to mid 2011.

BoneMagnus4246d ago

Ha Ha! I kill me! Hahahahahahaha...hahaha...ha.. .ha......?

I'm sorry, its just that EVERY person I know who bought a Wii NEVER plays it.

ChickeyCantor4246d ago

by everyone, do you mean 3 to 4 people?

SinnedNogara4246d ago

The botton left pick looks like something from the multiplayer mode. Finally! I thought that we would have to wait until late January to Early February to learn this. These picks are impressive. I am buying this game. If this game is forced to use friend codes and when the game comes out PM me.

mastiffchild4246d ago

I still use my Wii between PS3 sessions and, tbh, The Conduit is set to fill a void that we know should have been filled ages ago. When I first neard about the controls for the then Revolution I immediately thought how cool a FPS would be to play but only MP3 and the homebrew version of Quake have got near. Now Metroid games are more than a shooter and the lack of online slightly devalued the great Corruption and hardly anyone got to play the Quake port but if The Conduit takes their template and adds more control(even better with motion plus I would guess)then we'll finally get the game that puts Wii where it should be in shooters-back in the race. I mean I love Resistance and COD4 on PS but to finally have the game that I thought would be the best genre on Wii is great. It looks like it's gonna be great too-cool looks and sharp controls by all accounts so far(only Gamesradar have reservations but their love for MS is getting silly)I'm looking forward to this one massively and hope it delivers on the undoubted promise.

SinnedNogara4245d ago

I just wish as of now that id Software makes a Wii version of Quake, Doom, and Wolfenstein. You've read my articles have you?? Just imagine a remake of these games (The originals and their sequels) on the Wii with full online play, Wii Remote & Nunchuk, WiiSpeak, Wii MotionPlus, Classic Controller and Gamecube Controllers. (Man, I think too much).

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