'No One Should Be Disappointed at PS5 Exclusives Also Launching on PS4', Says Sony

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan said no one should be disappointed at the news that some PS5 exclusives are actually also launching on PS4.

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Sonyslave338d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Lol didn't he say back in May that he believes in generations and creating experience that only possible on the ps5 😆

Dude straight up lied to us, make you wonder what else is lying about. Damn Sony some cold bloody mutha fakers let MS take the heat for cross gen games for 5 months just to low key do the same.

blackblades38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

If that was the exact quote that wasnt lying, lying would've been saying none of these games are going to be on ps4 and then now saying they will be on ps4. Y'all just assumed that every game was ps5 only.

sampsonon38d ago

Shhhh! lent him vent. It's like dealing with a whiny toddler, you need them to cry themselves to sleep sometimes.

GamerRN38d ago

Actually they did say the games would be explosive to this generation. If you read the full quotes you'll see they stated that they said in response to Xbox being cross gen that they would focus on PS5 and bring only games that could only work with next gen features.

They lied...

Marquinho38d ago

Not only it was a lie but it was a very low way of acting. Also... where is the console? We're almost October and nobody has seen it. What's the deal with backwards compatibility? Will those game be improved just like in XSX or they will just "run" on PS5. Are we getting free upgrades from TLOU2 and Ghost of Tsushima?

This is information the userbase deserve to know. You have Microsoft unveiling every single bit of information they can since December 2019. They have taken a lot of heat for being honest (and making mistakes while doing so), and now Sony raises the prices of their games and contradicts themselves by releasing next-gen games on PS4 and they don't expect anyone to be disappointed? This is ridiculous.

RauLeCreuset38d ago

"If that was the exact quote that wasnt lying, lying would've been saying none of these games are going to be on ps4 and then now saying they will be on ps4. Y'all just assumed that every game was ps5 only."

I was starting to think reading comprehension is a lost art.

RauLeCreuset38d ago


Produce the quote and link where they stated they would bring ONLY games that could ONLY work with next gen features.

darthv7238d ago

Just like with MS, this is a really good decision. Most games for a new gen start out as ones for a current gen. So it makes sense to finish them for current while making them work for next gen as well. Too many times have people said "this new game looks like last gen" its because it started that way.

Im not upset at all. I expect more first party cross gen next year as well.

bouzebbal38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

That's called commitment to loyal fans who don't have 500 bucks to throw-in a new hardware day one but are excited to get more games on the console they have..
Very unexpected nice move about Horizon

AngelicIceDiamond38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

"Y'all just assumed that every game was ps5 only."

Who's "y'all" exactly? Major gaming outlets and major YT channels reporting since early this year after MS said the first year or 2 will be cross gen. Then Sony at that time said their games will be built from the ground up for PS5. Then reiterated again before their first showcase. That's been their campaign all year up until yesterday. I guess you were the only one that saw Sony had those PS4 versions through out those smoke and mirrors?

Sunny_D38d ago

He did lie. They said that exactly. There’s no going around it.

Marquinho38d ago

Anyone endorsing this is either endorsing lying or misleading. There's no way to go around it:


By the way, this price increase will favor Game Pass. A lot of people won't be willing to spend so much money in games.

4Sh0w38d ago


“We do believe in generations, and whether it’s the DualSense controller, whether it’s the 3D audio, whether it’s the multiple ways that the SSD can be used... we are thinking that it is time to give the PlayStation community something new, something different, that can really only be enjoyed on PS5.” -Jim Ryan, Playstation Head May 29th, 2020

"It isn’t just about faster loading time. You take a great developer like Insomniac and they found a way to say ‘ok look, here’s a game that could only be made on PlayStation 5, on this generation, using this technology."

"When asked if it would be possible to make the same game for PlayStation 5, Lempel elaborates: “It would be a different experience. According to everything Insomniac has told us, this hardware allows them to deliver on this vision. They could not make it [on PlayStation 4]. If they did it would just be different. You would be playing a different type of game and the experience would be different.” -Eric Lempel, Playstation Global Marketing July 17, 2020

-Why defend that?

Babadook738d ago (Edited 38d ago )

If he had said “all ps5 games should be next gen only” he lied. He didn’t say that explicitly. He said “[some] games should be next gen only”. So far this seems to be true. IE Demons Souls.

The more important part is that XSX games look like cross gen, and ps5 games look better.

JBlaze22638d ago

blackblades that is lying to the first degree. if you feel otherwise then your just in denial.

Unspoken38d ago

Wow, Sony has to tell their fans not to cry about their decision to release on PS4, we need a fire department to put out those burns 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🤦‍♂️

These guys were absolutely raked over the coals by Sony and they keep asking for more...

Babadook738d ago (Edited 38d ago )


They don't have to tell "fans" that. The fans don't care because they see next gen games. Now being on PS4 doesn't change what they showed. They have to tell trolls like you.

"Yes! Now I can play the garbage port that is Horizon Zero Dawn and brute force my way through all the stutters and fps drops."

Steppenwolfmother37d ago

Your quote from insomniac about “only being possible on PS5” was talking about Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart which is only coming to PS5, not Spider-Man Miles Morales. So they didn’t lie at all.

Sony said they believe in making games only for PS5, which they are doing. It’s the press and fans that have filled the blanks and assumed that meant all games

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pwnmaster300038d ago (Edited 38d ago )

That’s the art of business.
He didn’t really just twisted the words to make it, that’s that PR bs.

I don’t mind the cross gen since I don’t think I’ll be able to get the PS5 but it raises questions.

1. Will it hold back the PS5
2. If it doesn’t will it mean PS4 owners will get shitty version of the game, where the game is to advance for the hardware. For example Witcher 3 on the switch
I feel like Sony should Of just let the exclusive first party go To only ps5.

Alexious38d ago

Yeah, I would have preferred if they were PS5 only.

sampsonon38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Shitty version? That's a little harsh no? It won't be the best version, but that's to be expected no? I think it's smart to have these games, especially because of the pandemic and the loss of income people have suffered across the world, then for the ps4 to just dry up. I mean there are over 100 million ps4's out there and Sony knows that sales for the ps5 won't be great because of the shortage and the economy. They can't make a 100 million game and then try to sell it to just 10 million people.
I wouldn't worry too much, the next batch of games will be all ps5. And from the Miles Morales game play the ps4 hasn't held anything back.
There were no Craig trailers in the event for Sony.

RgR38d ago

1. It would only hold back the ps5 if those exclusives were orginally designed for ps5 and not ps4 which is likely the case.
2. PS4 owners, if #1 is correct, will get the normal versions of the games and ps5 owners will get the remastered equivalent of the last of us on ps4.

Saigon38d ago

Question, has Sony ever stated that they would be PS5 exclusive?

Chris1238d ago

It was blatantly misleading. How many posts did we see on N4G lauding Miles Morales as a true next gen title and how MS's plan would hold back next gen titles. Not one of you Sony fans would accept it was a PS4 game with prettier graphics.

On top of that you still have no idea what exactly is inside the console.

PS5 will be a great console but lets hope some people on N4G accept Sony is perfectly capable of sharp practice and are only interested in $$$$ just like any other business.

pwnmaster300038d ago


Yeah that’s what I’m thinking also. With the possible pandemic, they could of made a last minute decision to release the game on the PS4 to boost sales, but that will still be a rushed game.

38d ago
pwnmaster300038d ago


I’m pretty sure insomniac been said miles was for the PS4 also.

I think your thinking of horizon.

sampsonon38d ago

"1. Will it hold back the PS5 "

Did you see the Spider-Man game play? Graphics looked stunning. RT looked great and the Particles looks next gen. I mean if it looked like Craig i could understand the backlash, but no Craig was at the event. So chill and let the company make money for more great games until they sell a few more PS5's. People are going through hard times because of the pandemic and Sony was having a hard time producing ps5's. This was the right decision for sure. Now in a couple yrs if they are still doing it, which they won't because they are trying to sell ps5's, then i could understand the backlash. #NOCRAIGHERE.

Sitdown38d ago


Just because Spiderman looked good, it doesn't mean it wasn't held back from looking even more stunning. And stop with the pandemic talk, the hard times didn't just pop up, we have been at this for 6 months for now, and show me the article where Sony said they were having production problems. They even came out and refuted claims of cutbacks.

No Way38d ago

Sampsonon - maybe not shitty per se, however.. if the game was designed for the PS5 with PS5 controller features, it could really bog down and change the feel of the PS4 copy. Making it, possibly, no way near as good as the PS5 copy.

sampsonon38d ago

@No Way:
"Making it, possibly, no way near as good as the PS5 copy."

And in no way should it be. It's two different gens. All it does is scratch the itch of ps4 players so we have something good to play until they 1. have enough consoles made so people can buy them and 2. people have more time to save up for the ps5. They said the games are a one time payment and we can play the ps5 version when we upgrade.

I see nothing wrong here.

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sampsonon38d ago

You won't see a craig game so i wouldn't worry about it so much.

38d ago
38d ago
throne38d ago

they're releasing ps5 only exclusives to which are also heavy hitters so not really...I'll be playing all on ps5

mrsolidsteel2038d ago


It definitely was misleading, we all assumed that these two titles were going to be PS5 only games.

But we will see soon enough if Sony is telling the truth, that both HFW and SM: M is taking advantage of the PS5 hardware.

In any case you seemed really bothered by this decision.

If it’s really bothering you that much just don’t buy the system, that will send a message to Sony (somewhat).

It’s definitely a better than you coming on this thread bitching about it.

UnSelf38d ago

No, Sony. I’m disappointed in how y’all handled the fkn preorders

RgR38d ago

These are ps4 games that are also launching on ps5. Any dimwit can see that as obvious. When they started production it was being made for the ps4.

Just like The last of us for the ps3 was remastered a really short time after it released so that it could also be on the ps4.

There will likely be very few actual launch exclusives. Demon Souls being the most prominent one.

darthv7238d ago

Pretty much all the ps5 games started out as ps4. Its just some are getting finished instead of shifting to only next gen.

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Marquinho38d ago

That's the biggest Karma slap of the whole generation.

And do NOT overlook this: Sony has increased their games prices. This is basically the definite push the market needed to stablish higher game prices.

SullysCigar38d ago

I really don't think so. Even in the last 24 hours, when certain people (...) were having a party because Demons Souls was 'coming to PC and probably Xbox' - going on about how amazing the game looks and they can wait to play it on their new graphics cards....until that was proven inaccurate and it's only on PS5 after all.

That was a pretty big slap, I think.

Marquinho38d ago

Is that true? That's the way you actually think? I'm having a hard time believing it.

Sony makes a huge mistake in their trailer in regards to Demon Soul's platforms (embarrassment) and in the small texts somewhere they unveil they're "teaming up" with Take 2 to increase game prices to $70 and you're happy because someone, somewhere got pumped about Sony's mistake... Just Wow.

Parasyte38d ago

Is it me, or is Sony starting to sound like Microsoft did last gen?

SullysCigar38d ago

It's not just you, there's a few others that hear whatever they want to hear too.

jalutaja37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

At least xbox players rise voice and vote with wallet. Which leads to loosing mandatory kinect and always online.

Rude-ro38d ago

“Straight up lies”..

You just have no clue how game engines work.
Every gen Sony puts themselves into pickles redesigning hardware beyond the norm and having to rewrite game engines every gen. Ie why bc became an issue.

Sonys developers this gen, yet again, rewrote game engines.. but this time thinking forward.

You just have to realize what “next gen” means..
And that is through new and innovative games.

Halo ran on the same engine for two generations.... was it ever next gen? No.
Unless you are only referring to pixels, textures, and particles with a little more breathing room for any ai improvements.

Cod? Is still a modified 1998 game engine.
Every iteration “could” run on any hardware dating back to said era.. you just have to drastically cut back textures, resolution, and performance with next to no particles.

Spider man will run at twice the frame rate with more pixels, more particles, Ray tracing, and such on the ps5. Next gen?
The 3070/3080 graphics cards are only improving performance with higher resolutions and Ray tracing... next gen?
None of the games are “next gen”.

This gen for Sony is more of adapting to these new game engines and pushing the envelope with the hardware.

Launch games, to date, have always been able to perform on the previous gen... it is just a matter of dialing back the extra bells and whistles but all companies used the new eye candy to sell the new hardware.

Making mountains out of mole hills from THE most dependable gaming company to date over a launch line up is funny... especially that this gen proved that game engines matter.
Microsoft went three years with the most powerful console and what did we get.. crackdown 3? Gears of war? Both on last gen engines both in looks and performance.
Sony was already a generation ahead due to Microsoft complete lack of innovation per not making games.

Microsoft is cheap. They sell the idea of power but gave a corporately constricted development team old tech and had them squeezing out copy and paste games with a random story generator.
Cool. They are games...
But when halo infinite was shown off.. you literally saw exactly what I described.. more power on an old game engine that made everyone cringe.
Add that to the laughable baron wasteland of their AAA games for the last 9 years... and you will see why people are making fun of Microsoft.

Sony... if you have an issue with them.. Then it is just personal.
Kicking a company down for their 25 years of innovating gaming is a joke when Microsoft just provided the cheapest generation of gaming while releasing more console variations than new AAA ips and the ones they did offer were all on 2nd gen game engines.

So have the pretend concerns... while I laugh at the iqs selling this tale

Aussiesummer38d ago

Look at the pre order bullshit they pulled. What a great way to start off hey.

medman38d ago

Given that God of War came out in 2018 and we're getting Ragnorok in 2021, along with Horizon Forbidden West, I think it's fairly safe to assume the new God of War will be cross gen just as Horizon is. It's not ideally what I want, but I will play the hell out of both of those games and enjoy them anyway. I really don't understand how Sony got some of their marketing wrong though. They implicitly stated they believed in generations and that ps5 games would not be cross gen, but it appears that at least for games releasing in 2020 and 2021, that is not the case. Hard to understand how they screwed that up given how long games take to develop...they would have known all along they were being co-developed for ps4 and ps5

RauLeCreuset38d ago

Where are you all getting that a belief in generations and providing generation exclusive experiences constitutes completely cutting off the PS4?

Sony is giving away with the PS5 the next gen exclusive sequel to an excellent PSVR game touted for innovations it brought to the 3rd person platformer genre in VR. That game is designed around the Dual Sense controller and is launching Day 1. Demon's Souls remake is next gen exclusive and launching Day 1. Ratchet and Clank is aimed for a launch window release and clearly designed around the SSD.

That's 3 next gen exclusives being published by Sony in the launch window that I know about. This narrative so many are running with doesn't begin to make sense unless it was said there would be no more support for PS4.

darthv7238d ago

GoW and GT7 will likely be PS4 games as well. And it would keep with the tradition of getting two GT and GoW games per gen. That isnt a bad thing. It makes sense that first party titles slated for release in the next year would be cross gen. That is essentially what MS has stated (and got reamed for) but there is merit to doing this and it wont impact the PS5 or its versions in any way.

RauLeCreuset38d ago

Where is the lie? For that matter, where is the logic? The internet detectives would have us believe they've unraveled some clandestine plot in which Jim Ryan lied about cutting off PS4 support entirely in order to deceive the masses, only to reveal the truth before Sony could benefit from a single pre-order.

medman38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

It's the mixed messaging that is the problem....even in Sony's conference, turns out hey, guess what? Spider-Man and Horizon, which were believed to be coming only to ps5, are coming to ps4...and that gets revealed by who? Sony? No....Geoff Keighley. Then the trailer which was shown at the conference for Demon Souls was taken down off Sony's website, only to be replaced with a Demon's Souls trailer which removed the mention of it coming to PC. Apparently, the messaging on Final Fantasy 16 is also incorrect, as it may in fact not be a console exclusive after all, just a timed exclusive. Add to that the horrific implementation of the preorder rollout for ps5 and it being a complete mess, all after Sony's worldwide marketing head stated in August that preorders would not happen with a minutes notice, that gamers would not be blindsided. How is that working out?

I love Sony's first party exclusives, but there is no excuse after having ample time to get this strategy right (and delaying delaying delaying price and release date for months) that this turned into such a mess all the way around. No excuse. These are the heads of Sony and the head of marketing we're talking about, not some random marketing exec who may have spoken out of turn. And this is a presentation they surely have been working on for quite some time, and for it to mix the messaging and not be crystal clear? Abysmal.

RauLeCreuset38d ago

That doesn't address the question I asked in response to the comment that "dude straight up lied to us."

Ashunderfire8638d ago (Edited 38d ago )

They also flat out lied 🤥 about the preorders not releasing without a moment notice. They said preorders today! All retailer stores except for Amazon didn’t follow orders and we still don’t have preorders available for the PlayStation website? It has been a disaster trying to preorder the PS5! Many people reported that they waited for hours trying to press the checkout button, only for it to say out of stock smh 🤦‍♂️ I even callled GameStop and this employee told me that he wasn’t notified about preorders until after the fact, and Walmart open the floodgates both stores sold out of PS5 in minutes! A Twitter user has a backlink to Amazon preorders before it went Live at 12am!!! No preorders available!!! What a joke!

medman38d ago

I feel your pain. I did a bit of drinking after the Sony conference, paid no attention to phone or emails, and later on that night I discovered retailers were offering pre-orders early, before the Sept. 17th date Sony mentioned on their website/twitter but didn't even bother to mention in their conference. I went online to several retailers and was shhhh outta luck at all of them. Went to bed, woke up around 2-230 am and decided to give it a shot. None of the retailers outside of Best Buy even had available options. Best Buy website was still having problems, but after several refreshes and broken pages I managed to order one....did it through paypal so the money was immediately withdrawn... secured the 499 model. Gamers should never have to work so hard to preorder a console they are willing to support.

Sony severely dropped the ball here, after stating that gamers would not be blindsided and gamers would have adequate notice of preorder information. The way it rolled out was just absolutely ridiculous, and people absolutely were in fact blindsided. I guess we all should have known this was going to be a complete clusterfluck when Sony starting giving out invitations for the right to sign up to be notified when they would give you the honor of preordering a console from them, but only if they deemed your account worthy. It smacks of ps3 arrogant Sony all over again. I hope this is not the case, but they have done themselves some damage to the good will they have built over the years since that ps3 debacle.

darthv7238d ago

Come to team green and get a preorder when they say its going to happen... and stick to their word.

Kribwalker38d ago ShowReplies(2)
BillyG0AT38d ago

Thing is, they've done that for years. Let MS take the flak for going in different directions, then outright copy what they did when it dies down.

Gameplayer138d ago

I'm feeling kinda sorry for you,Mr Toddler!! 😂😂😂

AngelicIceDiamond38d ago

He's telling everyone now that nobody should be disappointed about it. His reps literally used an example that MM would only be possible on PS5. Of course 4k RT and 60 frames can only be done on PS5 of course. But they made it sound like the engine, animations the blue print and architecture was only done possible on PS5. In which we know it isn't.

Christopher38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

While I am not happy with their decision, what you are saying isn't necessarily a lie since they've also said that they've been building games specific to the PS5 from the ground up. If the PS4 games are ports, that could make sense.

I do note that R&C or Demon's Souls aren't mentioned as being on PS4 because both of those look like the concepts they use are truly next gen only in design. Ports from those would take a lot more work than turning off RTX on Spider-Man.

I am most disappointed to hear that HFW is going to be on PS4. I will be truly upset if they don't take advantage of what is there for their open world. I know the first game was very limited loading and fully open world, but I was hoping to see much more with the SSD enhancements and everything else. I really hope they are doing backward ports from PS5 development and not straight parallel, single design development.

Xrenegade38d ago

Yeah it is kinda crazy. They touted forever that ps5 games could only run on ps5 because of there Ultra fast ssd. “ The primary reason for an ultra-fast SSD is that it gives the game designer freedom. Or to put that differently, with a hard drive, the 20 seconds it takes to load a gigabyte can sabotage the game the developer is trying to create”
Actual quote but it seems that doesn’t matter because the games that were “developed for ps5” can still run on a basic hard drive.
Don’t get me wrong I was lucky enough to get a preorder and will be playing the games there. But it is very misleading to the general public at least Microsoft was upfront.

Sunny_D38d ago

Yup, as a PS fan I’m disappointed with how Sony lied about cross gen games and the pre-orders. Jim Ryan is showing the good old executive head of his that companies always tend to have. I was able to snag a PS5 but I was barely lucky to get one. That was not good to give less than a day notice. But Horizon being cross gen? Come on man. I swear GOW better not be cross gen.

esemce38d ago

They can't say no to that 100 million PS4 install base it seems.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen37d ago

The same thing happened last gen. PS4 Exclusives were released on PS3 so this isn't a surprise, however, Sony should have been clear from the start by stating unequivocally that exclusives will appear on PS4 for the first year or two.

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Sonic-and-Crash38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

he s right ...PS4 has <100 million users ,,,would be stupid to wait good sales only from the pricey PS5 ....HZ2 will explode in sales because of the huge PS4 install base .......and its good starting point for PS5

Sonyslave338d ago

Okay why lied to the consumer by pretending those games were only possible on the ps5 lol. They been low key making ps4 the whole time no way in they could port Spiderman to ps4 in 3 months.

Sonic-and-Crash38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

they didnt lie ......basically the games are probably made from the ground up for PS5 ...they will be just downgraded/moddified so can be ported to PS4 ...i dont believe when they r making games inside their first party teams follow very austere lines between consoles (especially their own consoles) so they can be flexible to do porting analoguous to their needs

Bobertt38d ago Show
sampsonon38d ago

The only game they said was impossible on ps4 was Insomniac saying Ratchet and Clank, because of the portals. Stop making up stuff.

ClayRules201238d ago


“Well Insomniac did say from the beginning Spiderman was crossgen“ Do you have proof that you can share that Insomniac indeed did say this?? I’m not trying to come off as a jerk, please understand that. I’m just genuinely asking. Because I’d appreciate it if you could share that.

Bathyj38d ago

The only game I've heard that wasn't possible on current gen was Ratchet and I believe that. It's not going to PS4. People always think new gen is some unicorn that's going to create magical realms straight out of the gate.

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Rockstar38d ago ShowReplies(1)
sampsonon38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

If these people had stock in SIE they would be singing a different tune. Always funny when people make a big thing out of nothing. I mean MS said all games will release on both gens. Sony is doing it for a couple of games. Hard times made the decision for Sony. Thank God cause lord knows i can't buy the ps5 for a while, and even if i could they don't have enough produced to sell to everyone that wants one.

People are conflating MS "play anywhere on anything" with Sony's "we need to sell the first few games on both hardware because people are going through a hard time and we need to also make our money back" It's a f ing business.